Music Videos 13/10/17

Hey everyone, apologies this is coming a little late! My place had a problem with its internet connection and so I was unable to upload this yesterday as I had originally intended.

But, let’s kick things off! First up is Canadian Hardcore band; Counterparts. This is off their recently released fifth record, ‘You’re Not You Anymore’ and this is a fantastically written track, Swim Beneath My Skin.


This next trio has just come off their UK tour and dropped the video for this track recently. This comes from their soon-to-be-released fourth record, Hold On To Your Heart. Here’s Daydream.

Now, let’s turn our attention to a lesser known band. This band have recently self-released this track from their E.P, Shadows Of You, here is Echoic with Shadows Of You.

Moving onto Don Broco next with a video that matches their cheekiness alongside the fact it’s all a part of their next huge sound! Here’s Stay Ignorant.


This next video comes from a band who likes to shock with style. He may have had to postpone a few dates the other week but this video will show he’s always ready to go, especially is he has Johnny Depp alongside him. This is Marilyn Manson with Say10.


Now, let’s take things to the Welsh isles for a fantastic band, The Dirty Youth. They’ve been a little quiet recently but this is the reason for it. There’s no news if it’s just a single or part of a larger concept but, we’re just glad they’re back. Here’s Hurricane.


Now, we’re going to turn the noise up a fair bit with this next band. It’s the first bit of material they’ve released since the band dropped their full-length album ‘Smile’ last year. This is expected to feature on their next record which if anything is to go by, will sound huge! This is Cane Hill with ‘Too Far Gone’.


Just like every great show, they slow things down to get ot that emotion, it’s what I’m doing here. This is With Confidence and their final track off Better Weather.  According to lead singer Jayden Seeley, the track is about “our video for ‘Waterfall’ is an exploration of technology’s effect on the modern relationship”. It’s an immensely powerful track meshed together with the visuals to match, this is ‘Waterfall’.


Penultimate track time! This comes from a band who have been teasing this music video for a week or two now. This is Pierce The Veil with their newest single, “Today I Saw The While World.


Lastly, this is a band who have been away for a while making music. Their last track, Play dropped about two months ago, reclaiming their fanbase to the hard-hitting band they once were. On Tuesday, they were invited to Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World to introduce this track and announce their second studio record, ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ would drop January 26th 2018. This is the Bingley based band known only as Marmozets with Habits.









Music Video 29/12.17

You know what it’s time for? Another round of Music Videos.

First up are UK Punk-Rockers on the rise Milk Teeth. They’ve dropped a cute AF music video for their new track, “Nearby Catfight”. This comes off their upcoming EP ‘Go Away’ with is released November 17th via Roadrunner Records.


Next are Broadside! It’s a Ukelele led ballad track called I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting off the band’s newest record “Paradise”.


Now, from one album to another, The Maine have dropped a new video this week from their record, Lovely Little Lonely and if this track is anything to go by, their music just keeps getting better. Here’s How Do You Feel.


Now, this is more from a band who needs no introduction, A Day To Remember. This video sees them on tour across the globe and if it’s anything to by, then “They Got This”.


Moving away from the music video and going with a short documentary for this next post comes from The All American Rejects. It also shows behind the scenes footage for a previous video Sweat and also shows why the band went on a hiatus. Here’s Rejected.


Now going to the Welsh Rockers that is The Dirty Youth. This band are the first to sign to Marshall Records and this is the first glimpse of new music. Here’s ‘Hurricane’.



Next up is Yorkshire based band Amongst Thieves with their stunning track The golden Ratio. They’re currently preparing for a short UK tour which is aptly named Hallowthieves to coincide with Halloween for which hopefully they’ll be playing this track.



Now this week, We Came As Romans revealed details of their upcoming album, ‘Cold Like War’ and now the band have release a video to the world to show them their capabilities. This is ‘Lost In The Moment’.


And we’re at the penultimate video. this is Holding Absence. This follows on from their previous video Penance into another huge track for the band. Here’s Heaven Knows.


And we’ve reached the last track for this week. This is another huge video for this band. It’s dark, twisted and just so happens to be one of the best tracks of their latest album, Graveyard Shift. This is Motionless In White with Necessary Evil.


I’ll see everyone next week for another round of posts. See everyone then. 😉