The Ever Living Release New Single, ‘De Emulate’

THE EVER LIVING share their unrelenting new track “De-Emulate,” accompanied by a retro-futuristic video. The band will also host a listening party for their new album ‘Artificial Devices’(set for release on the 15th of July 2022) via the virtual reality hangout app Bigscreen.

The app can be downloaded for free and is compatible with Oculus, Valve, Microsoft and Vive devices. 15 guests picked at random will be able to interact with band members Chris and Andrei before an advance preview of the new album a week before release. Fans can apply for the event by emailing

Speaking on their new single and accompanying video Chris Bevan Lee comments:  

“De-Emulate is all about how our emotions can feel inbuilt and pre-programmed which holds us back and prevents us from progressing. The video was inspired by the early 90s when music videos had a more experimental aesthetic.” Beven Lee jests adding: “Certainly not like the carbon copy studio shoots you see today. I always try to make sure the style suits the theme and mood of the track and the fragmented visuals both illustrate and represent our sound. One foot firmly in the past with the other in the future”

Check out ‘De Emulate’ below.

The Ever Living Release New Single, ‘Omniphorm’

London-based alternative-metal entity THE EVER LIVING release their epic new single ‘Omniphorm’. The track is taken from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Artificial Devices,’ set for release on 15th July 2022. 

The band’s latest offering guides the listener on an expansive journey of ambience and hypnotic melodies, accompanied by gargantuan slabs of drop-tuned riffs. Speaking on the creation of their latest beast, guitarist Andrei Alan comments: 

“Omniphorm is the result of experimentation and was born out of dissatisfaction with the new music I was hearing through the lockdown. The concept was to contrast the most ambient and beautiful elements of our sound with the heaviest. The guitars are drenched in effects, more so than ever before; and the groove and weight of the riffs really showcase the new, much lower guitar tuning used for the album.” Alan reflects adding: “Despite the new tuning, new effects, and new ways of playing, the track remains reassuringly THE EVER LIVING and was the obvious choice as the opener for the album, setting the tone for what follows…”

Check out ‘Omniphorm’ below.

The new record, ‘Artificial Devices’ is available to pre-order via the following link.

The Ever Living Announce New Record, ‘Artificial Devices’

London-based alternative-metal entity THE EVER LIVING have today announced their sophomore album, ‘Artificial Devices’, to be released on 15th July 2022. The announcement comes with the release of their first crushing single ‘Total Impasse,’the band’s first new music since 2018’s critically acclaimed ‘Herephemine’.

‘Total Impasse’ sees the band evolve and refine their sound, pushing themselves to experiment further than ever before. Delivering a tsunami of drop-tuned riffs, and brutal orchestral movements from another realm, the band are reborn and renewed.

Speaking on their latest single, guitarist Andrei Alan comments: “The concept for ‘Total Impasse’ was to distil everything that makes THE EVER LIVING, into a 4-minute barrage of textures, riffs, melody and atmosphere.” Alan adds“We wanted to disorient and surprise the listener wherever possible using dissonance, polymeters and time-signature changes; so we aimed for chaos but simultaneously ended up with something more accessible than anything we have ever put out.”

Keyboardist/vocalists Chris Bevan Lee comments on the video adding: “The video represents the hurdles we have faced so far being a band and the drive that ultimately keeps us going, whilst feeling vulnerable and exposed.” 

‘Artificial Devices’ was born from burnout and existential dread, but creatively spurred on by resilience in difficult times. Collaborating with producer/engineer Jonny Renshaw (Devil Sold His Soul, Blood Youth, Casey) and mixing/mastering duties tackled by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna); the album sees THE EVER LIVING evolve and grow beyond their previous works, weaponising their vulnerabilities and turning them into creative fuel.

‘Artificial Devices’ dense, sprawling soundscape unfurls its layers of complexity with every listen; enveloping the listener in waves of synths, electronic pads and flanked by a barrage of pummeling guitars. Slow and deliberate, with purpose, terraforming a new world with each passing movement. 

“Since releasing ‘Herephemine’, I struggled with writer’s block,” exclaims guitarist Andrei Alan. “My guitars no longer presented me with ideas, and I was starting to think that perhaps I had said everything that I had to say.” He adds: “In reality, I was avoiding putting myself out there again and exposing myself to the risk of any future disappointment.”

“We had lost our way, focusing on followers, likes and plays rather than writing and playing. We had fallen foul of the same pitfalls of blurring the lines between the virtual world and the real world. But now, inspired again, we realised as soon as we started writing… music is what compels us.”

Bevan Lee adds in summation: “We are becoming an extension of our phones, and social media profiles. Everything has to have a story, a meaning. We are turning into vessels, Artificial Devices.” 

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-Order options below.

1 Omniphorm
2 De-Emulate
3 Circadian March
4 Ruminance
5 Total Impasse
6 Kronosync
7 You’ve Come to the Right Place
8 Take Heed, Take Flight