The Ghost Inside Release Video For ‘One Choice’

Celebrating the two-year anniversary of The Ghost Inside’s fifth studio album The Ghost Inside, the California band is as powerful as ever with their video for “One Choice

Musing on the announcement, the band shares, “This is our first full band music video since our hiatus so it was important to us to involve our fans and make the video for this song a community affair. Now that Covid regulations are easing up with cities, places, and venues, we’re SO stoked to be able to share these songs live with our fans all around the world this year.”

Check out the video for ‘One Choice’ below.

The Ghost Inside Reschedule London Show For June 2022

The Ghost Inside have announced that they’ve been forced to reschedule their headline London show, which is now going to be held on June 18th 2022 at O2 Academy Brixton.

It was originally scheduled for July 4th 2020 but the show was later rescheduled to July 3rd 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Support is going to come from both Dragged Under and Our Hollow, Our Home.

Tickets purchased for the original date will remain valid for the rescheduled show.

Download Festival Add Over 70 Names To Their 2022 Lineup

After confirming that the 2021 iteration of Download festival will not be taking place this year, the festival have revealed some more of the names who will be playing Donington Park in 2022. 

Joining the already announced headliners KISS, Iron Maiden and Biffy Clyro will be…

The Pretty Reckless
Rise Against
Black Label Society
Monster Truck
Power Wolf
Wayward Sons
Those Damn Crows
The Raven Age
Steel Panther
The Distillers
The Darkness
Lacuna Coil
Of Mice & Men
Wednesday 13
Ayron Jones
Massive Wagons
The Last Internationale
Control The Storm
The Ghost Inside
Funeral For A Friend
Boston Manor
Sleep Token
The Faim
Trash Boat
Holding Absence
Marianas Trench
Jamie Lenman
The Hara
Press Club
Cemetery Sun
Blackout Problems
Dead Posey
Static Dress
Electric Wizard
Blues Pills
Dying Fetus
British Lion
Bleed From Within
Twin Temple
Venom Prison
Fire From The Gods
A.A. Williams
Higher Power
Kill The Lights
Dead Poet Society
Joyous Wolf
Modern Error
Cellar Door Moon Crew
Lotus Eater
The Scratch
Dead Label
JJ Wilde
Anchor Lane
Temples On Mars
As Everything Unfolds

That’s a lot to get excited for.

Download Festival will take place at Donington Park on June 10-12 2022. 

Tickets are available via the following link.

Dragged Under Announce 2021 UK Tour

New band alert! There’s no festival of shows this year but you have to check out Dragged Under.

The band have just released their debut record, ‘The World In In Your Way’ which you can check out below.

They’re a band with elements of Pop-Punk, Metal and Hardcore so there’s something for everyone there!

Dragged Under are set to support The Ghost Inside when they play their London show in 2021 and are off to play a short run of their own UK shows after as well as 2000 Trees Festival.

Here are the tour dates.

July 2021.


6th – Key Club, Leeds

7th – Asylum, Birmingham

8th – Star & Garter, Manchester

9th – Camden Assemly Rooms, London

10th – 2000 Trees Festival

The Ghost Inside Announce Support Acts For UK Show In 2021

Earlier this year, The Ghost Inside was set to make their return to UK stages in July with a massive show at London’s Brixton Academy. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they are now set to play the show on July 3rd 2021.

For the support slot, they’ve added Our Hollow, Our Home.

And Dragged Under have been added to the list as well.

The Ghost Inside “Made The Wrong Call” Firing Jim Riley

Back in June, The Ghost Inside has announced they removed Jim Riley from the band following the allegations which had surfaced against him in regards to the use of a racial slur in the past.

In a recent episode of the Defiance podcast, the members of the band discussed Riley’s removal and expressing their regret where they “made the wrong call”.

Here’s an excerpt from the podcast where drummer Andrew Tkaczyk speaks.

“We were just feeling the pressure from fans, people on social media, and even some peers… we felt the pressure and we made a decision against the wishes of our management and label and as soon as we made that initial post about Jim not being in the band anymore… like it went live, and I’m not trying to sound dramatic or ‘feel bad for me’ or anything like that but it’s the first time in my life, I hadn’t eaten for two days straight, and that post went up and I vomited out of straight anxiety. I have never in my life, personally, even with the accident, felt or dealt with anxiety on a level life this, where I didn’t eat or sleep. I think we all just saw something going on that was like a lose/lose and we just felt like that was the call to make at the time, and immediately felt bad and felt wrong. We knew that. We never stopped talking to Jim or anything. We literally have chatted every day since. It’s difficult for me to even talk about. This is such a sensitive subject.”

He later expanded on the sitatuon.

“The outrage makes sense from people. I get it. But when we instantly realized that we made the worst mistake in the band’s career, probably, it felt too soon to correct it or even address it. I think we all, for our own sanity, had to step away from this for a long time and I’m telling you right now it was the worst few months that I can remember in recent history and I think we had to step away and just still talk to each other, but almost ignore all these comments we’re seeing like, ‘you did this to your brother’, and it’s like… mentally, imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to reply to reply to someone and be like, ‘I woke up from a ten-day coma to Jim holding my hand in a hospital. He IS my brother. You don’t know him like I do’. The mental toll that has taken on us, to have to just sit there and take it has been hard, but guess what? I’m sitting here admitting it, and we’re taking it on the chin. We fucked up. We are also just human. We fucked up and that’s it. If people don’t want to support the band and all that, I accept that. That’s everyone’s decision to make but regardless of anything we’ve even just said, the most important thing is that Jim is still our brother.”

Chris Davis (Guitar) also spoke on the podcast. He has also taken on Bass duties for the band following the removal of Riley.

“It felt that incident was going to take away the band again. It just felt so overwhelming that it’s like we have to… all five of us felt like we had to do something. Looking back now, we definitely acted hastily and definitely made the wrong call. It’s so hard to understand all the mental gymnastics you have to do in a situation like that, under pressure, and how hard it is to process everything that’s coming at you all at once. It’s so easy to jump to the wrong decision just based on the pressures of what’s going on on the Internet.”

In addition, Riley offers his own perspective on the matter.

“Hindsight is 20/20. It’s easy today to look back and say we could have handled things a different way, we could have said things a different way, but it just didn’t feel that way in the moment. The five of us talked and I told the guys, ‘the four of you have to make this decision, this is my mess and I have to be the one to deal with the repercussions of this and I have to take accountability for myself’. I felt like it was not fair for the whole band to get dragged down, especially on the day this album is coming out. For the whole band to be taken away again and watching in real-time on your Twitter feed, to watch the band be taken away from you, was unfair and the responsibility for that falls on me. I told the guys I would gladly step away from the band if that was going to be what it took for The Ghost Inside to move forward. In the moment, it did definitely feel like that was the only decision that could be made. If it felt like there was some other way to navigate this, we would have done that instead. It just didn’t feel that way.”

All excepts were transcribed by Lambgoat.

At the time of writing there is no indication if The Ghost Inside will have Riley reinstated as a member of the band.

The Ghost Inside Part Ways With Jim Riley (Bass) Following Allegations Of Him Using A Racial Slur

The Ghost Inside have announced that they have parted ways with Bassist Jim Riley.

This follows online allegations that he used a racial slur towards a bus driver.

The tweet below from Bracewar’s Rashod Jackson details events that took place in 2015.

The band have issued the following statement.

“The Ghost Inside was born from a scene of forward thinking, understanding and progressiveness. Our music and message has always been one of hope and finding that light at the end of the tunnel. Racism and bigotry of any kind stifle that journey towards the light. It closes and locks doors that need to be broken open. 

“We have decided to part ways with bassist Jim Riley. While we didn’t hear these words spoken directly from his mouth, we did hear mutterings of the incident. At the time we thought this to be just a rumor, but it offended and hurt a community. A community we are meant to bring together. We should’ve spoken up back then but we didn’t, we should’ve dug deeper. We acknowledge that we were silent. We are self educating and growing and learning as individuals. We are here to say that we as a band fully condemn racism and support the black community in the fight against systemic racism.”

Riley has since issued his own statement in a series of tweets.

“Rashod called me out in 2015. I called him, he put the screws to me. I deserved it, and I apologized to him. He told me that wasn’t good enough and he was right.

Its shameful and fucking embarrassing. I present myself as someone who gives a shit about progressive movements and ideas, and I was not living up to that.

Because of that conversation I had to take a big fucking look in the mirror and recognize a lot of bullshit that I was selling myself.

I made too many excuses for being brought up without exposure to the black experience, and I should have been better.

I make a conscious effort to purge stuff about myself that still sucks when I find it, and to be mindful that I’m just a passenger on someone else’s ship in any movement related to black lives.

I’m sorry. I know that’s not enough. I’m going to keep doing the work. That might still not be enough. I’m going to do it anyway.”

The Ghost Inside’s London Show Has Been Rescheduled

The Ghost Inside have had to reschedule their upcoming London show.

They were set to play Brixton Academy, London on July 3rd 2020 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it meant that it would have to be rescheudled.

It has now been pushed back one whole year to July 3rd 2021.

The London show was set to be the band’s second since their return to the stage and the first following the release of their upcoming self titled record on June 5th 2020.

New Tracks Roundup 15/05/20

Hello everyone and welcome back! It’s time for another week of the best singles that have recently been released, all in good order of epicness. I’ve tried to make sure that none of these overlap with the Music Videos Roundup post which should have gone live in addition to this post as well so when you’re done be sure to head over to have a read of that!

I hope everyone is doing well in lockdown and hope you’re enjoying these posts so you can find (if any) some good new music to listen to!

And lastly, before we get into all the music, I have to say this, I wanted to change the name very quickly and I know I’ve just referred to this as the singles post but I wanted to include this as in all tracks so non-singles, (mainly because sometimes artists don’t release tracks as singles but as B-sides and covers etc. So we’re cool yeah?

Let’s get things started!

First up this week is Bronnie. Following on from the latest single, ‘Over You’, the Singer/Songwriter from the Pop Punk side of things has shared her latest effort, ‘Where I Want To Be’. Just in case you don’t know, this isn’t part of her latest EP, ‘Dream Or Nightmare’, which is out right now.


Seconds up are the folks over in Sleep On It where they’re doing as much s possible to spread the simple message of the current COVID-19 situation in that it is, ‘Stay At Home.

The band’s latest record, ‘Pride & Disaster’ is out right now via Rude Records / Equal Vision Records.


Next, we’re in Philadelipa for the release of PHNTMS new single, ‘Towers’.

On the track, Adam Jessamine has said:

“The track is all about expectations. We are all force-fed dreams of great jobs, nice houses, new cars and a perfect life. We each have our own definition of “perfect” revolving these things. When things get hard, if you aren’t happy with yourself and the situation your in, no one can change that but you. At the end of the day, as humans, our expectations are the reason why we feel disappointment. Having your own personal goals is the reason you keep on pushing. ‘Towers’ is a reflection of that”.


We’re back in Yorkshire for the second to last pick of this post in the form of As Sirens Fall. The band supported Sumo Cyco at the back end of 2019 and has been gaining traction for the last few months now.

Their latest track, ‘Puppy Squad’, was released today where their vocalist Mikey Lord has said:

“This is a song about escaping toxic relationships, be they romantic or otherwise. For a very long time, I felt trapped with manipulative, agenda-driven people who made me feel like a sidekick – like I was small and worthless. It was dressed up as love, but it was all fake. Nothing I did was ever good enough. Who I was didn’t feel good enough. My world felt so small and as if at any minute everything was going to fall apart around me. I felt like I had lost touch entirely with who I am. I had to fight really hard to get away from that and to get back to me, and I LOVED the idea that as small as they made me feel I could still fight back – a tiny, adorable little dog baring his teeth and taking back control”.

The track was produced and mixed by Neil Kennedy who has previously worked with Creeper, Boston Manor and Milk Teeth in the past.

And for the last pick of the singles this week we have the phenomenal men who’ve come back from the brink who can only be The Ghost Inside. This is off their new self-titled record, which is set to be released on June 5th 2020 via Epitaph Records and will be the first release since their bus accident in 2015.

“Almost all TGI songs take the listener on a journey from dark to light or from despair to hope,” says bassist Jim Riley.

“On this record, we made a conscious effort to let individual songs explore different emotions we’ve been experiencing and not force them to have a positive turn. We feel like the album as a whole will give you that hopeful feeling, even though a song like ‘Pressure Point; might not do that by itself.

“Instead, we embraced being pissed off and let it pour out through some of the most aggressive and pointed lyrics we’ve ever had. We try to avoid cursing in our songs but sometimes you’re just so fed up that nothing less than a big loud fuck will get the job done.“

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best singles out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next week for another round of great singles. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

The Ghost Inside Detail New Record

There are some brand new details on the upcoming Ghost Inside record.

Showing defiance in the wake of the band’s devastating bus crash back in 2015, the band have a new self-titled record set to be released on June 5th 2020 via Epitaph.

The road to recovery for the band has been extensive but all things considered, just having the sheer drive to play music again is something that needs to be appreciated in the process of recovery.

This announcement also comes with the release of their new track, ‘Aftermath’On the track, Jim Riely (Bass) has said:

“We went into the writing process knowing full well that every song and every lyric would be influenced by what we’ve been through, but we tried our best for them to be relatable to everyone. With ‘Aftermath’ we let it be much more personal – this one is us telling OUR story. So when it was time to choose a first song to share with the world, it felt right for it to be ‘Aftermath’. It allows anyone that listens into our world, but it also lets us put final punctuation on that chapter of our lives.

“‘Aftermath’ is a total catharsis for us. We let it all out in the song so that it’s not bottled up inside us anymore and we can heal and move on, since after all, the beat goes on.”

And as for the details of the new record?

Here’s the tracklisting and album cover.

01. 1333
02. Still Alive
03. The Outcast
04. Pressure Point
05. Overexposure
06. Make Or Break
07. Unseen
08. One Choice
09. Phoenix Rise
10. Begin Again
11. Aftermath


Pre-orders can be made via the bands Webstore, Apple Music and Google Play.