The Maine’s New Record Is Complete

Great news from The Maine’s camp today! They’ve completed their work on album number seven!

Don’t believe me? Check it out below!

There’s no release date on the record as of yet, but the band are set to host their 8123 festival in January, so could we see something there?

Music Video’s 10/10/18

And now I’m back for another instalment of a countdown of ten recent music video’s released into the world. And what fortune it happens on the tenth of the month as well! I do apologise that there wasn’t a countdown last week, I was playing catch up with some work for my University degree. I’m going through a few life transitions at the moment so the news might come a little infrequently at times.

And now the first band to kick off things are London Pop-Punkers Shaded. Their track ‘Tell Me’ is off their debut EP, ‘The Better Man In Me’ and their first offering since signing to Common Ground Records.


Next up are one of my favourite’s in the form of New Years Day. The video is off their 2018 EP; Diary Of A Creep, and the track in question? ‘Disgust Me’.


Keeping going with the weird and wonderful, this is Abandoned By Bears with a new track called ‘So Far Gone’.  Their upcoming release, Headstorm, is set to be released August 24th, later this month.


Now, Indian progressive metal group Skyharbor have become a part of a computer world in their video for ‘Dissent’. This is off their band’s soon to be released album, ‘Sunshine Dust’.


Going for a more Pop-y vibe right now and it comes in the form of Chvrches. This is what you get when you mix J-Pop singer Wednesday Campanella with the band.


Now we’ve been waiting on Hellogoodbye for a while now to release their first single from their upcoming record but now, we have a music video for it as well! This is also the title track for ‘S’Only Natural’ which will be released October 5th.


The Maine have posted recently that they are going to be holding a funeral for their record, Lovely Little Lonely but before that happens, we have their latest video for ‘Lonely’ to enjoy for our viewing pleasure.


With Trophy Eyes new record ‘The American Dream’ just been released, they band have managed to keep the hype up by sharing their latest video for ‘Friday Forever’


With the release of their latest record titled as ‘Ex Machina’, which is out now via UNFD, the band have released a video for ‘Catastrophe’


And lastly is You Me At Six. They’ve set their fandoms alright firstly with news of their next record, their new material and the announcement they’ll be playing their record ‘Take Off Your Colours’ in full this November. But now, here’s something new in the form of 3AM.


And that’s it for another week of music videos. Ten absolutely fantastic tracks right there but as a reminder, I’m in the midst of my university work so there might not be an edition of the list next week but we’ll see.

Lovely Little Lonely RIP. The Maine To Hold Funeral

The Maine have taken this to an extreme. The band have taken to Twitter to announce a send-off for their record, ‘Lovely Little Lonely’.

Along the one-off show announcement, they posted a tombstone dedicated to the record, and instructions for the fans attending.


The show will take place at The Filmore in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Lovely Little Lonely is dead.
The roses have all wilted
And in rolls the gloom
Only to bloom again soon.

LONG LIVE THE MAINE ———————————————Tickets on sale Friday.

The Maine On Getting Banned From Twitter

Remember the other month when The Maine got banned from Twitter? Yeah, that really happened!

Well, John and Kennedy from the band spoke to Rocksound recently to get to the bottom of what happened.

“It really was nothing but Twitter asking us to validate our age…It said something to the effect of ‘tell us how old you are even if you’re a cat or a business’. We said, ok, we’re 11. And they said you’re not allowed to be on Twitter unless you’re 13 or older. So, some young lady had tweeted and it went, as the kids say, viral, or semi-viral or whatever…A lot of people were like ‘who the hell is The Maine and who cares?’ (laughs).”


Check out the full video below.

The Maine Handed Lifetime Ban From Twitter

In a turn of events that nobody thought would happen, The Maine have been handed a lifetime ban from the social media website for probably a stupid reason.

The judgement has come because the band input their birthday as the date the band formed, making them only 11 years old.

In terms of the service of the social media website, you have to be at least 13 years old in order to have an account.

So, in plain terms, they were honest… and they got banned.

But don’t worry, Dashboard Confessional were on hand to help out!

The Maine Prove Themselves As Nicest Guys On The Scene

These guys are just the best! I am of course talking about The Maine who came to a fans aid after they tweeted them saying they were sick and being the amazing bunch the bands are, ordered them Soup to help them feel better

They also sent out flowers.

And Warped Tour tickets.

Seriously, these guys are amazing. I have no words for them.

The Maine Are Launching A Podcast

A new year means new resolutions and new ventures.

That’s what’s in store for The Maine as their drummer, Pat Kirch and bassist Garrett Nickelsen will be launching their official 8123 Podcast which will feature “random topics each week, interviewing friends and other bands.”

They’ve also recorded a special hour long chat about “13’s Forever Halloween’.

The Maine Working With Rian Dawson (All Time Low)

It looks like The Maine are recording new music!

ANDDDDD….. They’re working with Rian Dawson of All Time Low!

Check it out.

View this post on Instagram

In the studio today.

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Is this the sign a new Single or EP or Record is on the horizon?

Only time will tell.

Music Video 29/12.17

You know what it’s time for? Another round of Music Videos.

First up are UK Punk-Rockers on the rise Milk Teeth. They’ve dropped a cute AF music video for their new track, “Nearby Catfight”. This comes off their upcoming EP ‘Go Away’ with is released November 17th via Roadrunner Records.


Next are Broadside! It’s a Ukelele led ballad track called I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting off the band’s newest record “Paradise”.


Now, from one album to another, The Maine have dropped a new video this week from their record, Lovely Little Lonely and if this track is anything to go by, their music just keeps getting better. Here’s How Do You Feel.


Now, this is more from a band who needs no introduction, A Day To Remember. This video sees them on tour across the globe and if it’s anything to by, then “They Got This”.


Moving away from the music video and going with a short documentary for this next post comes from The All American Rejects. It also shows behind the scenes footage for a previous video Sweat and also shows why the band went on a hiatus. Here’s Rejected.


Now going to the Welsh Rockers that is The Dirty Youth. This band are the first to sign to Marshall Records and this is the first glimpse of new music. Here’s ‘Hurricane’.



Next up is Yorkshire based band Amongst Thieves with their stunning track The golden Ratio. They’re currently preparing for a short UK tour which is aptly named Hallowthieves to coincide with Halloween for which hopefully they’ll be playing this track.



Now this week, We Came As Romans revealed details of their upcoming album, ‘Cold Like War’ and now the band have release a video to the world to show them their capabilities. This is ‘Lost In The Moment’.


And we’re at the penultimate video. this is Holding Absence. This follows on from their previous video Penance into another huge track for the band. Here’s Heaven Knows.


And we’ve reached the last track for this week. This is another huge video for this band. It’s dark, twisted and just so happens to be one of the best tracks of their latest album, Graveyard Shift. This is Motionless In White with Necessary Evil.


I’ll see everyone next week for another round of posts. See everyone then. 😉