Ice Nine Kills Release New Cinematic Connection Between ‘The Silver Scream 1 & 2’

So if you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, Ice Nine Kills have dropped the fantastic records ‘The Silver Scream’ and ‘Welcome To Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2’.

Throughout these record cycles, the band have dropped music videos which centred on frontman Spencer Charnas receiving therapy for a series of dreams he was having, which didn’t end well for the doctor.

And in ‘The Silver Scream 2’, a brand new story developed, one where Spencer is under investigation for the murder of his fiancé, but the only evidence is a string of video tapes that cannot nail him as the killer. 

Now, the band have released a new video which connects the two records and their stories, serving as the conclusion of the narrative of one and kick off the narrative of the other. 

‘Your Number’s Up’, which was their homage to the 90’s meta comedy horror Scream which is a fantastic video which pushes the boundaries of what has come before.

Check out the video for ‘Your Number’s Up’ below.

Check Out The Trailer For Ice Nine Kills ‘The Silver Stream’

If you haven’t had your horror fix for the month yet then you’re in luck! Ice Nine Kills are here to deliver their Silver Stream experience with their online event.

It’s taking place on 29th October 2020 with frontman Spencer Charnas saying:

“The only thing scarier than the horror that has been 2020 will be The Silver Stream. Don’t miss the event of the spooky season hosted by the one and only Bill Moseley.”

It’s follow an original horror film storyline where it will feature a 19 track live set by Ice Nine Kills integrated throughout. Filmed at their sold-out Worcester Palladium hometown show, it’s definitely going to make for a thrilling experience.

Check out the trailer below.