Third Party Incidents Release New Track, ‘Vest’

After receiving enormous praise for their previously shared effort ‘Chair’, which was regularly circulated on Amazing Radio upon its release, London-based outfit Third Party Incidents make their stunning return with the rip-roaring new single ‘Vest’.

Bringing back more of that bold and energetic indie-punk vibe they are building for themselves, ‘Vest’ makes for a wonderfully fresh and driven release. Jam-packed with swaggering hooks, a soaring atmosphere, and killer vocals littered throughout, they are certainly looking to cement themselves as one of the more engaging new bands on the rise right now.

The bands second release, ‘Vest’, their second release, is a short/snappy rock ‘n’ roll banger with a catchy chorus and erratic rhythm that will keep you on your toes. The remainder of the 5 track EP will be drip-fed to the public over the course of the next 7 months, leaving them salivating for more with each intoxicating bite.

The Video: Showfield’s moving out of his Brick Lane flat after 8 years, a celebratory send-off? Perch The Flying Ganesh perilously on the ‘balcony’, fire up some amps on the lane, hail some percussion on the pavement, arm TC Free & Showfield with wireless guitars, and you have the potential for a spectacle. A helping hand from one of the OG fans ‘The Robster’, responsible for causing a traffic diversion added a je ne sais quoi… This was followed by a two- year hiatus, during which time Showfield developed a number of new songs with a vision to rebuild the band as a four-piece. Thankfully, the stars were on his side, and soon enough, meets TC Free, a fresh-faced Australian in the heart of London, while on their respective dates at a bar.

Enjoy what you read? Check out the video below.