Single Review – Tiger Kid – Ever On

Tiger Kid is back with the follow-up to his cover of “Square Hammer” by Ghost with the video for his catchy melodic rock song, “Ever On” out on April 16, 2021. Tiger Kid is the Los Angeles-based solo project and the brainchild of vocalist/instrumentalist Michael Canton.

Tiger Kid says about the “Ever On” video, “I wanted to make a video that showed the inner workings of my brain during the writing and recording of the Tiger Kid EP. We used many reference songs during the mixing stage, and it was there that I saw how many people and bands influenced these particular songs and my writing overall.” He continues, “When we decided to put a video out for “Ever On”, I wanted there to be a play between the solitary nature of this project and the influences that led me here and pop out occasionally once the music starts. We all channel our influences when we perform, whether we know it or not.”

With the rhythmic introduction, ‘Ever On’ is a consuming and electrifying release you want to revisit again and again. With the video a little more set in the icons of more more darker bands than what Tiger Kid it, it’s still a fantastic dark and mysterious start to what the world of the band is ad hopefully we’ll see the mythos deepen down the line.


Check out ‘Ever On’ below.