Trash Boat Postpone UK Tour

Trash Boat have announced they’ve postponed their upcoming shows in Hull and York due to a positive covid test in their camp.

This comes after it was announced by the band that Tobi tested positive and thus, they canceled their shows in Huddersfield, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Stoke.

Currently they’re set to restart their tour in Sheffield on Wednesday.

At the time of writing, the band haven’t announced any rescheduled dates but I’ll keep you informed when the rescheduled tour dates are announced.

I Prevail Reschedules UK Headlining Tour Dates To 2023

I Prevail have revealed that they are rescheduling their tour of the UK and Europe to 2023. 

They will unfortunately no longer be joined by Wage War and Dream State as they have dropped off the touring schedule, but Trash Boat have been added to the dates.

There’s one more supporting band on the lineup there. Any guesses?

Below are the UK Touring dates for March 2023.

March 2023:

17th – PORTSMOUTH Guildhall
18th – BRISTOL Academy
19th – BIRMINGHAM Academy
21st – LEEDS Academy
22nd – GLASGOW Academy
23rd – LIVERPOOL Academy
25th – DUBLIN Olympia
27th – MANCHESTER Victoria Warehouse
28th – NOTTINGHAM Rock City
29th – LONDON Brixton Academy

Slam Dunk Festival 2021 Review

So Slam Dunk Festival got moved around a handful of times and nearly didn’t happen but our prayers were answered and everything got to happen as scheduled!

They came out on top but they ultimately had to lose a number of bands due to covid restrictions but…. do we really need to complain? The show went on at both dates in Leeds and Hatfield as scheduled!

The day was in a nutshell, inspiring, exhilarating and emotional to say the least where in fact for some bands for the first time since the pandemic began to a fully live audience!

Okay so firstly just getting there, everything ran without a hitch. With the coach service to the festival running more smoothly everything was off to a good start.

When the floodgates opened shall we say…. there was just an absolute collective rush of energy which had been building for the last eighteen months. People running off to get their spot for their favourite bands, such. sight!

So after the little work of figuring out who to go see, first up on the day was The Key Club stage with For You The Moon. The newcomers to the scene did get people going, even if they were on the softer side of things for the day but it made me all the more hungry to want more from them. Speeding over to the Jägermeister stage for the the end of Blood Youth, you could feel the energy in the pits as well as the emotion for what was would be what was frontman Kaya Tarsus’s last show with the band. Who can blame them for a YOKRSHIRE chant? What I was quite surprised by was how full that crowd was because I don’t think the tent was less than half full for a single band on the day! Way to show your support people!

Shifting across back to The Key Club Stage for the The Hara, this was a band full of energy and genuine craziness.They’re one band on the day which just gave me everything I wanted and more which fed in well over to Doll Skin, with some powerful tracks at their disposal and one performance that is simple but it works so well, with a few acrobatics on it as well. Leading into the special guests which were… (drumroll please) MCFLY! Quite a few people were surprised to say the least but I found myself quite shocked at how heavy they sounded considering they’re quite a more pop orientated band. But realistically, they have to book McBusted for next year right?? It’s the only logical option.

After a little food and watching As It Is from the grass on the Rock Scene Stage I did manage to catch Creeper where they prove just how far they’ve come over the years. Last time they set the festival alight and they’re carrying on that trajectory and I give it maybe five years or so and they could be potential headliners to the whole thing.

Moving back over for The Key Club stage in Static Dress, I do have to say they were a little disappointing not really hitting the mark because of technical difficulties plaguing their set where they compensated with the amount of energy from frontman Olli Appleyard.

It was from this point, I ran into a few problems. The first was being for Funeral For A Friend as well as Trash Boat because I honestly couldn’t get into the Jägermeister Stage! Now it’s amazing to see that there was so many people off to watch them but I don’t think the festival organisers were anticipated the crowd. Nevertheless, I managed to hear a few tracks while I was talking to one or two people and honestly, it was exquisite.

Heading across for the highlight of the festival over to the Rock Scene Stage (even though they were plagued by twenty minutes of technical difficulties) and making their first appearance of a band for six years were We Are The In Crowd. Now I’m not going to lie, thirty seconds into their set, I was nearly in tears, mainly because it felt so good to have this band back, and also because they opened with The Best Thing (That Never Happened) and that song is just so great to listen to.

Now, moving back quickly for the last of Wargasm as well as Lizzy Farrall over on The Key Club stage, there was plenty of energy about again where the terrible twosome of vocals for Wargasm were nothing short of amusing yet amazing. There’s something always so atmospherically charged when they take to the stage and oh so amazing to watch where I’m pretty sure there was a music-gasm during their set but we’ll let the audience decide on that one..

Now onto Lizzy Farrall, one of the festival veterans having played multiple times where previously the artist has only played acoustically here but with her full band debut it’s always so utterly fantastic to watch her play. It feels as if the release of her record ‘Bruise’ really stepped up her game where her sass and banter just come out in full force.

Moving across back to the Rock Scene Stage for State Champs, I wasn’t sure what to expect really but for them the performance was just effortless. They got into the swing of things so quickly and had people up and down as if it was too easy for them. with he added tracks to their catalogue of ‘Just Sound’ and ‘Outta My Head’, these only helped strengthen the emotion of their set just in time for some crowdsurfing.

Rushing back across to The Key Club Stage for the last few tracks in Normandie’s set, the Sweedish band show you they show you why they deserve your attention. Fans will know their music is a lot of build and not just rise and fall where the vocals of Phillip Strand just add to the experience of what you’re witnessing.

Last up on The Key Club Stage were Holding Absence, the Welsh protégées who’ve refined their sound into what Post-hardcore is and when ‘Celebration Song’ hit all I heard was people going absolutely crazy for them and possibly a few pits, I’m fifty-fifty on what I saw there. Nevertheless, their performance showcased the melodic genius of their latest record, ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ which is uplifted byhow much love they’re getting from the crowd that’s come to watch.

Don Broco were the last band of mine to watch on the day and honestly, one I was looking forward to the most where it’s safe to say that I didn’t leave disappointed with the band putting out some variety across their now lengthy catalogue of tracks. With the production of their set, no expense was too little with laser displays as well as pyro sparking up, and even the inclusion of Waterparks’ Awsten Knight and While She Sleeps’ Loz Taylor joining the band on stage for the UK live debut of Action. Some tracks you just wish you could see live again because as you hear it in another way it stays with you and that’s exactly what the band did with Automatic, Technology and more.

Despite the technical difficulties through the day, it felt so good to be back at Temple Newsman and now next year, hopefully some of the bands which had to pull out can make it back and we can watch in full force with more madness!

Don’t forget check out the pics I took from the crowds below!

Trash Boat Release New Track Featuring Wargasm’s Millie Way

Trash Boat have given us another taste of their upcoming record, ‘Don’t You Feel Amazing?’.

The tracks title is ‘Bad Entertainment’ which just intensifies things right from the start and as an added plus to the track, there’s an appearance from Milkie Way of Wargasm!

Tobi Duncan (Vocals) says on the song’s themes and the collaboration:

“Media these days seems to be dead set on constructing a binary rather than accurately representing current events. It’s a divisive means of forcing people to make a choice between one extreme or the other. In or out, us or them. It’s so easily curated and it knows its audience. It’s an entertainment medium like any other, driven by ratings, views and money.

You watch one channel, read one paper and have one ‘understanding’ of the goings-on in the world, not knowing that it has been handcrafted to fit a specific ethos and keep you compliant. Gone are the days (if they ever existed) of objectivity, there’s too much nuance in the world for any one person to truly understand it all.m, yet people believe they understand the world from an hour of TV a day to make judgements on their peers. It’s a farce.

We never imagined what Milkie would bring to this song: she truly elevated it. She’s a total star and is going to take over this game.”

Don’t You Feel Amazing? is set to be released on August 13th via Hopeless Records.

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

Download Festival Add Over 70 Names To Their 2022 Lineup

After confirming that the 2021 iteration of Download festival will not be taking place this year, the festival have revealed some more of the names who will be playing Donington Park in 2022. 

Joining the already announced headliners KISS, Iron Maiden and Biffy Clyro will be…

The Pretty Reckless
Rise Against
Black Label Society
Monster Truck
Power Wolf
Wayward Sons
Those Damn Crows
The Raven Age
Steel Panther
The Distillers
The Darkness
Lacuna Coil
Of Mice & Men
Wednesday 13
Ayron Jones
Massive Wagons
The Last Internationale
Control The Storm
The Ghost Inside
Funeral For A Friend
Boston Manor
Sleep Token
The Faim
Trash Boat
Holding Absence
Marianas Trench
Jamie Lenman
The Hara
Press Club
Cemetery Sun
Blackout Problems
Dead Posey
Static Dress
Electric Wizard
Blues Pills
Dying Fetus
British Lion
Bleed From Within
Twin Temple
Venom Prison
Fire From The Gods
A.A. Williams
Higher Power
Kill The Lights
Dead Poet Society
Joyous Wolf
Modern Error
Cellar Door Moon Crew
Lotus Eater
The Scratch
Dead Label
JJ Wilde
Anchor Lane
Temples On Mars
As Everything Unfolds

That’s a lot to get excited for.

Download Festival will take place at Donington Park on June 10-12 2022. 

Tickets are available via the following link.

Trash Boat Share New Track, ‘Silence Is Golden’

St. Albans quintet Trash Boat have shared a new track, ‘Silence Is Golden’, with an accompanying music video.

The track follows the release of their previous single, ‘He’s So Good’, which they dropped back in February.

Check out ‘Silence Is Golden’ and its video below.

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain if the track will be a part of yet-to-be-announced EP or Full length record.

Trash Boat Announce UK Tour

St. Albans based quintet Trash Boat have announced details of a headline UK tour for October 2021

On the tour, frontman Tobi Duncan had this to say.

“It seems as though we have passed the most ignomin-ious musical year in recent history. Live performance is the tangible soul of any musicians career, without it, it feels like you’re married to someone who you can only ever talk to via video chat. It only feels partly real and endlessly frustrating.

An entire year of pent up energy is due to be released on stage. This will be Trash Boat like you have never seen us before. An entirely new beast, ready to take over the world. We look forward to everyone joining us for the ride. And trust us, we have much, much more to come.”

Here’s the tour dates.

October 2021

20th Stylus, Leeds

21st – Riverside, Newcastle

23rd – Cathouse, Glasgow

24th – Rebellion, Manchester

25th -Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

28th – The Loft, Southampton

29th – Electric Ballroom, London

Trash Boat Release Video For New Track, ‘He’s So Good’

Trash Boat have made their return!

The band have dropped a new track, ‘He’s So Good’, which is just filled to the brim with amazing riffs as well as vocal feats from Tobi Duncan. Check out the video as well! I have a good few times!

This is the first taste of new music from the band since their 2019 standalone single ‘Synthetic Sympathy’.

Duncan says on the track and video’s themes:

“It will never cease to amaze me that people can let such a benign thing as sexual preference or gender identity have such a dramatic impact on their concept of morality. Even to the point where they would abandon their child. As if the deviation from human presentation and partnership for procreation was an affront to the very essence of what it is to love.

This song is about someone who, even in the face of abandonment and spite, remains a positive and loyal element in the family. Looking past a lack of understanding to forgive and love parents who don’t love them back. Only to be shown that this apparently isn’t enough.

I see sexuality as a transcendental part of human identity to simply be known. THINK ABOUT HOW SIMPLE THAT IS. People fear what they don’t understand to such a degree that they try to force people to fit their ideal for the sake of some existential self preservation. It’s ridiculous that people shouldn’t be able to present and love the way they please.

You can look at the same thing from a different perspective and change it in its entirety. I’ve been civil and polite in rooms with people when I’ve seen proof of their abusive behaviour, but kept my mouth shut because it wasn’t my family or my business. What’s even worse is there are some people IN a family who will live their whole lives repressed by a similar feeling, neglected by people who don’t want to understand or love them. You sort of become complacent and try to find a way to placate them and be ‘respectful’ while adhering to superficial pleasantries. But there’s so much of you that just wants to tell them how you really feel and craves confrontation.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that it’s respect that isn’t returned on a fundamental level. It made me angry to imagine the type of people that would inflict their ignorance on someone who they are meant to guide and who I thought was one of the best people ever. It’s such a slippery form of cowardice that seems to hide behind an air of “don’t tell me how to life my life” as if defending their god given right to be an insufferable cunt..

They might hide behind mumbles or obscure references to higher authority, but really all they want to say is “I don’t like the way you are and I would change you if I could”. Fuck you.

I wanted to put that energy into a song. I want people to know that it is written with them in mind.

I want people to be able to use the topic as a point of pride and enjoy listening to music that makes them feel confident and heard”

Check out the video below.

Slam Dunk Festival 2021 Adds A Lot Of Names To Lineup

There’s been a whole load of names added to the upcoming 2021 iteration of Slam Dunk Festival.

In addition to Don Broco and Sum 41 who will be the headlining bands, Young Guns, Trash Boat, Dream State, Movements, Doll Skin and more have all been added.

Ben Ray (Slam Dunk Festival Director) says:

“Not delivering Slam Dunk Festival in 2020 was hard, but with 2021 being the 15th anniversary we will be sure to make it a special one for us all. With overwhelming support shown by our fans by keeping hold of their tickets, I felt it was important to try to give them as many of the artists they bought their tickets for as possible. Therefore I’m so happy to be able to confirm the majority will be returning”.

The full lineup of bands are as follows:

Check out the full list of artists below:



All tickets from Slam Dunk Festival 2020 will be valid for 2021.

Slam Dunk Festival 2021 will take place May 29th (LEEDS) and May 30th (HATFIELD).

More Artists Have Been Added to Five4Five FEst

Five4Five festival might need a new name.

It’s a new online festival which is set to take place this weekend coming but now, more artists have been added to the lineup.

Yonaka, Trash Boat, Roam, Wargasm, Rob Lynch and Lacey are all now set to play this weekend alongside Enter Shikari, Don Boco, Lizzy Farrall and more.

Five4Five is set to be streamed over on the festivals Facebook page from 7.30PM on May 15th and 16th. All sets are completely free to watch but you’re encouraged to donate £5 via a link which will be provided. All the profits from the streams will be donated to the NHS Charities Together.

You can visit the Facebook page via the following link.