Royal Blood’s ‘Typhoons’ Is At No.01 In the Midweek UK Albums Charts

Royal Blood’s new album ‘Typhoons’ released last Friday and currently is sitting at the top of the Midweek UK Albums Charts.

If this keeps up, it will be their third Number One in a row, following on from 2014’s ‘Royal Blood’ and 2017’s ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’

Fingers crossed they can hold on.

Check out the title track below.

Greta Van Fleet, While She Sleeps, Holding Absence And The Offspring Records Hit The UK Top 100 Albums

We have a massive congratulations in order for four bands today!

Starting off with Holding Absence, their debut record, ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ debuted at number 90 in the charts.

Now the only reason they’re not higher in the charts is because of Brexit. The band revealed that their UK exclusive vinyl would NOT count towards the final chart placing which haven’t shipped yet. Damn that sucks!

But nevertheless, the record did make it to Number 1 on the iTunes UK Rock albums and 3 on the iTunes UK Albums as well as number 6 on the UK rock Albums as well as number 4 on the independent albums chart.

For purchase of ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ check out the following link.

Hello everyone,

Since we released ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ one week ago, we’ve been both humbled and grateful for the incredible response from you all. It really has meant the world.

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions, from the high of entering the UK Top 40 charts on Monday, to learning on Wednesday that Brexit-related delays would mean our UK exclusive vinyl would NOT count towards the final chart placing, to the high of you guys reacting to this news by supporting us on digital platforms and getting the album to it’s final iTunes placing of Number 3 overall, and Number 1 on the iTunes Rock Charts!! Incredible is an understatement, and we thank you all so very much.

Even though the loss our vinyl sales was too much to claw back a Top 40 Chart Position (we still got our first Top 100 album though, going in at 90 🥳) we still somehow managed to still place at Number 6 in the UK Rock Charts, and Number 4 in the UK Independent Charts (and even cassettes at number 13 haha). Oh, and not forgetting Scotland – thanks for somehow getting us Top 20!

Oh, and you guys streamed it over 3.5 million times, which is really mind-blowing.

Anyway, the main thing is – rather than be bitter about something that was out of anyone’s control, we’re just overwhelmingly proud and grateful to have achieved so much already with this album, most of all in receiving the love and appreciation from you all that we have, from all over the planet. It’s been incredibly rewarding for us, and this is just the beginning.

Thank you so much, once again. You Are Everything.

This Is Holding Absence.

Check out ‘Afterlife’ below.

Next up are Sheffield metallers While She Sleeps. Last week, the band released their fifth record, ‘Sleeps Society’ but earlier in the week people saw that the new record wouldn’t be ‘chart eligible.

This was because they sacrificed any opportunity for ‘Sleeps Society’ to chart in order to pay their road crew!

Whilst being off the road and helping their tour due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the band were unable to pay their employed crew that way so the band have opted to employ them to aid with the independent physical distribution of the record. Usually an accredited distributor is utilised to report the sales data to charting organisations.

The band released the following statement:

“At the beginning of this album we made the decision to independently distribute the vinyl & CD copies of it. This enabled us to rehire our touring crew, support our local business and give opportunities directly to the people around us who needed it, in a year where our industry & culture had been hit hard. This decision meant our sales would not be counted as ‘chart eligible’.

We started the Sleeps Society to create a sustainable future for our band, the people around us, our crew, families and collectively this felt more important.

The reaction to the album so far has been completely incredible & although our sales figures aren’t being counted as ‘official’, we are so proud to tell you that ‘unofficially’ we are no. 4 in the UK album charts today.

This would be our highest ever chart position. Your sales directly support our band, crew & the future of Sleeps. Thank you all so much.”

Absolute legends!

In any case, the record did end up charting in the top 100 at number 59 but we all know officially they should have charted at number four!

Orders for ‘Sleeps Society’ can be made via the following link.

Check out ‘Nervous Ft. Simon Neil’ below.

Up next are the utterly fantastic Greta Van Fleet with ‘The Battle At Garden’s Gate’, a storming sound of rock symphony’s and a fantastic throwback with classic rock sprinkled throughout the record debuted at the number eight spot, which is an improvement over their 2018 release, ‘Anthem Of The Peaceful Army’ at number 12.

Orders for ‘The Battle At Garden’s Gate’ can be made via the following link.

Check out the opener for the record, ‘Heat Above’ below.

And lastly today, we have The Offspring. Their number three spot for ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’, their first record in nearly a decade has become their highest charting to date in the UK, which surpasses their 1998 release ‘Americana’ and peaked at number 10.

Orders for the record are available via the following link.

Check out the video for the title track below.

There’s always releases going around in the world of rock but massive fantastic effort by fans of the UK in the last week. This is just a triumphant victory!

Evanescence’s Latest Record Is Currently No.03 In The UK Midweek Album Charts

Last Friday, Evanescence released their long-awaited album ‘The Bitter Truth’ this past Friday, their first new material in a decade. 

It’s now is on course to debut near the top of the UK Charts where it’s standing at No.03 in the Midweek update and is the most downloaded album of the week so far.  

So let’s get this to the top spot!

Check out ‘Better Without You’ below.

Architects Debut At Number One In The UK Albums Chart

Massive congratulations are in order for Architects!

They’re seventeen years and nine records into their career and they have their first number one record with their latest release, ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’.

The band have responded to the news via Instagram:

“We are blown away. Never in our wildest dreams did we aspire to this. Even 1 week ago, when we released this record, there was no discussion between us of having a number 1 record.

We’ve been around for 16 years and this is our 9th (ninth) record – bands just don’t hit new peaks on their ninth record, but here we are. Four years ago we lost Tom and our worlds were turned upside down. The fact that we can stand here today with a No. 1 record in the UK, having lost our songwriter, having created a record that took so many risks, should be impossible, but here we are.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our fans. You rallied together and made this possible – we only just got over the line and every single one of you played your part – thank you for making this a reality, we are endlessly grateful.

Thank you to everyone involved with this record, there are too many to name but you know who you are. We love you all.”

Orders for the record can be made via the bands Webstore.

The Pretty Reckless & Pale Waves Debut In Top 10 On UK Albums Chart

There’s massive news in the UK Albums Chart this week as both The Pretty Reckless and Pale Waves have reached places in the Top 10!

This Friday, it was revealed that The Pretty Reckless’s latest full length record, ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ debuted at the No.06 position, which equals their previous best when their debut record, ‘Light Me Up’ was in that position in 2010.

For Pale Waves, their record, ‘Who Am I?’ debuted at No.03 which is the best debut they received as a band to date! Their debut record, ‘My Mind Makes Noises’ debuted at No.08 in 2018.

In addition to all this record news, Foo Fighters latest record ‘Medicine At Midnight’ kept in the top 10 at No.02.

That’s a massive week in the world of rock and plenty of reason to celebrate!

Check out The Pretty Reckless’s track, ’25’ below.

And here’s the latest music video for Pale Waves in ‘Fall To Pieces’.

The Pretty Reckless’ ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ Is At No.04 In The Midweek UK Albums Chart

In the last week, there’s been a number of releases in the UK. One of those releases is The Pretty Reckless’s ‘Death By Rock And Roll’.

The record is on course to give the band their highest ever chart placing in the UK, if the midweek charts stay as they are.

It’s currently sat at the No.04 spot and is the most downloaded record over the course of its first weekend in the world.

The Pretty Reckless’s previous highest placing with their 2010 debut record, ‘Light Me Up’ which peaked at No.06.

Check out the video for ’25’ below.

Foo Fighters Secure Fifth No.01 Record

Foo Fighters latest record ‘Medicine At Midnight’ has debuted at the No.01 spot I the UK Albums Chart.

This is the fifth record to top the UK Charts which joins 2002’s ‘All My Life’, 2007’s ‘Echoes, Patience Silence & Grace, 2011’s ‘Wasting Light’ and 2017’s ‘Concrete And Gold’. 

Massive congratulations to the band!

For those who’ve been sleeping on the record, here’s ‘Waiting On A War’.

You Me At Six’s Latest Record, ‘Suckapunch’ Debuts At No.01 In The UK Albums Chart

Last week, You Me At Six released their latest record ‘SUCKAPUNCH’ out into the world via Underdog / AWAL Records.

It has been confirmed that the record has now debuted at the very top of the UK Albums Chart.

This is the second record from YMAS that has hit No.01 with ‘Cavalier Youth’ debuting at the top spot in 2014. In addition, it’s the band’s 6th Top Ten record, with 2010’s ‘Hold Me Down’ at No.05, 2011’s ‘Sinners Never Sleep’, at No.03, 2017’s ‘Night People’ at No.03 and 2018’s ‘VI’ at No.06.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Latest Record, ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ Debuts At No.3 On UK Albums Charts, Deftones ‘Ohms’ At No.05

Massive massive news for two bands in the UK Albums chart this week.

Machine Gun Kelly’s latest effort, ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ debuted at the No. 03 spot, making it his first top five finish as well as his highest record debut in the UK ever.

2007’s ‘Bloom peaked at 37 and 2019’s ‘Hotel Diablo’ at forty three.

In addition to this Deftones also made it into the top five making this their second record to hit the milestone with 2016’s ‘Gore’ also hitting the number five spot.

Be sure to check out MGK’s ‘Body Bag’ which features Yungblud as well as Bert McCracken of The Used.

And here’s one of Deftones latest tracks, ‘Genesis’.

Creeper’s Latest Record, ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ At NO.02 In The Midweek UK Albums Chart

Creeper released their latest record, ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ out into the world last Friday (31st July) via Roadrunner Records and they’re on the way to achieve something amazing!

The record is currently in the midweek UK Albums Chart at the No.02 position, where Fontaines D.C’s ‘A Hero’s Death’ is the only artist beating the Southampton bssed band.

If things stay as they are, then Creeper will have their highest charting release ever, with their 2017 effort, ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ peaking at No.18 when it was first released.

Be sure to stream, buy and check out anything associated with the record in the meantime because it’s quite an extraordinary record.

Check out the video for ‘Poisoned Heart’ below.

And here’s the amazing animated video for ‘Be My End’ as well.