Void Of Vision Drop New Track, ‘HELL HELL HELL’

Void Of Vision have shared a new track, the first taste of new music where their last EP ‘CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN’ left off. 

And fucking hell, what a band. 

This is ‘HELL HELL HELL’ and sounds like nothing else that anybody is doing right now. 

Vocalist Jack Bergin had this to say about it:

HELL HELL HELL is a brand new world of Void Of Vision that has definitely been hinted at or given a nod in previous workBut this is where we truly get to showcase our own raw and explicit take on it. It’s been so insanely fulfilling to create, feeling so foreign yet strangely just as much at home within our discography alongside all our other works.

To let this creativity flow so effortlessly and be able to share this with the confidence we would alongside any other piece of work we share is truly a full circle moment for usFeeling as if we’ve been working to bury old material and leave it in the past and adding a whole new style for us into the mix at this stage has been almost therapeutic, challenging ourselves and pushing each other to new levels is now the norm for Void Of Vision and exactly where you’ll find the best material from Void Of Vision“.

Check out ‘HELL HELL HELL’ below.

Void Of Vision Release New Video For ‘Altar’

Pull a chair up to the pummeling unveiling of Melbourne metalcore quartet Void Of Vision‘s new EP CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN, officially out today on UNFD.

Marking the aural apex of CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN, ‘ALTAR’ steadily worships unbridled lyrical exploration equally with loss, hope and gripping chaos as Bergin’s searing vocals elegantly intertwine with guest vocalist Greenwood; and it’s this enthralling contrast that is equally on full display via the brand new clip, directed in the UK by Zak Pinchin.

Bringing the rumination, rampage and raw charm on display across the space of five tracks to a riveting conclusion, ‘ALTAR’ may ultimately close the metaphorical door to CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN, but it also simultaneously and surreptitiously signposts an open-ended window to a boundless future in the Void Of Vision universe, as Bergin explains: “ALTAR serves as the ‘climax’, if you will, of the Chronicles series. It represents a stage where within loss, one’s world completely stops turning and life is left fleeting. I experienced a moment in time in said stage where I discovered that there are things death could never touch, and that love will always be impervious to its cold embrace. 

“We really wanted the finale of this EP to leave our world that we’ve created extremely open to what could come next. I feel like we’re leaving our story teetering on the edge of either a rebirth harnessing new-found energy or a relapse into chaos and destruction.. potentially even somewhere in-between.”

Check out the video for ‘Altar’ below.

Void Of Vision Announce New EP, Drop New Single

Melbourne’s Void Of Vision have cleared the darkness and are set to usher in a tantalising new chapter in their bustling journey, announcing today a brand new upcoming EP CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN which will release on Friday 29th of April, 2022 on UNFD.

Following on from the group’s 2021 EP CHRONICLES I: LUST, this impending new Void Of Vision endeavour draws its ethereal namesake from the group’s new creative direction and sense of purpose; a sonic exhibition of finding heaven on earth laden with cinematic and ambitious flair alongside Void Of Vision’s blossoming razor-sharp trademark wiles.

To mark the announcement of this upcoming new release, Void Of Vision have also today shared an opulent new single INTO THE DARK, which was co-written and co-produced by Dan Searle, aka the prolific drummer for UK metalcore icons Architects.

Vocalist Jack Bergin discussed the crucial backstory behind the brand new Void Of Vision single and its place on the upcoming EP, saying: “It’s an extremely odd feeling to describe, hearing the first few notes of your to-be magnum opus for the first time before it’s even finished. Creating this song, from go to woe, was one of the most rewarding moments of our band’s career and now presents as a crucial landmark in Void Of Vision’s timeline. 

‘Into The Dark’ smashed down any pre-conceived barrier of innocence or naivety that we may have ever shown prior and propelled us into a brand new creative world where we feel more at home than ever before.”

Check out ‘Into The Dark’ below.

Void Of Vision Release New Single, ‘Dominatrix’

Fresh from the release of their 2021 EP CHRONICLES I: LUST, Void Of Vision have stepped forward with their new single ‘DOMINATRIX’ today.

“The process began with that simple chorus vocal hook and ended up with our most adventurous attempt at a piece of work yet. I have never written or attempted to pen a ‘love song’ before but this one just came extremely easy to me,” says Void Of Vision vocalist Jack Bergin.“The lyricism of ‘DOMINATRIX,’ while quite foreign within a Void Of Vision song, is really complemented here by the track’s pace, flaunting a certain urgency, a longing for excitement and stimulation.”

Of its new music also out today, Jack adds: “The pre-production title for this track was funnily enough ‘niteclub’ so I think that the music video idea was always planted in my brain from the get go. Despite several obstacles hindering shoot day, including myself only leaving hospital the night before and a fire engine call out within the first 30 seconds of shooting, it all came out exactly how we envisioned which we were so happy with.

“I really dialled in on the producer role for this video and I think it really gave me a LOT more confidence to take the idea of that role even further in the future. I really hope it puts people in the mindset we were in while creating this and pushes forward a side of Void Of Vision that people haven’t particularly been introduced to properly yet. There’s a lot more where this came from that definitely pushes the envelope of the idea of VOV as a collective.”

Check out ‘Dominatrix’ below.

Void Of Vision Release New Single, ‘The Lonely People’

Australian metal favourites Void Of Vision usher in a new era with the release of their new single ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’ today, alongside the announce of their rescheduled Australian headline tour for January 2022. Tickets are available via the following link.

While historically Void Of Vision has been an outlet for frontman Jack Bergin‘s internal angst and self-loathing, ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’ finds the vocalist embracing both a new outlook on life and way of writing.

The track is an exploration of Bergin’s own mental health throughout 2020 and that of the wider music industry in the face of crisis. Jack describes how the shared experience of the pandemic taught him he isn’t alone in his struggles, and how the connectedness, community and solace he found in music during this time was pivotal in his mission to find meaning. Ultimately, we see the vocalist embracing openness, clarity and purpose in a way never before seen.

Jack declares: “‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’ is a song for musicians by musicians. 

“For the first time in my life as a musician I was sharing the same experience as so many other artists, strangely connected and suffering simultaneously. Through the extremely isolating timeline that really just had no end in sight, with setback after setback, the insane desire to create and perform reached new unearthly levels,” he shares.

“I feel like we’re witnessing a rebirth of so many calloused individuals that were faced with an impossible adversity. The past year has left us all with this insatiable appetite and an unspoken bond formed between the entire music community. We’re all willing to do anything we can to bring our art back into frame, and deep down know that we’re not alone there.”

Check out the crushing track, ‘The Lonely People’ below.

Void Of Vision Announce Hyperdaze (Redux) Record Out This Friday

Melbourne metal stalwarts Void Of Vision are confirming details of their new recordtoday, due out this Friday via UNFD. Titled Hyperdaze (Redux), this re-release of the band’s 2019 album Hyperdaze comescomplete with a heaving list of guests collaborating across every track. 

Following recent cuts with Thornhill’s Jacob Charlton and Ecca Vandal released in the lead up to its announce, the rest of Hyperdaze (Redux) finds VOV collaborating with the likes of Jamie Hails (Polaris), Jon Deiley (Northlane), Lucas Woodland (Holding Absence), Garrett Russell (Silent Planet) & more.

Void Of Vision vocalist Jack Bergin declares how the Redux release finds the intensity of the original Hyperdaze completely dialled up on a notch:

“The people I hand picked for each track not only bring their own influence on board, but also build on what was already such an emotionally heavy release. It’s fully shaken the album up and spat it out somehow even more powerful than the original. We are super proud that we could create such a bold and collaborative project and still have it translate as we originally intended it to.”

After revealing a new music video for ‘Decay‘ ft. Ecca Vandal earlier this week, today’s album announcement comes alongside another taste of the release with the reveal of Splinterft. Loathe‘s Kadeem France

Hyperdaze (Redux) drops in full this Friday March 5 through UNFD. Fresh from being announced on The Amity Affliction‘s Australian headline tour, VOV announced two Melbourne headline shows of their ownthat sold in a matter of hours.  The band play two nights at Sooki Lounge later this month. 

On crafting the release throughout the throes of lockdown, Bergin shares how he curated such an epic list of guests:

“After reaching out to some of our close peers and friends in the music industry we quickly locked some names in on their respective tracks to get the ball rolling,” he explains.

“From there we looked at the 2020 Void Of Vision touring schedule that never came to be and reached out to a bunch of the names we were supposed to be sharing stages with. Overall we felt free to get creative and branch out and that lead to hitting up some people up outside of our realm (Ecca, Up Late) that could really take a track and flip it on its head.”

Throughout February, Void Of Vision began teasing the project with the release of reimagined versions of fan-favourite Hyperdaze tracks, from Jacob Charlton’s appearance on ‘Year Of The Rat’ and an unlikely team up with none other than Ecca Vandal on ‘Decay’.

The remainder of Hyperdaze (Redux) offers an epic mix of sheer chaos, pulsing EDM, lighter shades and more, as VOV and collaborators alike each flirt with the edge of possibility.  

With its release in September 2019, the original Hyperdaze seized a stark brand of bleakness akin only to Void Of Vision. On top of knockout global album reviews upon its release, the band went on to support Northlane around Australia, and took to festivals including Heaven & Hell, Schemaand UNIFY before sneaking in a headliner across Australia and Japan in early 2020.

1. Year Of The Rat (ft. Jacob Charlton from Thornhill)
2. Babylon (ft. Bobak Rafiee from Justice For The Damned)
3. If Only (ft. Lucas Woodland from Holding Absence)
4. Slave To The Name (ft. Jamie Hails from Polaris)
5. Adrenaline (Jon Deiley Remix)
6. Hole In Me (ft. Ken Koie from Crossfaith)
7. Kerosene Dream (ft. Garrett Russell from Silent Planet)
8. Decay (ft. Ecca Vandal)
9. Splinter (ft. Kadeem France from Loathe)
10. Hyperdaze (Up Late Remix)

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-Save links below.

Hyperdaze (REDUX) is available to pre-save via the following link.

Void Of Vision Team Up With Ecca Vandal For Reimagined Track, ‘Decay’

Fresh from the release of a collaborative effort with label-mates Thornhill earlier this month, Void Of Vision return with an epic team up with Ecca Vandal.

The reimagined version of ‘Decay’ – taken from Void Of Vision’s 2019 album Hyperdaze– sees Ecca and VOV switch back and forth amongst their iconic brands of chaos.

Void Of Vision vocalist Jack Bergin explains how the unlikely team up came to life: 

“We have all been familiar with the name Ecca Vandal for quite a while now, it wasn’t until our run together on Good Things Festival ‘18 that we REALLY pricked up our ears though. Unfortunately we clashed sets each day except for the last, so when I got to run over and catch those last few songs it was everything I hoped for and more, ever since then she’s been a playlist regular.

“We were so stoked that she was down to collaborate and work in her own style so effortlessly. Ecca has such a powerful presence and now it’s been stamped on a little piece of VOV history.”

Check out ‘Decay’ FT. Ecca Vandal below.

About Ecca Vandal:

Loud, genre-defying and unafraid to be different, Ecca Vandal is a true original. With her family having arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka via South Africa and being born into a musical household, from a young age Ecca was immersed in diversity in art and music. Spending formative years as a trained jazz musician, her passion for the expression and improvisation of jazz led her to fall in love with the DIY abandon of punk, and her ability to effortlessly balance between soulful melodics, raw energy and unapologetic power on 2016 EP End of Time and her 2017 self-titled album drew universal acclaim from the likes of NME and Rolling Stone.

About Void Of Vision:
Earlier this month Void Of Vision flexed on fellow Hyperdaze track ‘Year Of The Rat’ with a reimagined version featuring Thornhill vocalist Jacob Charlton. The single, referencing everything from sheer VOV heaviness to ethereal vocals, also came alongside an outstanding music video pitting Jack & Jacob together in a fight to the death (of one of them!).

With its release in September 2019, Hyperdaze seized a stark brand of bleakness akin only to Melbourne’s own Void Of Vision. On top of knockout global album reviews upon its release, the band went on to support Northlane around Australia, took to festivals including Heaven And Hell FestivalSchema Festival and UNIFY and headlined across Australia and Japan in early 2020. In 2021 the band are slated to support none other than The Amity Affliction on their Everybody Loves You…Once You Leave Them Australian Album Tour.

Void Of Vision Release New Version Of ‘Year Of The Rat’ Feat. Jacob Charlton

Void Of Vision have teamed up with Jacob Charlton of Thornhill for a brand new version of their track, ‘Year Of The Rat’.

There’s still the heaviness on the track so don’t worry but now, there’s an added layer for ferosity with the Charlton’s vocals on the track.

Jack Bergin (Vocals) has comments:

“While I still feel like I’m not where I want to be mentally, it’s songs like this where I can truly see how much has really changed around me in such a short space of time. To gain a form of positivity from such an overwhelmingly negative track over the course of such an overwhelmingly negative year speaks volumes to the importance of heavy music and the reflection within it,” he says, adding:

“‘Year Of The Rat’ was written for those who have reached their expiry date, for the weak that have finally been weeded out. Watching an undeserving individual have a position of ‘power’ stripped from them has been a common theme throughout the year 2020, this song goes out to them.”

He also had this to say about collaborating with Jacob:

“About 5 years ago Jacob approached me after one of our hometown shows and asked if I wanted to do guest vocals on his new, up-and-coming band’s track. I’m pretty sure I said yeah, but forgot all about it until a good half a year later when our videographer Cian called and told me I had to come down to do guest vocals on this band that he was working with. The band in question ended up being Jacob and the rest of Thornhill tracking their debut EP, so I’m glad I listened to Cian for once.”

And Jacob adds:

“Jumping on this track was kind of like a little break for us both where we had the opportunity to build on something that had already been created,” he says. “Aside from that I was honestly super stoked to be a part of the project in general, VOV have always played a special part in Thornhill’s history so it was very cool to be included on a special part of their history”

You can check out the video for the track below.

Hyperdaze is available to order via UNFD.

Void Of Vision Announce New Record, ‘Hyperdaze’

Who wants some metalcore? From Australia?! More specifically Melbourne?!

The troupe Void Of Vision have announced the details of their upcoming record, ‘Hyperdaze’, which is the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Children Of Chrome’ set to be released on September 13th 2019via UNFD.

Here are all the record’s details including a video for the lead single, ‘Hole In Me’.

  1. Cover Art.voidofvision-hyperdaze.jpg
  2. Tracklisting.

01.) Overture
02.) Year Of The Rat
03.) Babylon
04.) If Only
05.) Slave To The Name
06.) Adrenaline
07.) Hole In Me [stream]
08.) Kerosene Dream
09.) Decay
10.) Splinter
11.) Hyperdaze

3. The lead single, ‘Hole Of Me’ in video form!

4. Pre Orders.

The record is available to pre-order via Amazon, Google Play and Itunes.