Volumes Announce New Record, ‘Happier’

VOLUMES have been regularly dropping new songs through the pandemic. Today, the band has confirmed it will release its new album Happier? on November 18 via Fearless Records.

The band has also release a video for the new single ‘Bend.‘ Watch it below.

”Bend’ is about how, in a relationship, sometimes one person can break another while all along they never seem to bend or break themselves,” says singer Michael Barr. “It’s really about how we can easily turn into someone else and start to tear each other down.”

In 2010, Volumes burst onto the hard rock scene with The Concept of Dreaming EP. Via followed in 2011 and No Sleep arrived in 2014. After initially parting ways with Barr back in 2015, the band remained prolific and dropped Different Animals [2017] and the Coming Clean EP [2019]. Their total stream tally exceeded 40 million as they racked up international praise from the likes of Alternative Press, New Noise Magazine, Rock Sound, Metal Injection, and more. Barr returned to the fold in 2020.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting below and Pre-orders via the following link.

Get Enough
Lets Me Down
Man On Fire
See You Again
Into You (Hurt)

Volumes Release Video For New Track, ‘Get Enough’

VOLUMES are back with yet another metallic juggernaut. The band has just dropped the video for the bulldozing new song “Get Enough.” 

“‘Get Enough’ is about the point in someone’s life where everything eventually is for personal gain,” the band explains. “Things can get very isolating and lonely when someone is knowingly going out of their way to use and deceive something or someone for self-benefit. The song is essentially having that conversation with yourself — a nice hard look in the mirror. In general, we feel like now  more than ever with as instantly gratifying as life can be, it’s more important to always look at the bigger picture and take a breather. This song speaks to that narrative.”

The band continues, “This song is a step out of the realm Volumes has existed in for a long time. it’s showcasing another side of the band that has been percolating for quite some time. Introducing a new sonic direction was something crucial on our minds for this album and we couldn’t be more excited with the outcome. We are looking forward to playing this one live.”

Crown The Empire & Volumes Are Teaming Up For A Full Production Livestream Show

Gigs might not be back fully yet but there’s a full production shows coming our way as Crown The Empire and Volumes have teamed up for a brand new livestream show!

The two acts will perform The Battle of Los Angeles – a multi-camera, full production performance – on 16th October, streamed from 7PM (New York) / 4PM (Los Angeles) / Midnight (London).

“It’s going to feel amazing to shake off the rust from being quarantined and show-less for so long,” says Crown the Empire singer Andy Leo. “We’ve never tried anything like this before but we’re going to have a lot of fun and we hope the fans can enjoy from home! Grateful for the team behind us that can make this happen.”

“This year has been a rollercoaster for Volumes, so it feels amazing that we have the opportunity to be able to play live together in such a new format and experience,” adds Volumes vocalist Michael Barr. “We feel so lucky to be able to still do what we love, which is connect with our fans even in such a bizarre times. Thank you to Shelter Music Group and Fearless Records for being in our corner and most importantly our fans for sticking by us through thick and thin.”

Tickets are on sale now via the following link.

New Tracks Roundup 22/05/20

Hello everyone and welcome back! It’s time for another week of the best new tracks that have recently been released, all in good order of epicness. I’ve tried to make sure that none of these overlap with the Music Videos Roundup post which should have gone live in addition to this post as well so when you’re done be sure to head over to have a read of that!

Let’s get into the new tunes this week starting off with Volumes.

After teasing the release of this track during Fearless Records ‘Fearless At Home’ live stream, they’ve relaxed ‘Pixelate’ which has plenty of headbands for you to do at home in social distancing measures.

Seconds up on this week’s new tracklist is Remo Drive with a new cut off their upcoming record. ‘Ode To joy 2’.

Erik Paulson (vocals) has said the following on the upcoming release:

“The lyrics were inspired by the excess I perceived around me as I transitioned from being a college student into touring full time. Most people who’ve done either can confirm that many social interactions are built around having a drink or smoking weed. Once the honeymoon period of exploration was over for me, I became frustrated with the omnipresence of drugs and alcohol and wanted to write about it… Oh what fun it is laughing at nothing, by this age we all have it down.. When I wrote the final version of the lyrics, I tried to connect with how I think when I’m drunk. I always feel as though I’m loving and hating every second of it. This song captures that same ambivalence.”


Moving onto Northlane now as details have emerged on their deluxe edition to their 2019 record, ‘Alien’.

With the tracks being released in instrumental forms, the release also features a new track from the album sessions, which is titled as ‘Enemy Of The Night’.

Marcus Bridge (vocals) has said:

“Enemy Of The Night was the last song to be completed and is personally my favourite song from the Alien sessions.

It has a similar, storytelling style to Freefall as it recounts memories and experiences from my childhood of my father falling deeper into addiction and the desperate things people will do to satisfy those needs. Despite his best efforts, he was never able to beat his demons.

This song is the missing piece to the Alien puzzle and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” 


Second to last on this weeks list is  From Inside. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started forcing everyone indoors and into social distancing measures, the bands have been giving their output on the track addressing the topic.

Check out ‘Isolation’ below.


And lastly, on this weeks list, we have Britains finest in Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. They’ve shared their first material since the release of their previous full-length release, ‘End Of Suffering’.

The final track of the week is ‘Bleed’.

Former Volumes Guitarist Diego Farias Has Died

Reports are coming through in the music community that Diego Farias, guitarist of Volumes has died.

Farias was a founding member of Volumes and was involved within the band since 2009. Last week, the band announced he parted ways, with a lengthy statement posted to the band’s Twitter explaining that as Farias became more successful as a producer, he didn’t have the time to invest in the band.

The band shared:

“Diego was never fired / kicked out of the band, Over the past few years, we have seen him grow in his career as a producer, and as a result, he lost the desire to tour with the band and then subsequently couldn’t further commit to the overall writing process with the group. We have had various replacement guitarists tour with the band. We wish nothing but the best of luck for Diego and know that he is on the fast track of becoming one of the most successful producers in the game.”

As yet, there has been no official statement from Volumes about Diego but Drummer Nick Irsich has tweeted, ‘This can’t be real”.

Tributes have been coming in from family and band members whom have previously worked with him.

Here at Almost Anything Media, we send our thoughts to Diego’s friends and family. He will be missed within the community.

Volumes Announce New Album

The great band Volumes have announced details of a new album, entitled ‘Different Animals’, which will be released June 08th and will be released via Fearless Records.

This is going to be the first record which features vocals from Myke Terry and a new track called On Her Mind can be viewed below.

Check out the cover art: