Vukovi Release New Single, ‘Kill It’

Scottish 2 piece VUKOVI have released a brand new song ‘Kill It’ the song is a follow up to the bands song ‘Slo’ which was released late last year. VUKOVI vocalist Janine Shilstone explains what the song is about “‘Kill It’ is a battle cry to the war that’s going on inside my head. The song is a war cry to my OCD demon I have to live with everyday.  I’m telling it I’m not going to give up, I’m going to fight back. I know it’ll be a struggle but having that strong death wish towards it gives me comfort and strength.’

‘Kill It’ will be the bands first single on new label LAB Records, speaking on the signing Janine said “We’re extremely excited to be back working with LAB Records again. They took a chance on us by releasing our debut album which was the real beginning of VUKOVI. Our fan base and our craft has grown significantly since then and we trust that returning to and working with LAB will give our 3rd album the credit it deserves.”

Check out ‘Kill It’ below.

The band will be returning to festivals this summer by playing 
2000 Trees, Slam Dunk, TRNSMT. 

You can see them at the following dates:
2000trees Festival – 8th-10th July
Slam Dunk Festival North – 4th September
Slam Dunk Festival South – 5th September
TRNSMT – 10th – 12th September

Second Five4Five Fest Announced, Holding Absence & Yonaka Are Headlining

Earlier this year in May, Five4Five fest brought together a group of bands for a livestream experience.

Now, the festival is back with a fantastic lineup.

Five4Five Festival is set to take place over December 18th and 19th 2020 and will be headlined by Holding Absence and Yonaka.

On the announcement, Yonaka have said:

“We are dead excited to be headlining this festival. It’s for a great cause for everyone to get involved in, saving the grassroots venues that we have all had a great time in. We all want to get sweaty and moshy again so do what you can to help and enjoy the show!”

And Holding Absence have said:

“After what has been the longest year for all of us musicians, Holding Absence are extremely excited to be blowing off the cobwebs and headlining Five4Five fest this December! We all individually tuned in and enjoyed the first one so are honoured to be a part of it this time around, especially as all the proceeds are going towards something as close to our hearts as the Music Venue Trust.”

In addition to the headliners, The Dangerous Summer, Normandie, Vukovi, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Lizzy Farrall, Hacktivist, Delaire The Liar, Nova Twins, Holiday Oscar, Chapter and Verse, Snake Eyes, As Everything Unfolds, Weatherstate, The Rhythm Method, Tally Spear, Stay Free, Anavae, Paper Mill and Haggard Cat will all play.

All of the performances will be free to watch on the festival’s Facebook and YouTube pages but those watching will be encouraged to donate £5 to a link provided at the time. All profits will be donated to the Music Venues Trust’s #saveourvenues crisis fund.

The festival’s co-founder Tom Pullen had this to say:

The past, present and future of the UK music industry relies on grassroots, independent music venues. We at Five4Five can’t stand by and watch as our venues are left to weather the Covid-19 crisis on their own. We’re proud to partner up with the Music Venue Trust to help ensure they can reopen safely, so we can go back to the loud and sweaty spaces where it all begins. In the meantime, we’ve gathered some of the finest acts to enjoy from the comfort of your own sofa. We hope you enjoy and donate if you can.”

You can check out the first edition of the festival below, which raised 50k for NHS Charities Together.

Check out Day 1.

And check out Day 2.

New Music Roundup 13/11/20

Hello everyone welcome back to the New Music Roundup! We’re here for a roundup of five of the best recently released tracks. They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

First up this we hare Burning Pools, a new band led by former Smashing Pumpkins bassist Ginger Pooley, has been long in the making. She and husband Kristopher Pooley had been demoing songs showcasing Ginger’s penchant for empowering protest lyrics clothed in pop hooks, when they decided to reach out to guitarist Max Bernstein. He promptly added some tracks with a sub-octave fuzz permanently in the “on” position. Instantly, the three decided that Kris (a keyboard player by trade) would dust off his drum kit as this was not a synth operation —and a band was born.

The band’s three members share a long list of studio and touring credits and collectively have worked with rock legends like Tom Morello, Siouxsie Sioux, Slash, Morrissey, Liz Phair, Scott Weiland, Tegan and Sara, and bands like Jane’s Addiction and Weezer. They’ve also had their hands in the pop world, though it is clear that its influence is positively nil. Their unique brand of noisy power-pop with doomy riffs charts a different sonic course, harkening more to the loud drum and guitar squalls that Kris and Ginger experienced as newlyweds on Smashing Pumpkins tours.

Their debut EP is a critique of the hierarchy of our value system. Ginger shares, “It’s nothing new for music to be a voice of criticism of our culture. That is the purpose of a lot of art. This is just my way of expressing my frustration with the priorities of modern society. Valuing money over everything, undervaluing women and people of color. Hopefully our songs make people who are of the same accord feel heard and supported. There is so much injustice in the world, we hope to be a part of the solution in some small way.” 

Bands like Burning Pools are supposed to play shows — and to the list of the world’s upended plans of 2020 we add the dream of taking these songs beyond streaming platforms to the stage where a power trio can actually be one in real time. For now, Burning Pools will be releasing singles from their forthcoming EP.

Next up this week we have Intervals.

Recently, torchbearers of progressive, instrumental rock, Intervals, debuted their third single “String Theory” from their forthcoming full-length, Circadian, which dropped today. Marking some of the heaviest yet most memorable pieces of the album, “String Theory” finds Aaron Marshall delving deep into his influences and coming out the other side with some of his most rewarding material yet. As with all of Marshall’s work, no matter how complicated it may get, the melodies and hooks are left swirling around in the listener’s head for days afterward. “String Theory” features one of Marshall’s early influences and favorite guitarists of all time, Marco Sfogli, who contributes an impossible solo that creates a jaw-dropping moment before the band dives back into the captivating and sinuous interplay that makes the track a highlight of Circadian. “String Theory” follows the explosive “5-HTP” and delicately intricate “Lock & Key”. Co-produced by Marshall and fellow Torontonian, Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, Obey The Brave, Like Pacific), Circadian, is available for pre-order here

“I’ve been patiently anticipating the roll out for this tune. Not only have I been itching to compose some more 7 string material for some time now, but this tune features one of my favourite guitarists of all time. Marco is an absolute legend and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to feature him on this track. This is a major bucket list moment and I am so stoked to have put this one together. I hope everyone enjoys this last single before the album drops!”

Moving to New York for our next pick in this weeks roundup, there is Aussie-bred singer-songwriter BRANDEUS has shared a taste of his new music with his new single “Vino”, produced by Raspo.

Discussing the new release, Brandeus says: “’Vino’ represents the mental effects and overthinking caused by loneliness and alcoholism. It is okay to experience depression and loneliness, these feelings are normal and “it’s just a phase, it’s not forever.” Constant use of synthetic substances and consumption of alcohol does not always denote a good time or make the beauty of life richer. Happiness and fun is what you make it.”

Originally from Australia, BRANDEUS, otherwise known as Brandon Williams, is an all-rounded artist, singer, songwriter and producer that offers an atmospheric blend of R&B, Alternative Pop and Hip-Hop. Known for his buzzing singles ‘War’ and ‘IDTM’, Brandon delves deeply into his past personal experiences and passion in his lyrics. With him riding the new-wave R&B aesthetic, BRANDEUS is bound to make his mark.

Now for the penultimate track this week, we have the Scottish 2 piece Vukovi whom mark their return with the release of their huge, brand new single ‘SLO’ out today, Monday 2nd November.

The single was co-written with The Spice Girls songwriters Andy Watson and Paul Wilson which, for vocalist Janine (Shilstone) in particular was a dream come true, being a huge fan of the band.

Vukovi vocalist Janine Shilstone explains a bit about the single – 

“SLO is comparing my OCD to an abusive relationship. You have a warped outlook on what healthy behaviour is. You forget what it’s like living a normal life. It has this god like status that makes you believe you wouldn’t survive if it was ever to leave you. You have a toxic reliance on it and in your eyes that condones reckless behaviour.” 

The band are also going to be releasing their debut album ‘Vukovi’ on vinyl for the first time ever, through original label, Lab Records, with pre-orders going live on November 6th – “It’s only taken us 3 years but glad we are finally releasing our debut album on vinyl. There’s been so much demand for this we had to make it happen. Only doing a limited run of these and to make it a little bit more interesting we’ve signed and put a personal message on a 5th of them.”

We had to choose some legends for our final pick this week, that pick is none other than AC/DC.

This song follows lead single Shot In The Dark, off their latest record POWER UP which was released today. Album 17 features the newly-reunited line-up of lead guitarist Angus Young and rhythm guitarist Stevie Young, frontman Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd, with the LP serving as a tribute to the late, great Malcolm Young.

“I know Mal’s not with us anymore, but he’s there with us in spirit,” says Angus. “This band was his baby, his life. He was always one [to say], ‘You keep going.’ His big line always, every now and again, he’d go, ‘If you’re a musician, it’s a bit like being on the Titanic. The band goes down with the ship.’ That’s how he viewed it.”

Malcolm is credited as a writer on POWER UP – though his actual guitar playing won’t be heard.

“I know a lot of people have been saying, ‘Did Malcolm actually play, is it his instrument on the new album?’” Angus ponders. “I chose not to do that because I felt Malcolm himself wouldn’t like me trying to splice his guitar work.”

He added of their prior creative process: “Malcolm and myself, a lot of what we had done through the years, we’d make notes with the tracks. Some might be a little bit rough here and there, and I polished them up. In other cases, Malcolm might have done just a small bit and then I would do the next verse. The bulk of the contribution of Mal is mainly musical.”

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best new tracks out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

Burn It Down Festival Announces More Bands For 2021 Iteration

There’s more coming.

Burn It Down Festival have announced more bands which will be playing it’s 2021 lineup.

Pintglass, Vukovi, Nova Twins and Sickones will be joining Dinosaur Pile-Up in Various Venues in Torquay in September 2021.

Check out the full lineup below.

Bitch Falcon
Delaire The Liar
Dinosaur Pile-Up
El Moono
False Advertising
Grove Street Families
Mother Vulture
Nova Twins
Palm Reader
We Never Learned To Live

Burn It Down Festival 2021 will take place at The Foundry, The Attic and The Apple And Parrot on September 11th 2021.

Music Video Roundup 31/05/19

It’s 4PM and it’s Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks.

This weeks first video comes from the Californian collective, Black Label Society with ‘Bored To Tears’ which is off the bands reissued ‘Sonic Brew – 20th Anniversary Blend 5.99 – 5.19. Zakk Wylde has said:

“…with the NEW BLACK LABEL SUPAH-EXCITING TECHNICOLOR DREAM COAT HIGH CALORIE BURNING video for ‘Bored To Tears’, I told BLACK LABEL DIRECTOR O’ DOOM & DELIGHT, Father Justin Reich, that I wanted to do an ‘exciting’ and ‘tough’ looking video in the movie genre style of Clint Eastwood & Charles Bronson. After seeing the video, apparently, Father Justin Reich doesn’t know who these LEGENDARY FILM ICONS are or has them confused with two other actors named Clint Eastwood & Charles Bronson. Every time I watch this video, I’m more confused than I was during the previous viewing.”


Up next are the King’s Lynn melodic hardcore group MY Only. They’ve recently released a brand new emotive cut titled as ‘…unfamiliar’, which is a continuation of their previous release, ‘…a death’.

“My Only are demonstrably flawed. Believers in understatement, the four-piece from across the UK are intent on identifying and replaying what makes us human: nuanced and imperfect emotional well-being. ‘…unfamiliar’ explores the aftermath of ‘…a death’. An ending that was long speculated came to fruition. The resulting abjection was crushing. My Only regret was …unfamiliar.”


Moving toward some contemporary Punks channelling the 90’s grunge movement, L’s Ramonda Hammer is moving up in the world with the help of their new single, ‘Better View’.

“Better View is about various fantasies and realities that two people find themselves in when they are trying to get to the best version and perspective of each other,” explains frontwoman Devin Davis of the song’s lyrical content. “It also explores identity — how two people can lose themselves in each other…and identity in the sense of how people feel in their own bodies. That being said, I think emotions and personal qualities have no gender; strength isn’t masculine and nurturing isn’t feminine. Two people in love just put all their non-binary puzzle pieces together and see what kind of picture it makes.”


Moving ahead with their upcming record, Motionless In White are bringing the fright in a new animated video for ‘Undead Ahead 2: The Tale Of The Midnight Ride’. It’s the latest cut from their upcoming record which you can view below.


Moving into some Pop-Punk territory now, The Dangerous Summer has a new video for their single, ‘Bring Me Back To Life’. I’m guessing they had to name change quickly because of the Evanescence track (that’s a terrible joke) but the track is emotional and sweeping for everyone, here it is below.


Everyone’s waiting to hear the Scottish Power Rock duo Vukovi’s new record and every cut from the record just makes us want more and in their next video for ‘Behave’,  this video is fully signed via an animated interpreter.

“Anyone can be a part of Vukovi and we’re always thinking of ways to show that to people. Rather than ‘yet another lyric video’, we decided to create something that would include another demographic of people that I feel are sadly forgotten about at times. We hope you all enjoy.”


For this next video, the Cowboy is back. There’s only one band this can be. Don Broco. They’ve just dropped their video for ‘Half Man, Half God’. It was partially filmed at their Wembley Arena show earlier in 2019.


Continuing their domination of the UK and pushing their latest record, ‘In Moment // In Memory’, the Southampton lads in Our Hollow, Our Home have a spellbinding new release in a video for ‘Disconnect’.

‘Disconnect’ is primarily about dealing with such emotions, those times when you feel that life has taken a drastic shift for the worse and you just can’t quite comprehend the reality of what’s happening around you.” says Vocalist Tobias Young


For the penultimate track, I’ve deviated from this weeks list, just a touch. It’s The Drew Thompson Foundation and yes that’s the Single Mothers vocalist doing what he does best. The videos a little funny which shows a day in the life of Drew’s life with a little bit of everything including Ice Cream thrown into it.


And lastly, they’ve been away for a long while working on their anticipated second record and it’s been well worth the wait. This Irish three-piece new track is apparently their most ferocious track to date.

“It’s a heavy hitter with a lot of massive riffs. Lyrically, songs are always open to interpretation but we will say this, the verses are an inner voice or a devil on the shoulder and the choruses are the volcanic eruptions from deep within. Heavy shit. We know. Can’t help it.”

It can only be the fabulous Fangclub.

And that’s it for another week of music video roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM sharp for another countdown of ten of the best recent music videos to feast your eyes upon. There’s also new posts every day on the Almost anything Media so be sure to check out anything that might catch your eye.

5 Upcoming Bands You Need To Check Out

This is one post  I’ve been meaning to write for a while. How come I’ve not done one of these for a while? I probably haven’t thought of it until now. So, there are no many emerging bands coming throughout the world at the moment but which ones have caught my eye and ears the most?

Here are five bands that I’ve been listening to the most in 2019 so far.


This five pieces Alternative group are the latest to be hailing from the ever-growing roster of Brighton bands. Currently signed to Big Scary Monsters, Orchards are about to be setting off on their debut headlining UK tour, playing five dates before opening for Jamie Lenman in London at the beginning of July. Be sure to be a fan of them soon because I’m sure they will explode on the scene within the next 12 months.



The rising British Yonaka are ones that have been making a name for themselves over the last 12 months and really been pushing the boundaries and now with their debut record, ‘Don’t Wait ‘Till Tomorrow’ out right now, it’s a collection of everything they can and will accomplish together as a band. Opening for The Amazons and Don Broco as well as more in 2018, Yonaka are more than ready to take the next step in their careers, and I can’t be happier to see them take their future as headliners on their upcoming debut UK headlining tour.


I’ve had my eye very early on in Vukovi’s career, seeing them at Slam Dunk a few years ago but with the band in hibernation in 2018 to recalibrate and refuel for their upcoming anticipated second record, they’re a band who are sure to push boundaries for what it means to be a band in 2019. With their new material each an anthem in their own rights, the Scottish up and comers are sure to hit gold and collect more and more fans as they continue to rise in the ranks.

The Fever 333

Headed up by the former vocalist of Letlive, The Fever 333 have been exploring more and more in 2019. What’s interesting about this band is their politics where their tracks, their lyrics are all a platform against the worst people in charge of the world. With their ‘demonstrations’ taking place more and more each day, they are becoming the future of just what it means to be a musician in today’s world. They’re a group who come up once in a generation with lyrics that speak to the masses because music will make us rise, just as the band has since their inception.

Dream State

For my final pick I’ve gone for the best female-fronted Welsh post-hardcore newcomers Dream State, just so you’re not confused with any other band I’m talking about. They are making waves front right and centre, having closed off the storming UK headlining run, the band are sure to bring about new material, adding to their anthemic, ambitious and atmospheric sound which has made them a force to be reckoned with over the last two years of activity, both small and large on the scene.


And that’s it for another countdown list, hopefully, in the meantime, I’ll be getting to see these bands live soon, Dream State and Vukovi have recently rounded up tours and Orchards and Yonaka are on my list! I have high hopes there!

Vukovi Share New Single, ‘Behave’

This is a new single we’ve been waiting on. Vukovi’s upcoming release is still under wraps, possibly a better-kept secret than Marvel during the filming of their latest film, Avengers Endgame.

Nevertheless, they have a brand new track ‘Behave’ out just in time for their UK headlining tour which is coming up very soon.

More details of their upcoming record will be confirmed as it develops.

Live Review: Set It Off @ Leeds Key Club

Support: Bearings, Vukovi

Date: 13/04/2019

Heading over to the Key Club in Leeds again, this is a headlining band I’ve waited a while to see! But this would mainly be down to them either not announcing a Leeds or Newcastle date for their last few runs. Luckily, Set It Off Announced both for me! Thankfully, I was able to work around my shifts and be in attendance for this one as I haven’t seen Set It Off live since they played on the main stage at Slam Dunk Festival a few years ago.

Setting things off (see what I did there?) were the Canadian newcomers signed to Pure Noise Records, Bearings. They have to be something that the Pop-Punk scene is missing though. They did feel quite nostalgic in a way as it felt they were The Dangerous Summer mixed with Like Pacific in a way but its tracks such as ‘Aforementioned’ and ‘Beautiful Places’ that breathe new life into their set and make them ones to watch, especially when they come back to the UK, which will hopefully be by the end of the year.

I do have to say, they were a refreshing band to be watching as well. They were simple, no on-stage antics, nothing over the top but just pure and raw emotion and performance which is great to see every once in a while, especially something of this genre.

Next to take the reigns were the Scottish ‘Noisy Pop Rock’ duo, Vukovi. Now, I do have to express my disappointment that the vocals weren’t up to the usual best but the band did have some technical difficulties but you know what they did? Rolled with it! Janine just went straight into the crowd and stood on a kickstand to make her seem as if she was the lankiest person in the room. Granted I think she struggled to stay on a few times, she pulled it off, she pulled it off without any problems. On stage, Hamish just fully enjoyed having the stage to himself I think, that is to say without the worry of bumping into anyone else as he just ripped into those tracks left, right and centre.

Turning things to eleven, the energy just increasing in the entirety of the Key Club for a while, but it was great to see a band embrace both their past and future in a way to hear the tracks being experimented with, especially with Vukovi’s latest offering ‘Claudia’ which does seem to be way out there from a musical standpoint but live, Vukovi are anything but an ordinary duo from start to finish. Next-time the place better be moving in its entirety.

Now, Set It Off’s entire set was basically a love letter to their most dedicated fans. They almost seemingly never looked as if they wanted the show to end but they proved they’re one of the most surprising bands to their fans as they embraced all aspects of their material whether it be the R’n’B to their more Poppy tracks or to their Rock-ier roots with every member having the chance to shine in some way with every instrument in their arsenal.

Being it be a tour a celebrate their latest record, ‘Midnight’ they did play quite a few of the tracks and of those, the best had to be ‘Killer In The Mirror’ as well as ‘Criminal Minds’ as that’s where Cody’s vocals just stand out and bring him full circle. From Upside Down, it was the title tracks which gave Dan and Cody joining forces for some groovy Brass tunes and to see that live for the first time was just something unexpected and unbelievable, to be honest as at a show these days, it’s just quite unheard of. With the breakdowns though, Zach just shines and being towards his side of the stage, it’s always a pleasure to see him work his musical magic, especially during the breakdowns. Last but certainly not least, if his drum solo is anything to go by, Maxx just tore into the drumkit and I think there were a few fears he actually broke something on his kit as well but see him just be a monster, seemingly in a trance, you were sure this is what he is meant to do.

Overall, Set It Off have no problem controlling this crowd for all of their headlining set but one thing which did stick out the most was, of course, their medley, taking tracks from everything of their best era and just giving it all to the fans, banger after banger which was ‘Dream Catcher / No Disrespect / Ancient History / Bleak December / Admit It / Miss Mysterious / I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead / Swan Song / Forever Stuck in Our Youth’ was just something you don’t see from a band every day but when they’re as well well loved, and on a SOLD OUT run of shows, this is how you prepare to bow out. You know, after you come back out and play an encore.

Rating: 7/10

Music Video Roundup 15/03/18

It’s Friday at 4PM! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. Up first is the Massachusetts Metalcore faves, Unearth. This track, ‘No Reprisal’ is the latest track from their seventh studio record, ‘Extinction(s)’ which features a compilation of footage from their recent shows.


We’ll go across the pond for the next band and we’ll switch up the genre as well. Hardcore newcomers Modern Error debut EP was released a few weeks ago and they had one track to put to video to celebrate the release which vocalist Zak Pinchin spoke about.

‘Self Synthetic’ is about a false sense of self breading down barriers and taking over your whole reality, and you’re just struggling to keep your true self alive.”

Check out the video below.


We’re going all over the world for this weeks video roundup. Just imagine how many miles it would take to travel to all of them! Next up we have Punk Rockers from Toronto, Ontario. This can only be Pup who’ve gotten 250 fans involved via covers and interpretations for their video for an unreleased track, ‘Free At Last’.


Right, after their massive Brixton Academy show in December 2018, Deaf Havana announced they were actually recording the show for a live DVD! It actually dropped today but here is a taste of what there when in a live video for ‘Hell’.


Time for something from a more recent record. The metalcore monsters Attila self-released their latest album, ‘Villain’ and they had to show what they do to celebrate, they made the video for the title track to show how hard they party.


Moving back to some British bands, the up and coming Metalcore group Sworn Amongst have recently announced they’re the latest signee’s to LA label, Famined Records. They did have a surprise on top of this announcement in the form of their new track ‘Believe’.


This next track and video come fresh from tech metal foursome Ursus. Speaking on this, vocalist Joe Grimes has said: “The concept and title Totem’ refers to a place where bodies would be stored before the ground became soft enough to dig, because of very cold temperatures; this was referred to as a “Totem house”. The lyrical content of the song is based around the story of a person being buried alive whilst their loved ones mourn, unaware they’re still alive and going through the most horrific and slow death.”


Moving across to Belgium, we have Brutus. This is the second track from their soon to be released record, ‘Nest’. Speaking about this particular track the band have said: [The track is about] doubts. You just try so hard to just keep going and doing the best you can. But in fact, sometimes you only get shit in return. People don’t always backup the choices you’re making. The aggression in the high guitar notes resemble the irritation we felt towards everyone who was not driving along with us. In the second, compelling part we are asking them to give us time, so we can process what they’re saying.”


Penultimately today we’re going to Denver of all places. The Anchor’s upcoming record is a follow-up to their 2016 debut, ‘A World Ahead’ but until then, we have the latest cut from the record, ‘Revive’.


Time for the last video and indeed I wanted to actually save my favourite and in my opinion the best track for last! This is Energetic, Weird and Different. Three words I’d use to describe Scottish aces Vukovi. The twosomes legions of fans hopefully won’t have to wait too long to hear when their upcoming record will be released but they’ve got plenty of chances to see them perform when they support Set It Off and on their huge headlining UK tour. for now though, here’s the latest taste of just what the band can do in the form of ‘C.L.A.U.D.I.A’.


And that’s it for another week of music video roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM sharp for another countdown of ten of the best recent music videos to feast your eyes upon. There’s also new posts every day on the Almost anything Media so be sure to check out anything that might catch your eye.

Vukovi Announce Headline UK Tour

They’ve just wrapped up some intimate UK shows and ahead of their supporting slot on Set It Off’s UK Tour, Vukovi have announced a headline tour for May with Superlove as their support.

This comes alongside the recent release of their single, ‘C.L.A.U.D.I.A.’ which you can view below.

Here are the dates for Vukovi’s headline tour.

May 2019

1st – Tunbridge Wells, The Forum

2nd – Norwich, Waterfront Studio

3rd – Guildford, Boileroom

5th – Cheltenham, Frog And Fiddle

7th – Southampton, Joiners

8th – Derby, The Venue

10th – Stoke – On – Trent, The Sugarmill

15th – Edinburgh, The Mash House

16th – Dundee, Conroy’s Basement

17th – Aberdeen, Tunnels

June 2019

4th – London, Camden Underworld