Warped Tour Stats Revealed!

This is one legacy which will never be matched.

Now the final Vans Warped Tour run has ended, the stats are up! If you were to take a look at the numbers of the last 24 years of the festival.

11.5 million tickets sold
300,000+ miles driven
1,000+ bands performed
countless memories made


Watch Every Time I Die Perform While Stage Is Dismantled

You know when you don’t want the gig to end? You don’t want the post-gig blues.

Well, Every Time I Die felt that way and took it to the next level at the final Vans Warped Tour date. Check out guitarist Jordan Buckley keep playing at the end of their set below.

Warped Tour Bands Took A Stand Against Westboro Baptist Church

The other day at one of the dates of the Vans Warped Tour in America, the Westboro Baptist Church decided they were going to protest the festival date but do you think the rock community would suffer? Did you think that the tour would be shut down by these preachers? Short answer: no, not a chance.

It all started with Attila’s Fronz tweeting messages for the WBC and his fairly NSFW messages for them.

When the day came, members of different bands including Stick To Your Guns, Creeper and I Prevail decided to pay them a visit.

This has to be my favorite picture/tweet.

I salute you, you absolute legends! Show them that nobody can silence us! After all, actions speak louder than words.

But the protest against the protest was taken to Instagram as well as Twitter and I don’t think there could be a better post than what was said below.

Other bands including Creeper posted to their pages, to show that the bands and fans alike, would not be beaten, the Rock Community won..

And of course the WBC posted a video of their “triumphant” protest, but we can all see what happened.

Wonderful pictures, amazing sights. I’m just a bit gutted I couldn’t be in attendance but who knows? In a year or two’s time, I could be there right alongside everyone. Hopefully.

Neck Deep Involved In Police Lockdown

At the moment, some British bands are involved in the US Warped Tour, playing shows, meeting fans, enjoying the weather stateside but Neck Deep were involved in a police lockdown due to a fatal shooting.

The band are all okay though. Here’s what their Bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans said via Twitter.

Vans Warped Tour Cancels Date

Warped Tour has sadly had to cancel the date for The Wilmington, North Carolina.

A statement has been released by the organizers.

“To all our fans – it is never easy to do this, but due to circumstances beyond our control we have been forced to cancel the 7.04 Wilmington, NC show,” said a statement on the Warped Tour website.

“From the Vans Warped Tour team, the bands, and all of our sponsors, we are truly sorry that this had to happen. We were working with HUKA Entertainment as our partner and the officials of the city of Wilmington, NC decided to not enter into a contractual agreement with Huka Production, LLC of North Carolina to ensure that the show would play out.”

“This decision was based on a few concerns that included the venue’s ability to meet the logistical challenge of our tour, as nothing of that large of a scale has been done at the sports complex before.”

“It is unfortunate we are unable to hold the Warped Tour at Legion Stadium as we had worked for months to try and make it happen,” said Wilmington’s City Communications Manager Malissa Talbert.

“However, events held at city facilities must be hosted by groups with the ability to provide safety for concert goers as well as financial viability for ticket buyers. We hope we can host similar events here in the future.”

If you have a ticket, you can…

Use the ticket at another Warped Tour date:

“We welcome y’all at any other 2017 Vans Warped Tour show! You just need to bring your hard ticket to the yellow Guest List tent out by the main entrance gates. There you can exchange your 7.04 Wilmington, NC show ticket for a ticket to that show.”

Or get a refund:

“Reach out to customersupport@ticketfly.com to receive your refund. We recommend sending your order number and/or original confirmation email when you reach out.”

“Mail your physical ticket and customer info (full name, shipping address, email address) to the below address to be directly issued a refund:”

“CCRL – Vans Warped tour, 5200 West Century Blvd, Suite 810, Los Angeles, CA 90045”.

Top Ten to see at Warped Tour (If I Lived in America)

American fans of rock and pop punk music are deep into Warped Tour while everyone’s waiting for the festivals in England. We’re incredibly jealous but so proud of every band who does the trek from state to state over here.

If anyone does get the chance to see any band on any date, here’s my top ten band to see at Warped tour, if I was there.


1.Tonight Alive

This is one group I’ve seen a few times, once at a festival. They somehow know how to get the crowd going and get everyone involved with their array of pop-punk and rock.

2. Sum 41

One band that needs no introduction, Sum 41 are legends but have only just come back to the music world in the past year. Armed with songs such as Fat Lip and In Too Deep, they’ll be sure to put on more than just your average set list.

3. Neck Deep

My first Brits on the list, they’ve taken on the world and are winning for the moment but will they be able to capture the fans with mosh pits and crowd surfing? Probably.

4.Set It Off

Another band with an album out later in the year, they’ll be sure to blast some never before heard tracks so they can see what they’re made of as it might just make or break them after Duality.

5.Chunk No Captain Chunk

Blending influences and hailing from France, these Europeans are here to show America what they have for the future generations. Three albums in, lets hope they’ll find the crowd.

6. Yellowcard

Fresh off the announcement of a farewell tour, this will be Yellowcard’s last Warped Tour before their world tour and album, this will be very sentimental to all those who have been listening over the years.

7.Against The Current

With their album just released, we’ll be able to see what the summer has in store right before their EU tour come September. One band that doesn’t seem to stop touring now, this trek might just make the group.

8.Good Charlotte

Pop Punk royalty just doesn’t get any bigger than the Madden brothers and co, but here they’ll be giving it their all after their supporting slot opening up for All Time Low singing the songs we all want to hear.

9.The Word Alive

Right, I’ve been viewing images taken by photographers and I’ve seen some very intense ones from this group. Let me say, they know how to get a crowd moving which just won’t stop.

10. Roam

Hailing from Eastbourne, England, these rising stars will be looking forward to going stateside with Backbone, playing every date of the tour and showing them what pop punk is all about!


Candy Hearts

So the American band Candy Hearts have had one awesome summer. They’ve played the summer long Warped Tour, released a new E.P Acoustic Hearts (which can be purchased from http://candyhearts.bandcamp.com/  or https://www.districtlines.com/Candy-Hearts) and Mariel performed with Weezer at the 2015 APMA’s. Oh and they found an abandoned kitten and named it Pvris. Here’s Pvris:


Neck Deep

It’s about time for some British band news, right? Well Neck Deep are the latest Pop-Punk powerhouse to release a new album which drops in just ten days. They’ve had some great reaction to a few of their songs from this record while on Warped Tour.
Life’s Not out to Get You can be picked up from Itunes, HMV or Hopeless Records website http://www.hopelessrecords.com/lifesnotouttogetyou/