Fearless Records Announces Interactive Livestream Event

Fearless Records has something new coming up for everyone at home.

The music label, the home of bands such as: Set It Off, Sumo Cyco and The Word Alive have announced Fearless At Home, an interactive live-stream event.

It’s set to take place Saturday 9th May 2020 on the label’s Youtube Channel.

From a new signing announcement to an acoustic set, it’s also said to have “fun, at home segments.”

Check out the teaser below.

Tie in Merchandise can be found here. All proceeds are going to be donated to Crew Nation which is a global relief fund for live music crews

One Of King 810’s Videos Has Been Removed From Youtube After Being Labelled ‘Hate Speech’.

This is something I didn’t expect today.

The video for ‘Killem All’ by the band King 810 has been blocked on Youtube because the website has been described as a ‘Hate Speech’

Vocalist David Gunn posted the following message to Instagram.

“Logged into YouTube this morning to this tragedy. YouTube claiming to encourage free speech but removing content they arbitrarily pin as “hate speech.” This is music and artistic expression.

The song and video are social commentary. Youtube you would not even exist as a company if they removed all things anyone may consider “hate speech.”

We as a people have made this a very large very rich company. I understand this is a for profit company with a policy and an agenda but its a bit dangerous when giants like Youtube and @google censor information and art only to expose us to cherry picked pieces consistent with their own views. Especially when we rely on them from day to day.

This is something people should be aware and concerned about.”