Seaway Live Review

Leeds Key Club – 12-1-17

Support: Lizzy Farrall, Woes

Rating: 8/10

This night was special. For one, it was the first gig of the year for myself and I couldn’t have been more excited to see these artists play. Secondly, it was my first time seeing a few of the acts play live. There was no disappointment.

The venue was the Key Club. A venue which has been a staple for up and coming bands for a while now in the city of Leeds, England. Tonight’s hosts? The pop-punk legends known as Seaway. They were joined in the form of their support acts, Woes and Lizzy Farrall.

Lizzy’s set opening the show was a much-needed breath of fresh air to the scene. There was no heavy hitting drums or loud solo’s. It was just simple acoustic rock which even the biggest bands would probably envy. Does she rock though? With the help of her backing band, she draws the crowd in and is an up and comer who is destined to be listened to. Playing her new EP ‘All I Said Was Never Heard, it’s stands to reason why she’ll be one to watch this year.

Now, going to a louder sound is Scottish Pop-Punks Woes, who bring the house down just in time for the main act. They’re a relatively new group compared to the headliners but the sweat soaked tracks of ‘Losing Time’ and their new release ‘Real World’ is enough to get the crowd going. What’s more is that their confidence is only growing with every tour they’re joining and I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re packing venues such as these in their own right. Their sound is more punk than rock and that’s something to be celebrated in this day with the scene and looking at their growing reputation, Woes will be the name on everyone’s lips within time.

Now, Seaway. They brought the house down from their first track on their set. I don’t think I’ve seen more people excited to crowdsurf in a venue more than this. There must have been at least two to three people on the stage with the band for every track they played but most of all, everyone was having a great time! With all the talk about musical evolution in different bands today, Seaway single handily prove they’re one of the tightest units on tour, providing the foundations of a band which not only sound great, but also look like they’re always enjoying their touring life. And while they’ve not reached that god status yet, they’re well on the way in the world of Pop-Punk to be something very special indeed.


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