Bloodbeat released a new single No Control from their upcoming second album!

German Berlin-based death/thrash metal band Bloodbeat released a new single No Control. The track is taken from their upcoming second studio album ‘Process of Extinction’ which is set to be released by Finnish record label Inverse Records on June 18th 2021. The album is mixed & recorded by Marc Wüstenhagen at
Dailyhero Recordings Berlin and it’s mastered by Gunnar Refardt.

Song description by singer and guitarist Jason Kuhn:
“The song “No Control” is about the Nazis’ megalomania and inhuman body experiments. The scenario describes the devil’s cruelty in Auschwitz. The perverse human experiments became a kind of addiction. They always wanted to try more and more. The mental and physical control of the Nazis in Auschwitz disappeared.

The lyrics describe that many autopsies were shown publicly while the person was still alive. Brains were exchanged, the heart was operated into another body and amputations were performed while the body was still alive. The song is not meant to glorify anything. It is meant to be a reminder of the cruelty so we don’t forget. The lyrics describe what really happened and the hatred that always remains in our minds.”

Check out ‘No Control’ below.

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BLOODBEAT is a death/thrash metal band from Berlin, Germany. With heavy riffs, brutal guitar sounds and crushing drumming that resembles a steamroller, the band manages to reproduce the ultimate Death Metal sound of the 90’s and also add their own character. The brute voice of singer and guitarist Jason adds the right shell to the rough instrumental core of the music. With recognizable death metal riffs and hacking and brutal thrash beats, the band puts a huge pressure wave in the audience’s ears. Bloodbeat manage, despite their audible influences like Napalm Death and Slayer, to create their own recognizable and distinctive style of music that immediately throws the listener into the past of 90’s Death Metal. Lyrically reveal and reproduce Bloodbeat atrocities and abysses of humanity.

Pre-order ‘Process Of Extinction’ via the following link.

Underwing Release New Single / Video For ‘House On Fire’


On the day before originally heading out on a national tour, the hard working rockers in Underwing, as the rest of the world, were faced with government-issued lockdowns, a larger focus on hand hygiene, and a cancelled “House on Fire-tour”. 

The tour was going to be the final tour with former lead guitarist Thomas Myhren, who parted ways with the band a few months prior. The pandemic put a stop to that, leaving the remaining members of Underwing jaded about the future of the band, and an unreleased song that was jammed in the pipeline of releases that the band had planned for the year. 

House on Fire is a metaphor for our world crumbling to pieces, both on an external and an internal level. The song was written a year before the pandemic, and was originally intended to tackle subjects like racism and global climate issues. However, when the pandemic hit we “rebranded” the song and it’s accompanying video so that it would represent those same issues, but under the overarching glue of terms like injustice, oppression and so forth. The music video is more like a short horror film than a music video, and I can tell you this much: There will be no happy ending. Or will it?” – Magnus Christiansen, guitars

Underwing is an alternative rock/metal band from Norway, most known for their experimental rythms, catchy hooks, and the haiku-inspired vocals of frontman Enyeto Kotori.

The band released their debut-EP “Kaela Upsweep” in May 2017, which was followed up by extensive touring in their home country. With touring being the best way to spread the word, the band has since released 4 singles and their sophomore EP “Spirals” (2019) while writing their debut-album “The Initiation”, which is still in the writing process.

The band has released a live album during the pandemic, Lockdown Sessions, featuring pro-shot video and mixed audio by the band’s own drummer Joachim Walle Michalsen.

Read more about Underwing on their website.

Just like their debut outing, listeners are treated to some catchy grunge tunes that are accessible enough for most rock music lovers yet weighty enough to satisfy the appetites of heavier listeners. The ending result leaves the door wide open for a very promising full-length release hopefully soon.” – Jack Lynch,

The music is heavy, interesting and just plain great. As are the vocal performances which sounds emotionally convincing regardless of the words.” – Cristoffer Eriksson, Stargazed Magazine


Seminal post-hardcore group, Thursday, are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their breakout album Full Collapse and the tenth anniversary of their latest full-length No Devolución with a special livestream performance this Friday, May 14th at 7:30pm EST. The event, titled Signals V3 – Full Devolución, is the third in the band’s Signals series of virtual performances and features support from Kayleigh Goldsworthy and A.A. Williams. While little has been revealed yet for what’s in store for fans during Signals V3 – Full Devolución, previous editions have featured surprise appearances by members of My Chemical Romance, Against Me,  Coheed and Cambria, Texas Is The Reason and Quicksand. 

The band also announced their Signals V3 ‘CITY OF BLUE TILE’ Bundle today, which features a limited edition, one-off vinyl variant of their debut album Waiting as well as a Signals V3 ticket and setlist that is signed by all of the band members. Bundles are available at 3pm ET on May 10th, and tickets are available now at, including tickets that buyers can donate to other fans, as well as exclusive Full Devolución merchandise.

Commenting on the album anniversaries and upcoming performance, Geoff Rickly adds:
“After the absolute insanity of the first two Signals streams, we couldn’t be more excited that we  are bringing the whole band together to play some music. We think of Full Collapse and No Devolucion as book ends to the band’s sleepless decade and we can’t think of a better time to celebrate those years than on the  anniversary of another decade passing. We‘ll be playing some of these songs live for the very first time. It might  look like we are closing a chapter but it feels like we’re opening a book.”


Following its premiere on Revolver Magazineself-proclaimed “sasscore” band SeeYouSpaceCowboy has shared a new single ‘Painting A Clear Picture From A Unreliable Narrator’ ahead of their forthcoming split with post-hardcore act If I Die FirstA Sure Disaster is set to be released on 14th May via Pure Noise Records and features recent singles “bloodstainedyes” (SYSC x IIDF) and ‘My Nightmares Would Do Numbers As Horror Movies’ (IIDF). For more information or to pre-order the split, please visit:

We are really excited to share this track because I think it serves as a good sample for how we have been approaching music for SYSC for the future,” shares vocalist Connie Sgarbossa. “Over quarantine we spent a lot of time writing and discussing what we wanted to do moving forward and we came to the conclusion we wanted to create something that was distinctly us again.” 

She continues: “So we explored combining the old elements that we identified most with us back in the day, the sass and hectic weird nature and played around with pairing that with more melody and emotion and I think this track is indicative of that evolution of us as a band as well as reclaiming our identity.

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklisting for ‘A Sure Disaster’ below.

A Sure Disaster Tracklisting:  

1. A Clear Picture from an Unreliable Narrator – SeeYouSpaceCowboy
2. Modernizing the Myth of Sisyphus – SeeYouSpaceCowboy
3. bloodstainedeyes – SeeYouSpaceCowboy x If I Die First
4. Mirror, Mirror This Is Nothing Like You Promised – If I Die First
5. My Nightmares Would Do Numbers As Horror Movies – If I Die First

DRACONIAN Unveil Official Video for Breathtaking “The Sethian”

Gothic doom metal symbiosis DRACONIAN just unveiled a new official video for their hauntingly beautiful hymn, “The Sethian”, cut from their latest chart-breaking album, Under A Godless Veil (2020). Along with a bewitching official video that captures the melancholic identity of the song and transfers it to screen, the song is a gate into another mesmerizing sonic dimension.

Vocalist and lyricist Anders Jacobsson comments:
The writing of ‘The Sethian’ started with Johan being inspired by a Nordic folksong. As the song transpired it mutated into a range of different variables and a quite different for being a DRACONIAN song. From bombastic and brutal, from doomy sadness to gothic soundscapes. The instrumentation and the vocal arrangements are poignant and commanding, something that marks ‘The Sethian’ as one – if not the most well-received song of our new album.”

Check out ‘The Sethian’ below.

Vocalist and lyricist Anders Jacobsson comments:
The writing of ‘The Sethian’ started with Johan being inspired by a Nordic folksong. As the song transpired it mutated into a range of different variables and a quite different for being a DRACONIAN song. From bombastic and brutal, from doomy sadness to gothic soundscapes. The instrumentation and the vocal arrangements are poignant and commanding, something that marks ‘The Sethian’ as one – if not the most well-received song of our new album.”

Pagan Black Metallers BORNHOLM Sign Worldwide Deal with Napalm Records!

Ever since bursting onto the scene in 2000, Budapest’s BORNHOLM has been an unstoppable force in the black and pagan metal scene. Touring with household names like EX DEOVARGARKONA and many more, the Hungarian four-piece powerhouse has made a name for themselves with spectacular live shows and four tremendous studio albums. Now, BORNHOLM are ready to take their career to another level with leading Austrian metal label Napalm Records as a strong partner by their side!

Check out ‘Primaeval Pantheons’ by the band below.

BORNHOLM singer and guitarist Sahsnot about signing to Napalm Records:
The time has come to bring you some great news. We spent the last two years working harder than ever. In the meantime, the world changed completely, but it had no influence on us at all. We began to work on our next record – we have the toughest, longest and most unforgettable work period behind us. As a result, we have signed with Napalm Records, currently one of the best and strongest record labels. It means huge progress for us and we hope the new record will live up to its hopes. We are really grateful for them as they put their trust in the record and the band. A new era begins in our lives and I think we’ve found our place.”

New music from BORNHOLM’s upcoming fifth studio album via Napalm Records will be announced soon!

Brazilian/Dutch Death Metal Unit CRYPTA Releases Second Single + Lyric Video “Starvation”

Brazilian / Dutch death metal unit CRYPTA is ready for another round-house kick and unveils their second single, “Starvation“, off their upcoming debut album, along with an official lyric video. Their long awaited first full-length – Echoes Of The Soul – will be released on June 11, 2021 via Napalm Records.

Fernanda Lira and Luana Dametto are joined by supremely talented guitarists Sonia Anubis (Cobra Spell, Ex-Burning Witches) and Tainá Bergamaschi (Ex-Hagbard) to incite an uncontrollable storm of pure rage and belligerence. They enforce a heightened level of potency and experience from their successful past and current projects – enhancing influences from both classic and modern death metal genres, plus significant extreme and black metal elements, to create a sound of their own.

With their first single, “From The Ashes”, they hit the mark precisely and opened the gates straight to the dark death metal abyss, and with their second single, “Starvation”, the four-piece showcases another explosive facet of their infernal sonic power.

Echoes of the Soul was recorded in January 2021 at the Family Mob Studio (Brazil), mixed by Arthur Rizk (Code OrangePowertrip etc.) and mastered by the famed Jens Bogren (Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura etc.). The cover artwork was created by Wes Benscoter, who is internationally famous for his stunning covers for bands such as Slayer, Kreator, Black Sabbath and many more.

Atmospherically dark and threatening, the 55-second intro “Awakening” prepares the listener for the oncoming ferocity of Echoes of the Soul, dispensing murky, fiery fuel into the death metal machine. Their significant sonic texture, derived from various death metal subgenres and traces of classic thrash, becomes instantly evident as the album begins, reflective of the entirely vicious, infernal aura the 10-track debut is about to unleash. CRYPTA unbridle high-powered sonic demons and nourish cumulative, explosive energy with raging guitar riffs, Fernanda Lira’s unmistakable vocal color and Damettos’s menacing drums. Tracks like “Starvation”, “Kali” and “Blood Stained Heritage” incite an uncontrollable storm of pure rage and belligerence, while offerings like “Under The Black Wings” and “Dark Night Of the Soul” deliver a message of pure hardness in perilous atmosphere. “Death Arcana” provides its listener further insight into CRYPTA’s sonic mastery and captivates with sprawling solos reminiscent of earlier times, yet spiced with a modern twist.

Echoes of the Soul tracklisting:
1. Awakening
2. Starvation
3. Possessed
4. Death Arcana
5. Shadow Within
6. Under the Black Wings
7. Kali
8. Blood Stained Heritage
9. Dark Night of the Soul
10. From the Ashes

Mütherload Share New Music Video For ‘The Visitor’

Hailing from London, ON, Canada, Mütherload has risen from the ashes of Heaven Ablaze, and has been intriguing metalheads already with their video for “The Visitor”. This single, off the upcoming debut EP “Ü”, has already been released and is viewable below.

As the band puts it, “The Visitor” is one of the darker songs on the record, being in a much lower tuning than the last half of the six-track EP. They explain the track in their own words:

“The Visitor was the first release for us and was also chosen for our first music video. The song was originally written years ago as an acoustic song which is why if you listen carefully, you can hear an acoustic track in the chorus. We feel this song best represents our sound as there is a little bit of everything in there. There’s groove, thrash, melody, dynamics, and flow. It’s definitely one of our favorites to play live as well.”

Mütherload started when guitarist Patrick Davison randomly ran into drummer and former bandmate Matt Ashton, several years after his hiatus from Heaven Ablaze had started. After the first jam, four songs were written and the group took off from there. Having previously worked together in Heaven Ablaze, the chemistry was instantly rekindled and everything just clicked.

The tracks presented on the EP are the ones that best sum up the current sound of Mütherload. There’s no concept approach to it, although a few of the tracks do flow in and out of each other. It’s a real, raw, ‘here’s-who-we-are’ style of recording.

Melodic, and groovy, Mütherload is recommended for fans of Lamb of God, In Flames, and Mastodon.

The full EP “Ü” is out July 9, 2021.

Track Listing:
1. Insect (3:54)
2. The Visitor (3:39)
3. Ü (0:44)
4. Iniquity (3:06)
5. Thaügüst (1:43)
6. Lamia (3:24)
EP Length: 16:32

Settle Your Scores Signs With Mutant League Records

Cincinnati, OH pop-punks Settle Your Scores have signed with Chicago-based Mutant League Records. Watch for an album announcement soon. In the meantime, check out the first single and music video “1999”:

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Northlane Announce Acoustic EP, ‘2D’

Aussie metalcore outfit Northlane have announced details of an acoustic EP, ‘2D’, which is set to be released on May 21st 2021 via UNFD.

Vocalist Marcus Bridge explains:

“Recording an acoustic EP is something that we’ve wanted to do for quite some time and felt right with the personal nature of the songs from ‘Alien’. I wanted to strip these songs back to the bare minimum to juxtapose the soundscapes of the album, a 2D version of sorts. A song like ‘Rift’ has a completely different energy in this context and took on new meaning with the recording in the depths of lockdown, now almost feeling like a cry of frustration and despair.”

You can check out the EP artwork, full track listing, and a stream of the acoustic version of ‘Rift’below.

01.) Bloodline (Acoustic)
02.) Rift (Acoustic)
03.) 4D (Acoustic)
04.) Enemy Of The Night (Acoustic)
05.) Sleepless (Acoustic)

Pre-orders for the EP are available via the label’s Webstore.