A Conversation With Lizzy Farrall

It’s always a pleasure to see this woman play live. I first saw her open for Seaway at the beginning of the year and now, halfway into 2018, it’s becoming the foundation for who she is as an artist. With a new segment on A Conversation With… I caught up with Lizzy Farrall on everything she’s been getting up to and getting into her favourite Tv shows and one she’s just embarrassed to tell anyone she’s watching


Jack: Hello Lizzy, lovely to see you again

Lizzy: It’s lovely to see you again as well.


Jack: You’ve certainly been busy since I last spoke to you. America, Focus Wales 2018 and a sold out show with Tiny Moving Parts in Manchester but apart from that has there been anything been going on behind the scenes?

Lizzy: Yeah, so I was out writing and demoing for the debut album which will hopefully be released maybe next year. We’re going into a slightly different direction, it’s not going to be acoustic as much anymore which I’m looking forward to.

Jack: I was going to say if you can do what you did with the headbanging, you’re definitely onto something.

Lizzy: Yeah we’re hopefully going to have a full band as well which is a direction I’ve always wanted to go into and now I’ve got people behind me who can make that happen, it’s going to be really sick.

Jack: God bless Pure Noise Records.

Lizzy: Absolutely

Jack: And the best part of the states?

Lizzy: Oh I didn’t want to leave, I’m not going to lie. I fell in love with that country. I’ve never been to another country without a family member so it’s a big step for me. I was an anxious mess but the best part was the people I met. They were lovely and really welcoming. I was recording with a guy called Chris Cohen who’s the loveliest guy ever and he works with my manager Matty and I got to meet Brett as well. They were all really welcoming to me.


Jack: What about the food?

Lizzy: Amazing. I had Chinese takeaway and I know that’s not typical American but it came in a box.  Like if you’ve ever seen Friends and they came in the Chinese boxes, it was probably the best I’ve ever had. The pizza was amazing as well. And coffee. So much coffee.

Jack: It’s a country that lives on the stuff though.

Lizzy: Dunkin Doughnuts coffee is pretty much what I lived off. These big ice latte things were amazing.

Jack: I was over there a few years ago and every morning we’d just go to a Diner and we’d have some every morning.

Lizzy: I definitely came back with a bit of an addiction.

Jack: My name’s Jack and I am a coffeeholic

Lizzy: Pretty much.


Jack: But now, you’re on the He Is We tour. You’re getting up there now.

Lizzy: I know. We’ve had a bit of a break really. The one-off show with Tiny Moving Parts was amazing and it was probably one of the best crowds I’ve ever played in front of. We played with a female fronted band called Orchards and they’ve got a Chon vibe, if you’ve ever heard of them before. Big tappy riffs and that was a big highlight. That and the Seaway tour because I was so sad to leave the boys. Especially Woes.  I actually went to Slam Dunk Festival and see all of them again which was really nice.

Jack: Date?

Lizzy: South.

Jack: North for me.

Lizzy: I was going to go to the north date but I couldn’t get it off work.

Jack: Woes and Can’t Swim I missed because the queue to get into the main festival bit was just mental.

Lizzy: Can’t Swim are just so good live. They’re on Pure Noise as well so I’m glad I’ve got them as labelmates.

Jack: On the bright side though, I’ve seen them play before but next time. Next time.

Lizzy: Name drop.

Jack: Absolutely. For Woes as well, I can’t wait to see what they do next. They’ve just dropped their EP recently and I loved it.

Lizzy: HLB2 is a banger.

Jack: I’m just in love with all the tracks and they’re playing with Seaway again on the State Champs tour.

Lizzy: That’ll be phenomenal for them. I’m so proud of them. I’ll have to go.

Jack: It’s just an amazing tour. Stand Atlantic are on the bill for that one as well. Aussie band name drop.

Lizzy: Everything’s coming up Aussie at the moment. So much good music’s coming from there. Trophy eyes.

Jack Tonight alive, Amity Affliction

Lizzy: They know what they’re doing there. Did you go see Loathe at Slam Dunk? They clashed with Woes. They’re from Liverpool. They’re like my boys and they’re really heavy, proper heavy heavy.

Jack: I’ve heard some tracks but not seen them live.

Lizzy: They’re phenomenal live. I’ve known them for a bit and seen them in tiny rooms so to see them on a big stage at Slam Dunk was fantastic.


Jack: And I’ve something I’m going to try with you now. Something new. I’ve got ten quickfire questions. You pick 3 numbers between one and ten. So first number.

Lizzy: Go with 3.

Jack: When was the last time you were angry?

Lizzy: oh god. I’m angry all the time. I was angry this morning because PayPal messed up my card reader. They wouldn’t accept my passport as a form of identity.

Jack: What?

Lizzy: Exactly. They were like that doesn’t look like me.

Jack: My ID is from secondary school. Full on flat hair and zero dress sense. But I’ve improved a little.

Lizzy: Well, very well dressed. Quite smart.


Jack: Question 2.

Lizzy: Go with 8.

Jack: Give three words that describe you.

Lizzy: Three words.

Lizzy: Go with musically.

Jack: Okay.. emotional, honest and acoustic at the moment.

Jack: A little more but I’ll let it slide. I’ll put it in the brackets. Emotional, honest and acoustic (at the moment). And the last number, 3 and eight are gone.


Lizzy: Let’s go five.

Jack: What TV show are you addicted to?

Lizzy: This is embarrassing but it’s Love Island. I never wanted to get into it but it’s recently come on Netflix and now I can’t stop watching it.

Jack: Similar to The Room then?

Lizzy: Yes. It’s so bad but it’s so entertaining. It’s so staged but it’s an easy watch. But other than that, it’s Game of Thrones.

Jack: I still need to start that.

Lizzy: What?

Jack: Well, my brother had Battle of the Bast**** on when it first aired and I sat down to watch it and I was just so engrossed.

Lizzy: It’s so good. The thing with Game Of Thrones though you need to watch up to episode seven and there’s a lot of character building but once you get past episode seven. If you like Lord Of The Rings you’ll love that.

Jack: For me, it’s Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Lizzy: I love that! It’s so good and Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Jack: That’s one I really don’t enjoy but it’s given the word Charley Day.

Lizzy: The thing with me for Brooklyn Nine-Nine is I didn’t like it when I first watched it but you have to watch past season one and then the content just improves.

Jack: And in a world where we have The Big Bang Theory, this is the one that needs to re-run. It’s the tagline the most important cop show ever.

Lizzy: I think it’s just solid comedy. My little sister just watches it on repeat and it’s always on when I’m home.


Jack: And is there you’re looking forward to personally before the start of 2019? Being halfway into the year now.

Lizzy: Just keep an eye on social media because there are things I wanna scream and shout about but I just can’t say but I’m hopefully back over in the states at some point. I can’t say anything because nothing’s been announced yet.

Jack: Well you never know, halfway into the month you could be on a plane and end up staying and having the fourth of July celebrations.

Lizzy: That would be the dream.


Jack: And is there anything you wanna say?

Lizzy: Thank you for taking the time to come and talk to me.

Jack: Always

Lizzy: It’s been a pleasure as always and just keep an eye on social media because there might be some things popping up.

Jack: I’ll just hide everyone else but your feed so I’m alerted the moment you post.

Lizzy: That would be ideal. Please.

Jack: I’ll tune out love island until I cave and watch it.

Lizzy: Don’t cave. Don’t because it’s not a good thing to be watching. I just love trash TV.

Jack: Who doesn’t in Britain?


Check out Lizzy Farrall’s video for ‘Broken Toy’ below.

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