Live Review: Faux Pas @ Victoria Vaults, York

Support: Bloodhound, Brooders

Date: 29/01/20

So just a few words about the Victoria Vaults. It was my first time there on the evening and I think it’s going to quickly become one of my favourite York venues. Superb sound, lighting and its a tiny space so that means it’s all the better if there’s a pit in there. It’s located just outside of the city centre but near the train station so if you need to get home quickly, you’re able to get there in a flash.

First up were the tenacious Bloodhound. I’ve heard of them before but at the moment, I’m seriously behind on my music listens (around 3,000 tracks in a playlist behind) so it was good to hear them on the night, to get a reading of their energy. I do have to say, I got more of a grunge vibe from them where you had to think is there more people on stage but it a track such as ‘Short’ which honestly is a slower track but quite hard-hitting that really gets to you. In a word fantastic, and I hope to see them again soon.


Brooders. I will say their drummer is quite receptive (I also went down to take some photos as well which will be uploaded in this post as well.) I’ve heard good things from Brooders before, mainly live performances and I’m glad I was able to be down in person to see things myself.

This is a band you definitely won’t be disappointed where they’re at their core of themselves, a Punk band and being in this tiny venue, things do get cooking in the pit were a few members actually do come in and interact with everyone, especially Andy because this guy was just pure insanity at times that only added to what you were seeing. Clearly so far, the choice to come down to this gig and venue was paying off.


Lastly were Faux Pas. They seemed a little more alternative than anything but that doesn’t mean they were punk at their cores. In all honesty, they seemed as mental as any of the other bands that played before them tonight and I couldn’t think of a finer headlining band I’d want to watch on my first time at the Victoria Vaults. What they were though was refreshing. In a word I’d choose that because you just don’t see this passion too many times and you want this energy, you want this sort of performance out of the bands and by this instance, it’s one you’ll always want more and more of.

By any indication, everyone seemed a little possessed to the point of which I had to ask, are they? I mean everyone was in top gear and if there’s anyone who wants to know how to perform, just watch Faux Pas. That is what I would tell them. Ru, their frontperson though was just insane, shredding his guitar and his sharp vocals, one you’re not one to mess with anytime soon because one, that looks to be a bad idea when on stage. He reminded me of Frank Carter mixed with Rivers from Weezer. That ones got the guitar, the vocals and charisma but is just missing the glasses.

Faux Pas
Faux Pas
Faux Pas

I just hope that they end up coming back to York soon and if they were to come back with this exact same lineup of bands and in the same venue, I wouldn’t ever object to that because this was near perfect. Also, this is what Independent Venue Week should be about because it brought so many people together and exposed a lot of people to this generation of music which I genuinely hope will happen as this venue progresses.


Rating: 7.5 / 10

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