MGK: I Don’t Think I’d Release A Record As Colson Baker

Earlier this year, Machine Gun Kelly switched things up in his music, achieving the most success with his record, ‘Tickets To My Downfall’. His showed a brand new side to the musician, with it under his MGK namesake.

In a segment on CBS This Morning ahead of Play On: A Benefit Concert, MGK opened up to Anthony Mason about the different sides to his personality, responding to the question, ​“Would you ever wanna do an album as Colson, or not?” by stating, ​“I don’t think so. No. That guy is a way different guy. They don’t get along at all, dude.”

He continues that he is finding a balance between various ​‘ledges’.

“I’m trying to get away from those ledges; it’d be nice to be on a plateau,” Machine Gun Kelly ponders, before interrupting himself: ​“No it wouldn’t, I don’t like that. I always wanna be on a ledge, man. I think you’re always gonna be more aware, and more exciting and excitable when you’re about to fall. As long as I keep my balance, I prefer to just be on that ledge.”

“You’re comfortable being uncomfortable,” responds Anthony.

“Yeah,” MGK agrees. ​“That’s how art should be.”

Check out the Interview below.

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