Album Review – Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist

We’re now three years into Architects previous release, ‘Holy Hell’ where the Brighton Metalcore band are laying everything on the table with the release of ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’, the first release from the band without any input from late guitarist Tom Searle whom passed away in 2016. This is a record which does seam bleak but it’s their devotion to the music which makes them some of the most heartfelt and powerful performances they’ve given.

The fifteen, (yes fifteen) track whirlwind of emotions is just one which encompasses the band in a way most only dream of doing in their career. The fearlessness in their writing only helps them reach new heights and make them an undeniable force in the British industry.

From the lush soundscapes to the pessimistic nature of the songwriting, you do hear more bolder technical choices jumping off nearly every track which just doesn’t give you a second of normalcy but instead, a mass of cathartic release in what Architects deliver upon.

The build up of ‘Do You Dream Of Armageddon’ is the lofty intro you only dream of on most modern records. It works so well but only if done right and when stacked up to the incoming track. That is of course, ‘Black Lungs’ and while it doesn’t move perfectly, it brings the heavy aspect of the genre Architects are known for. The ending to this track though is beautifully executed. It’s punchy, unexpected and soul releasing. One track you don’t want to miss.

When some bands go big, you don’t get as big as this band have gone on for ‘Dead Butterflies’, the big orchestra will blow you away and become a staple of what the band are a testament of in that it’s a huge sounding anthem into a much more streamlined record.

Moving into their standout track form my perspective, ‘An Ordinary Extinction’ just gives off this pulverising release of energy, one you can just imagine moshing to. Where it takes a left turn, going quiet for a short time only deliver when the break down puts the pure brilliance to the forefront.

‘Animals’ just dials everything right to eleven, with the meat of the track just being the absolute bouncy nature of what occurs from the drums to the guitar, everything is just taken and more is input in emotion and execution. There’s some sounds overlaid which sound so mysterious and creepy but it just adds more to the overall tone of the track to make it even greater.

For a record which is their ninth studio release, this is expected as if this is the one their most proud of. It’s a techno metal masterpiece which focuses on the personal issues of the internal struggle the band faces in 2021. Architects are a band full of hope in this shifting record and one which will see them flourish well after this record is put to bed.


Check out the video for ‘Animals’ below.

Orders for the record ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’ are available via the following link.

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