Band Interview Of The Day – Alanna Matty

So we’re not technically on for a Band today, more of the Artist interview of the day today! Today we’re talking to the multi-talented Alanna Matty.

So before I jabber on about anything else, let’s dive right into things!

If you could introduce yourself for us, who are you?
Hi! I’m Alanna Matty, I’m a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, doer of too many things and corgi owner from Toronto, Canada

2. Where are you from?
Toronto, Canada!

3. How long have you been playing?
Nearly all my life! I took classical piano for years as a kid, but starting writing music around age 10 and never looked back.

4. What three words would you use to describe the music you play?
Intimate, honest and warm

5. What are your musical influences?
I’m hugely inspired by unique women in the industry like Feist, Regina Spektor and Lana Del Rey, but also lean towards the folk stylings of Vance Joy and the Lumineers

6. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?
Oh gosh! Once there was an older couple dancing right up by the stage, if you could really call it dancing. It seemed so intimate and sensual that it was both difficult to watch and also difficult to look away; think eyes closed with a lot of slow rubbing up against each other.

7. Being away from the stages since last year, where is the one place you’d visit when the restrictions are

A lot of venues here in Toronto have been renovated while COVID happened, so I’m excited to revisit a lot of old haunts like Massey Hall and the Gladstone Hotel and see how they’ve changed.

8. What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning?
Seems like a trick question because I’d have to admit to it in order to answer your question! I do however own Viva la Vida by Coldplay on Vinyl but I stand by that that album is actually really stellar.

9. What have you been listening in the last few weeks?
I’ve had my head down so much working on my own music lately I’ve not listened to much, but Josh Ritter has caught my ear, as well as some smaller musicians from Twitch like Matt Walden and Natalie Holmes.  

10. Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?
Yes! I just released Little Dreamer about a month ago, and have another coming out on September 10th called “The Beginning”. It’s slightly more lighthearted and romantic than my normal fare, and tells the story of the beginning of the relationship with my now husband, and how confusing it can be to fall in love so fast.

Be sure to check out Alanna Matty’s latest single, ‘The Beginning’ below.

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