Sparklet Share sSecond Single, ‘Soft Rock, Baby’

Cape Town newcomer Sparklet has shared a second single from his upcoming debut EP01.
“Soft Rock, Baby” was inspired by a trip out to the country in South Africa where I and a close friend drank around a fire and took turns in selecting music as they sang along”, explains Sparklet.
“At some point the selections turned to old soft rock favourites that our parents would play. This seemed to be the pinnacle of the listening party and inspired the song’s title.”
Both “Soft Rock, Baby” and “Mykonos, SA” are songs from Sparklet’s forthcoming debut release EP01 due out on the 19th May via Leafy Outlook. A body of work with restless creativity, playfulness and a painter’s eye for detail that brings in everything from rave aesthetics to 80’s soft rock guilty pleasures.

Soft Rock, Baby” is out now with EP01 to follow on May 19 via Leafy Outlook.

Check out ht single, ‘Soft Rock, Baby’ below.

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