Single Review: Dream State – Monsters

The Welsh troupe are back! That’s right Dream State has released some brand new material which is their first output since their 2020 record, ‘Primrose Path’.

You can just imagine this track live. And the music video just gives off every indication of how this experience would probably transpire when touring resumes.

This track is the perfect representation of what Dream State is. Pulsating Drums, Incredible riffs and CJ’s vocals. I couldn’t find any way to describe how spectacular her vocals are on this track so I’m just going with that. You have to remember that Dream State do have a vast body of material in their EP and Record they’ve previously released but somehow they always manage to outdo themselves so well where ‘Monsters’ feels as if they’re just inviting us into this world which drives the symphonic metal feel which seems unparalleled. On the other hand while this may feel as if it’s a track that didn’t make the final cut on ‘Primrose Path’, their theme of hope is one that will be constant where if utilised as it was here, will propel to incredible heights. The topics they write about in anxiety and addiction show how open this band can be in an effort to push them which makes it all more gut wrenching in subsequent listens and all the better as a whole.

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain whether or not the track will feature on a forthcoming EP or album, or will remain as a stand alone single.

Check out the Music Video for Dream State’s ‘Monster’ below.

Rating: 5/5

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