Five Bands To Check Out At Slam Dunk Festival 2022

Slam Dunk Festival is right around the corner, (just over a week away in fact!) in Leeds and Hatfield Park down South and we couldn’t be more excited! There’s so many different bands across The Pop=Punk, Rock and Ska genres we thought we’d go stage by stage to take a look at five acts you should be watching from the crowd!

The Key Club Right Stage – As December Falls

The Midlands based Alternate Rock quartet made waves at the end of 2021 embarking on a SOLD OUT tour of the UK in support of their 2021 record, ‘Happier.’ saw the band taken to new heights in more ways than one. Since then, the band have announced a brand new UK tour for the back end of the year at larger venues as well as festival appearances in the summer.

The Key Club Left Stage – The Summer Set

The Summer Set have been a band the UK has dearly missed since they went on hiatus several years ago. We Are The In Crowd came back to the festival in 2021 so it’s only fitting a band of equal importance to the scene return to the festival this year around. Hopefully we’ll see some of their classic catalogue in ‘Chelsea’ and harder cuts from the Alt-Poppers when they play.

Rock Scene Stage – Hot Milk

It’s been very hard to write off a band such as Hot Milk, especially when they’ve been doing nothing been trailblazers in releasing ear worm worthy material in their 2021 EP, ‘I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I Die’ to their latest single, ‘Bad Influence’, it’s quite difficult to say what will be released when their next single drops but we know it could be as worthy as any strong release they’ve dropped before. Expect a very energetic set from the band as they make their second appearance at Slam Dunk Festival.

Dickies Stage – Sum 41

One of the biggest mainstays in the genre to ever grace your ears, it will be Sum 41’s first time performing in the UK for the since their show at the Dome in London. There’s a good reason the band have been around as long as they have from their 2001 record, ‘All Killer, No Filler’ to more recent releases such as ‘Order In Decline’, they’re a band that always manages to strike a chord with audiences both older and new and hopefully there’ll be some literal fire closing out the festival this year!


(Apologies on the Stage Name for this one, I couldn’t find a confirmed name) Slam Dunk Festival has always been about showing the best music established as well up and coming talent in the UK which means there’s some people many may not have heard of. Enter the electrifying and captivating Gothic Rocker Cassyette where her literal tracks in Mayhem showcases just what the artist is capable of, especially when they’re up performing alongside all the amazing acts later in the day.

Whomever you go to watch on the day(s) you’re at the two locations, it’s going to be an absolutely amazing day jam packed with your favourite artists, mates and food you can stuff your face with!

Slam Dunk Festival 2022 will take place at Temple Newsam Leeds and Hatfield Park on the 3rd and 4th June 2022 respectively.

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