London Dark-Pop Icon Circe Releases New Single, ‘Undone’

London dark-pop artist Circe has released the imperious new single ‘Undone’.

She’ll be playing Wide Awake Festival’s tips for 2023 show in London on January 30th, before shows supporting Lynks in Leeds and Newcastle as part of DIY’s Now And Next Tour in February.

Flowing with ethereal viscosity, ‘Undone’ is a compelling call-to-arms:

“I read the essay title:  ‘Femininity weaponised: a history of women with swords in art’  & copied it down with a note to myself – “Circe needs a sword”.  My song ‘Undone’ is the final form of that sword.“

Sonically, the track was a co-produce between Circe and Steven Ansell of Blood Red Shoes. Often making the connection between the sonic and visual forms of art and culture – a trait which has seen her track ‘Ten Girls’ appear in Netflix hit Elite – Circe also takes cues from the cinematic sounds of Labrinth’s soundtrack for HBO’s Euphoria, capturing teenage lust and angst at its most extreme.

Lyrically, the new single strikes at the heart of Circe’s empowering ethos, and captures her electric interpretation of literature and pop-culture in her art:

“The line ‘Bring her to me’  is about summoning a feminine energy – an energy I think of as impossibly powerful and emotionally available. Femininity is in no way exclusive to being a woman, I think all genders and people can tap into it. Especially in songwriting; when a song flips your heart  or wrenches your gut, I feel that energy is very present.

The line  ’She broke him! Broke him!’ is a nod to the bad ladies of literature. Characters like Lady Macbeth or Clytemnestra who are seen as villains and cautionary tales always just resonated with me as empowering figures. Committing  acts of bravery and brutality,  they redefined what power can look like in the hands of a woman.”

And most succinctly and viscerally put:

“A cowboy guitar solo over a hip-hop beat & dark synthy drops is exactly the sound I imagine when Boudicca rolled into the battlefield.”

Check out ‘Undone’ below.

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