Softspoken Release New Single, ‘Lovetok’

Post-Hardcore outfit Softspoken have dropped a massive new track, called “Lovetok.”

Lyrically, Lovetok follows a female character who has lost herself. She’s looking for love, but really all she gets is attention that’s skin deep. She has control over the people showering her with attention, but her own addiction to that attention also has control over her.

On a deeper level, Lovetok is really about how technology and social media have impacted the way we socialize, sexualize, and romanticize in our daily lives.

On the track, vocalist Sam Scheuer says:

If we’re feeling down, lonely, angry, horny, sad – whatever the case may be – there’s something accessible within seconds to offer a quick fix.

It’s all too easy to start chasing that attention – the likes, comments, followers – and get a sort of tunnel vision so that your entire perception of your own self worth gets tangled up in metrics and algorithms.

It’s a touchy subject because for our band social media and short form media is essential for growth, but it can be so easy to get sucked into it and really lose yourself, your sense of self-worth, and even your mental health.

We always want to speak a positive message, and I think especially in today’s world, it’s so important to keep your mind well, and to love yourself first and foremost.

Stream ‘Lovetok’ via the following link.

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