Yungblud Has Released A New Version Of ‘Parents’ Featuring A Verse Written And Sung By A Fan

A few weeks ago Yungblud’s track ‘Parents’ started going viral on TikTok again. So viral that it surpassed 100,000 million streams on Spotify AND has been certified Silver in the UK.

Well to coincide with it, Dom started his own Duet trend where he asked fans to sing their own verse to the instrumental. 

Check it out below.

The first video on the post is by Chloe Noone from Liverpool. Yungblud loved her version so much he released a new version with her featuring her part.

He says:

“Parents is very much the anthem for my fan base and when I saw it was re-emerging on TikTok I asked them if I should get an artist to remix it and who should that artist be. Then it occurred to me, this song is about us, it is a celebration of individuality and a celebration of the determination of my generation so i thought **** it I’m gonna release a record with one of my fans because this song is about my fans. I found Chloe Noone, a 19-year-old from Liverpool who in her verse is singing so passionately about equality for women, it just jumped out to me and especially right now is something people need to hear!

I love Chloe and her family are amazing, I can’t wait to bring her out on stage to sing it with me. YUNGBLUD is about destroying the barriers between me and my fan base, we are one!”

And Chloe added this: 

“This whole experience has just been surreal. I have been a fan of YUNGBLUD for a while now but I never expected my verse in the “Parents” duet to get much attention let alone being called up by YUNGBLUD and asked to feature on the track. I honestly thought it was going to be a very long time before I was part of something this professional and legitimate.

“I’m so grateful to YUNGBLUD and his whole team for making my dream of being an artist see the light sooner than I expected. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Check out the latest version of ‘parents’ featuring Chloe Noone below.

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