Ambient Composer Mattia Capelli Releases Ruins Lp, Share ‘Chant’ Video

Ambient-electronic producer Mattia Cupelli has released RUINS LP on the 9th of July via MC Records. Fans will also find the previously released gently nourishing ‘CHANT’ which will be accompanied by an artistic video. Listeners will also find IRIS accompanied by a conceptual video, ‘MONOLITH’ which was paired with an eerie video and the provocative single ‘EGERIA’ which has been playlisted by NPR Music radio stations. Cupelli has received support from the tastemaker publications including CLASH Magazine, XLR8R, Son Of Marketing, Mxdwn, La Repubblica and XS Noize, to name a few. In total, the producer has earned over  76 million plays on Youtube and Spotify alone with features on the Sir Chillicious and  Reveral Music Youtube channels and La Belle Musique’s Spotify Playlist to boot.

Hailing from Rome, Italy, the producer seeks inspiration in the classics, calling upon the likes of Nils Frahm, Nicolas Jaar, Ryuichi Sakamoto. As he creates his own unique style, Mattia Cupelli uses neo-classical influences and modern concepts, blurring the line between electronic and organic. Calling to mind the likes of Tim Hecker, Ben Frost and Forest Swords, the producer manages to create fantasy worlds within his music.

As Mattia Cupelli has been slowly revealing his album, a chord of storytelling laden with mythicism and adventure rings throughout. Striding into the harsher, darker territories of the ambient world, RUINS manages to create its home somewhere been a contemplation of time meeting an ambivalence of the future and a nurturing hope for both the world and the inner soul. ‘IRIS’ reveals a softer side to the album, gently blossoming and drawing the listener into its folds as an elderly woman would do with a young child. The video uses simple imagery of dried flowers, with elements of colour tastefully included to highlight the rich textures of nature.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the album, Mattia Cupelli tells us: “RUINS came to life when I decided to finally reinvent and innovate myself. I started to reflect on the meaning of Time, and how this reflects in our lives. The music reacts to the controversy and contradiction of moving in this and trying to make sense of this dimension. I also find it fascinating to compare this with all humans that reflected are in these themes throughout the centuries. So, I made it through the abstract concept of Art, and with ancient stories from classic mythology.”

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklist for Ruins below as well as the video for ‘Chant’.












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