Check Out Scxtty’s Latest Release, ‘Red Camaro’

Alt pop-punk newcomer scxtty is exploding onto the scene with his latest endlessly energetic track, “Red Camaro”.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Scott explained:

“Red Camaro is about wanting to get out of a small town and make it big time. As cliche as it sounds it’s very honest because I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life and really want to get out eventually and move to the west coast. To be the next big thing and be idolized like people idolized James Dean, that’s what the song entails. Wanting to live the daydream that I think about while I sit in my Psych class.”

Currently working on his bachelor’s degree in Music Industry at Montclair State University, scxtty is fully emerged within the music scene. In addition to his thrilling solo project, Scott is also one third of the alternative-rock band Malibu who have sold out shows in both the House of Independents and The Stone Pony. Taking all of his experience honed with Malibu, scxtty is channeling his every emotion and experience into his solo works. Since his first single, “Let Me Out”, released back in May scxtty has since gone on to drop two additional tracks, all showcasing a different element of his endless tallent, from the angsty “Cupid” to the stripped back and subtle “Voicenote – Nobody”

Filled with wanderlust and hazy dreaming, “Red Camaro” is a fanciful and entirely infectious dalliance into the captivating world of scxtty.

Check out ‘Red Camaro’ below.

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