Ronx Releases New Track, ‘Good Vibes’

Have you ever felt like you just needed an escape from all the negativity and various stressorsin your life? Ronx aims to provide that positivity with their latest track, titled “Good Vibes.”

“Good Vibes is about wanting to escape poverty, drama and even the demons in your head. We understand how stressful and depressing it is having so many roadblocks and hardships come your way while trying to build a stable, blissful life,” the band reveals about the song, “We just want to give a big F.U to all that negative energy and just have good vibes, living life to the fullest like each day is our last.”

As the title suggests, the lyrics discuss trying to remain positive and focus on the positive whilst dealing with unfortunate situations. The song shows Ronx going in a new direction with their music, highlighting influences of pop and pop rock and straying away a bit from the pop-punk sound of their older material.

Check out ‘Good Vibes’ below.

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Calling All Captains Release New Track, ‘Undone’

US heavy hitters Calling All Captains have dropped a new track, ‘Undone’.

On the track the band say: “The track is about the person in your life that makes everything about them and takes no responsibility for their own actions.”

Starting out very vocal heavy, the track then dives into their more melodic heavy side which just screams out right into your soul and from there, that all leads into a finale which I can’t wait to hear a crowd sing back.


check out the video for ‘Undone’ below or stream it via your preferred service.

Paradise Lost Release New Live Single, ‘As I Die’

As final appetizer from the show captured at The Mill Nightclub near the band’s hometown in Yorkshire, England, PARADISE LOST unveil new single and live video of their legendary hit ‘As I Die’.

Guitarist and songwriter Greg Mackintosh comments:
“This song is almost 30 years old and its popularity amongst our fans, old and new, still amazes us. It marked a turning point in our career and if you missed it, here it is played live at The Mill.”

Tired of sunshine, singing birds and all these smiling people around? Good.
PARADISE LOST have just the right amount of misery and grimness at hand for you and are ready to release the testimony of last year’s intimate streaming event “At The Mill” today, to herald this year’s autumn.

Captured at The Mill Nightclub near the band’s hometown in Yorkshire, England, the recording of the BluRay was directed by Ash Pears, mixed by Les Smith and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano, and unites the band’s greatest songs of the past 30 years in one show.

Check out ‘As I Die (Live)’ below.

Sepultura release Second ‘Sepulquarta’ Single, ‘Apes Of God’

Sepultura unveils a new version of their 18-year-old sensational track ‘Apes Of God’ that they recorded together with Death Angel guitarist and Grammy-nominee Rob Cavestany as part of their weekly SepulQuarta video podcast last year. ‘Apes Of God’ is the second single to be released from their upcoming compilation album ‘SepulQuarta‘, so get ready for some stomping rhythms and crushing riffs! Check it out and download it for airplay now:

While the pandemic paralysed the entire world and prevented bands from touring, Latin America’s biggest metal export Sepultura refused to sit back and act like animals trapped in a cage. Therefore in early 2020, the legendary Brazilians from Belo Horizonte seized the moment to start their own weekly SepulQuarta video podcast, in which they invited other famous musicians from all over the world to not only discuss important topics, but also perform a track from Sepultua‘s massive catalogue together with the band. The resulting full-length compilation will now be released on August 13th, with the album containing 15 classics featuring internationally renowned guests and friends such as Devin Townsend, Matt Heafy, Danko Jones and many more.

Watch the video for ‘Apes Of God’ below.

Pre-orders for ‘SepulQuarta’ are available via the following link.

Tennis System Releases New Track, ‘Dizzy’

Los Angeles’ acclaimed Tennis System has unveiled another new track titled “Dizzy”, off the upcoming album ‘Autophobia.’

Tennis System’s Matty Taylor says, “”Dizzy” is about the time I had during the pandemic to reflect on myself. I used that time to really dive deep inside me and decide what I wanted out of life, or what’s left of it.

The video for “Dizzy” is meant to show my perspective of the day of a show. The things I typically do the day of a show, from the Yerba mate I drink to the tacos I eat. How I find peace before the chaos.”

Tennis System has announced a short run of West Coast dates in December (SF, LA and San Diego) with Fearing and Deyssi. See dates/admat below.

The upcoming ‘Autophobia’ is Tennis System’s first new full-length since 2019’s ‘Lovesick’ and marks a thrilling new chapter and a logical shift in sound for the project.

Check out ‘Dizzy’ below.

Pre-orders for ‘Quiet Panic’ are available via the following link.

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Release New Track, ‘Complete You’

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are on a roll!

Recently the band dropped their latest tracks, ‘Gone Are The Good Days’ as well as the lovely ‘Bitter’ and we just can’t get enough of things!

The band have now shared another track from their upcoming record, ‘Gone Are The Good Days’, and it’s adding to their streak of impressive tracks.

‘Complete You’ adds to their range and evolving nature where it still has the punching breakdown as well as a sax solo! Also, Aj Perdomo makes a guest appearance.

Check it out below.

 The bands upcoming record, ‘Gone Are The Good Days’ is set to release on July 30th 2021.

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

The Bottom Line Release New Single, ‘Long Time Coming’

The Bottom Line have dropped a bouncy new track, ‘Long Time Coming’ which channels just exactly what they do best.

Cal Amies (Vocals) had this to say about the tune:

“It’s a bit of a weird one to say exactly what Long Time Coming is written about as when we first started the writing process it was before the pandemic. We had been let down by a few people and even felt like we’d been advantage of in some cases. 
“Over the recording process LTC took on a life of its own and we all feel it means so much more than that now… This song belongs to all of you. Whether a celebration of the pandemic slowly becoming a part of our history, something you’re proud to have conquered or a middle finger to people who haven’t believed in you, we really hope and believe that anybody can connect to this song. So however you interpret it, we hope you love it, and we can’t wait to get back to playing live so we can play it for you. Stay healthy, stay happy!”

Check out the video for track below.

Chvrches Release New Single, ‘Good Girls’

Glaswegian trio CHVRCHES have dropped a brand new single, ‘Good Girls’, the latest track to be taken from their soon-to-be-released fourth record, ‘Screen Violence’.

Lauren Mayberry (vocals) had the following to say.

“The opening line (killing your idols is a chore) was something I wrote after listening to some friends arguing about the present day implications of loving certain problematic male artists – I was struck by the lengths that people would go to in order to excuse their heroes and how that was so juxtaposed to my own experiences in the world. Women have to constantly justify their right to exist and negotiate for their own space. We’re told that Bad Things don’t happen to Good Girls. That if you curate yourself to fit the ideal – keep yourself small and safe and acceptable – you will be alright, and it’s just not fucking true.”

You can check out ‘Good Girls’ and its video below.

The band’s fourth record, ‘Screen Violence’ is set to be released on August 27th 2021 via Virgin EMI / Glassnote Records.

Pre-orders for the record are available via the label’s webstore.

Capstan Share Latest Single, ‘Blurred Around The Edges’

Florida five-piece CAPSTAN continue to satiate their fanbase with new music in the lead-up to the release of their second album SEPARATE,out July 23 via Fearless Records

Capstan have shared the video for the new song ‘blurred around the edges’ featuring an unexpected yet stunning guest appearance from sax sensation Saxl Rose. The song is intimate — almost too intimate — and anchored by a quirkily resonant riff and DeMario’s impassioned vocals.

“It’s a vulnerable look into my mental state at its lowest point, but writing and playing it has helped me work through a lot of what I was feeling. I hope those who are feeling similar things can find catharsis in it too,” says Mabry about the song that goes so deep it hits marrow.

Check out the video for ‘Blurred Around The Edges’ below.

Capstan fire off a high-energy and unique mix of post-hardcore, prog rock, and metalcore, fusing deeply emotional lyrics and melodic choruses with major breakdowns and techy, push and pull instrumentation. The band has toured across the U.S., Canada, and Europe over the course of their career, supporting Silverstein, Bayside, Trash Boat, Set It Off, and taking part in the final Vans Warped Tour in 2018. They released their debut full-length record, Restless Heart, Keep Running, through Fearless Records in September 2019. 

As the world locked down in 2020, Capstan took advantage of their time off the road to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct songs for what would become SEPARATE. Having recently gone through a divorce, it was a tough time for guitarist Mabry. Most of the songs are about the depression and reflection he experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Capstan entered the studio with producer Machine [Lamb of God, Fall Out Boy] with one goal in mind: To make a record with no filler and all bangers.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-order options below.

1. pretext
2. shades of us
3. take my breath away // noose 
 4. alone (Featuring Shane Told)
5. blurred around the edges (Featuring Saxl Rose) 
6. tongue-biter
7. abandon 
8. shattered glass 
9. sway  (Featuring Charlene Joan)
10. decline  

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

Underoath Share New Single, ‘Damn Excuses’

Underoath has been a formative voice in progressive, heavy rock for almost two decades. Today, they share their blistering new single “Damn Excuses” out on Fearless Records. This release marks the first new music from Underoath since 2018’s Grammy-nominated full-length, Erase Me, and launches a brand new chapter in the band’s career. “Damn Excuses” was completely self-recorded and produced at guitarist Tim McTague’s studio, Feral Sound, in Tampa, Florida. It evokes the beautiful chaos that so many fans have found special about Underoath for years while still managing to break through new sonic and emotional boundaries.

Speaking on the track, keyboardist Chris Dudley states:

“This song came out of nowhere for us. In hindsight, it probably stems emotionally from the anxiousness that a year of isolation will give you, and that ‘wanting-to-explode’ feeling came out with zero effort. It was therapeutic. This is us ready to get back into a loud room with sweaty people and experience something real together.”

“Damn Excuses” was partly inspired by the band’s critically-acclaimed Observatory livestream experience last year. As a global pandemic shook the foundation of the music industry in 2020, interest in the digital consumption of live music began to wane after a few months. With Observatory, Underoath breathed new life into the realm with a complete overhaul of the process – creating something equal parts intimate and monumental. It carried the weight of a sold out arena show translated through vessels consumable in fan’s living rooms. What made it all the more impactful was the fact that the entire initiative was dreamt up and brought to fruition largely by the band’s internal team. Thus, providing another shining reminder of the innovation that the six members of Underoath are capable of pulling together. 

This far into their storied career, Underoath has unsurprisingly faced their fair share of adversity. Through the trials and tribulations, a commitment to their craft and a sense of accountability rooted in mutual respect for each other has ensured that each new chapter for the band continues to mold their legacy in a positive fashion. With their shared history of remarkable accolades and trying hardships continuing to shape who the individual members are as people, Underoath is still just scratching the surface of what they can accomplish as a band. There are few acts in the annals of rock history that can say their best work is still ahead of them almost two decades into their career. Fortunately, Underoath falls into that category. As the world opens back up in 2021, the band is deeply committed to living up to the high expectations that fans (and themselves) have come to expect for anything associated with the project. It will undoubtedly be something special to witness as this next chapter in the Underoath story manifests.

Check out the video for ‘Damn Excuses’ below or you can stream the track via your preferred streaming service.