Guapa Release New Single, ‘Exoskeleton’

The unique Swedish psychedelic rock collective GAUPA have recently released their latest record, ‘Myriad’.

GAUPA comments on the release:
“We are extremely stoked to finally share this album with the world!  Love/ GAUPA”

In celebration, GAUPA have released a gorgeous animated video for the album’s powerful opening track ‘Exoskeleton‘. The clip was created by Simon Hjortek who has already worked on some of GAUPA‘s previous, visually striking music videos. Here, he combined retro sci-fi with mind-bending surrealism, perfectly matching the dream-like atmosphere that runs like a golden thread through GAUPA‘s body of work.

Check out the record ‘Myriad’ below.

Caskets Release New Single, ‘Guiding Light’

Following the whirlwind success of their debut album Lost Souls last year, Caskets have returned with their first new music since its release in the form of new single ‘Guiding Light’.

Frontman Matt Flood comments: “The song is about redemption of your soul. To ask for forgiveness from yourself and from those closest to you in your life. It’s about realising that you need a ‘guiding light’, a helping hand to navigate the way through your own personal journey of self doubt.

I’m sure most can relate to feeling like they need help being guided back to life, from whatever darkness they find themselves in. I struggle to ask for help. Lost in my own toxicity, waves of rage and believing that I wasn’t the problem, everyone else was. Only to finally come to terms with the fact I need help, a way back to life. But also that it needs to be led and commanded by my own hand first and foremost. 

This is a story of redemption, realisation and belief in your own willingness.”

Check out ‘Guiding Light’ below

Psychedelic Rockers Pearl Earl Share New Single, ‘Evil Does It’

Neo-psychedelic rockers Pearl Earl have returned with the hypnotic new single ‘Evil Does It’ taken from their upcoming sophomore album. With heavy nods to spacey prog and golden era glam rock, these cosmic women invoke the nostalgia of psychedelia’s lysergic past while carving new territory of its own. Once described as ‘Pink Floyd in the sunlight’ the band are renowned for their captivating live performances delivered with a euphoric and ominous grin.

Speaking on the single the band share: “Evil Does It is about the nature of man, with capitalism being a reflection of that nature. The song represents the frustration of being an inferior to the people in power of the world ; who’s morals are rooted in selfishness and greed. 

Check out ‘Pearl Earl’ below.

US Pop Rockers Emblem3 Return With New Single, ‘Rush’

Following their 10 year anniversary of their breakout hit ‘Sunset Blvd’, Southern California Pop-Rock stars trio Emblem3 return with their infectious new single ‘Rush’.

Back with the new single, the first new material of , the band return to their infectious best on ‘Rush’. The single wastes no time introducing E3’s unique and vivid rock tinted yet unapologetically commercial sound. Opening with intertwining guitar lines, arpeggiated synths and a driving four to the floor kick, the track sets a bright and breezy pop tone under the silky vocal delivery, ear-worm vocal lines and ever relatable lyricism that the band have become acclaimed for. As the track bursts into its vibrant chorus, the track truly bursts into life as the vocals soar over the energetic backing.

Speaking on the single, Wesley shares: “Rush encapsulates an ecstatic array of colors & energy expressing the magic and thrill of living fast and for the moment!

The song came together real fast… Drew had just picked up guitar and played the first thing that came to mind while Keaton was engineering and slapping together the pieces. Next we went onto crafting the lyrics and from there it was basically just a really effortless, fun, and natural process! We always love with that happens”.

Check out the track, ‘Rush’ below.

Sondra To Release New Single, ‘Inner Child’

New York-based singer and songwriter Xondra has dropped her latest single “Inner Child,”. The track will feature on her upcoming EP, ‘Tedious & Brief.’

“Inner Child” opens with Xondra’s stirring vocals and sparse instrumentation before surging into a lively rock-inspired chorus. Following on the heels of her powerful feminist anthem “Dead Girl,” which was released last month, “Inner Child” delivers another important message about finding the root of one’s pain and lovingly embracing it. 

“‘Inner Child’ is about how someone can have the same experience as you and come out with a completely different perspective. In this case in particular, it’s about siblings who cope differently after growing up in a toxic home environment,” Xondra writes. “I have always been very reluctant to write about this kind of thing because it is so personal. ‘Inner Child’’is me validating what I went through, even if it’s too difficult for the other people involved to do the same. We all heal at our own pace and in our own way. This is me giving myself permission to be honest about my experience and how it impacted me. I am still moving through it and granting myself grace as I continue to heal because healing is never linear.”

Knuckle Puck Release New Track, ‘Groundhog Day’

Massive news coming from Knuckle Puck.

  1. The band have signed to Pure Noise Records. They had the following to say on this:

“We could use this as an opportunity to put forth clichéd and tired expressions of “we couldn’t be more excited” or “stoked to announce..! But we think there is more worth and promise in simply saying this: we are working on a record that will be out next year on Pure Noise and we are immensely grateful to finally be working side-by-side with them.

And to celebrate, they have shared a new song, following on from the ‘Disposable Life’ EP that dropped earlier this year.

“Groundhog Day is a song about being in the throes of depression. Repeating patterns, ignoring your well-being, and isolating yourself until you finally make a change.”

Check out ‘Groundhog Day’ below.

Vicki Lovelee Releases New Track, ‘Guilty’

Vicki Lovelee is a Chinese-Canadian alt-pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto. She uses orchestral instrumentation and fuses them with dramatic, pop elements; ultimately creating a dark and theatrical sound. Her music and style embodies a combination of fierce yet vulnerable; having eccentric elements like Lady Gaga and lush instrumentations like Lana Del Rey.

Vicki’s new song, “Guilty,” is about feeling guilty for walking away from someone. There were many times in Vicki‘s life when she had to walk away from someone or stand up for herself because they were toxic, but still felt really bad after doing that. They were in the wrong yet she was the one left with the guilt.

This could apply to any relationship, whether it’s between friends, family members, or romantic interests. Writing this song was a reminder to Vicki that even though she may feel this way, she ultimately needs to do what’s best for herself.

On the track, Lovelee says:

I love blending theatrical, orchestral elements to my pop sound. That’s why I decided to start the song with a dramatic piano and violin intro. I was inspired by the dark drama that Phantom of the Opera has. The bridge of the song has an instrumental break with intense drum rhythms and vocal harmonies. I thought about how I’d perform this song and knew I wanted an instrumental dance break, where I’d freely dance on stage and intensely bop my head. Dancing to the bridge of the song symbolizes letting go of that guilt and negative energy, and realizing you need to let go of that toxic person.

Check out the new single ‘Guilty’ via your preferred streaming service.

Sadeyes Releases New Single, ‘Dropout’

Portland creative sadeyes  has had one busy year.

After the release of his debut album and two EPs, the prolific artist still has more music on the horizon.

He has now shared a suave new single titled ‘dropout’ that finds him venturing from lo-fi into cloud-rap with a menacing track featuring a loop of twinkly keys infused into a trap beat.

Stroking his own ego with boastful rhymes, he lyrically flexes on his haters and anyone else who’s doubted him, creating the perfect song to vibe to during your next blunt rotation. “I’m ready to be vulnerable with my music again in new ways,” says sadeyes. “I’m not the same19-year-old kid I was when lo-fi was all I felt like I could express myself with.”

Check out ‘Dropout’ below.

Soul Blind Release New single, ‘Tribe’

Soul Blind have shared “Tribe”, the third single from their long-awaited full-length, Feel It All Around, set for release November 11th on Other People Records.

Diving into the lyrics, vocalist Cen states:

“This is about the sunken place/purgatory. A sonic representation of the last few seconds of life before descending to an internal mind hell. Triggered by being stuck in a loop, the mind jumps down this dark alleyway that leads you to believe this is what a fearful, non embraced death is. Panic and anxiety ridden, this song is sonic hell.”

Check out ‘Tribe’ below.

Iota Release New Single, ‘Ballet Box’

Bristol-based rock five-piece IOTA return with ‘Ballet Box’, their latest single taken from their upcoming EP, released today.  

After their formation in 2019, the band released their debut single ‘My Enemy’ to critical acclaim, which saw them championed by the likes of Classic Rock Magazine and Kerrang!, and quickly selling out shows in their hometown of Bristol as well as appearing on festival bills such as The Great Escape and 2000 Trees.

Just before the pandemic hit, vocalist Jodie Robinson set up a recording studio “through the urge to break out of mundane jobs and take creative control of our own music and time”, she reveals, with help from the rest of the band who clubbed together to help build the space.  When lockdown did hit however, she had to move into the studio to be able to afford to keep it going, which more than paid off, with business now flourishing thanks to Bristol’s thriving music scene.

IOTA’s latest single Ballet Box, taken from their upcoming second EP, was recorded at Bristol’s Humm Studios with Ben Johnson (Skindred, Chaouche) and Idles’ Lee Kiernan, mixed by Tom Hennessy, and mastered by Pete Maher (Pixies, Jack White, The Rolling Stones).

It was written much differently to their previous music and their usual way of working. Usually writing from lived experiences, this track in particular was based on a vision each member shared and worked together to build on.

Explaining the inspiration behind the single, vocalist and lyricist Jodie Robinson explains, “Its about a ballerina inside of a jewellery box coming to life as the box closes. Inspired by the thought of the ‘object’ coming to life and how they’d never know what it was like to be outside of that box and nobody would ever know that they were alive. There was a play on the element of control and feeling trapped, fighting with that part of your mind. It’s very much a song about ‘Is there more to life and can we fulfil that void’.”

Check out ‘Ballet Box’ below.