Juniper Youth Share Debut Single, ‘Full Sun’

Boston based trio Juniper Youth have shared their debut single, ‘Full Sun’.

Made up of drummer Sheel Davé (Bad Rabbits), his brother and guitarist Shan Davé, and vocalist, Jarrett Ring, ‘Full Sun’ boasts the huge atmosphere they create as well as the huge energy they emit as a whole.

Speaking about the formation of the trio, Sheel had this to say.

“I badly injured my back in 2017 and thought I’d never play drums again. This band was the glue that put my musical mind and drumming body back together. All music aside, it has also reminded me of the importance of dedicating time to the people you love. Juniper Youth is the band that Shan, Jarrett and I dreamt of starting since we were children. As kids, we learned how to play music together, how to kick a soccer ball together, and how to cause the most unreal mischief together. This band has strengthened the bond between us as humans and the music is a representation of that.”

Check out ‘Full Sun’ below.

Finnish Quartet Highway Queen Releases New Single, ‘You Better Run’

we have a brand new track for you from Finnish Lahti-based melodic hard rock band Highway Queen released a new single ‘You Better Run’. 

Guitarist Teemu Kääriäinen comments:
” “You Better Run” is a melodic rock song. It has a mystic and melodic verse, but the song has a strong and powerful chorus. The solo part has a real groove in it. The song has a darker sound than our previous song “Hellfire”. We love old school music. Besides 80’s metal you can hear influences from Pink Floyd, The Doors and southern rock.”

Check out the track below.

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Highway Queen is a melodic hard rock band based in Lahti, Finland. The Band was founded in 2019 by singer Virpi Kääriäinen, guitarist Teemu Kääriäinen and drummer Henri Backman. They first began writing songs as a three-piece band. Four singles were released in 2020. Bassist Petri Orava joined the band after that. Highway Queen puts their heart and soul into catchy riffs and melodies with influences from all kinds of rock and heavy metal music. 

Single Review – NO:IR – Phantom

Since their debut in 2019, Bristol-based Nu-Metal five-piece NO:IR have evolved their sound from their hardcore roots to create a modern fusion from a host of genres. They take deep inspiration – and their name, from Film Noir, often characterised by cynicism, intricate plots and existential philosophy. 

With four previous successful singles under their belt, the band have achieved more than 100,000 streams on Spotify. Their innate blend of rap and metal draws on an array of influences including emo, hip-hop and dark pop. This has resulted in a signature re-imagination of the Nu-Metal sound; their upcoming single Phantom due for release May 7th 2021, captures this perfectly.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw) at Stage 2 Studios in Bath, Phantom challenges and explores the honesty and authenticity around an artist’s image. Established artists show a diverse variety of personalities, with some being completely transparent about their feelings and life stories; and some being the opposite, creating new identities or writing about fictitious situations in order to seem more appealing or interesting. 

“Phantom explores these ideas and reflects this back onto NO:IR,” explains lyricist Evvi Davies.  “The song is intuitive about who NO:IR is, and comparing the honesty in our music to the persona we have created as a band. NO:IR isn’t five individuals but one personality, blending elements of the individuals into one character. The song questions our authenticity, and the lyrics directly reflect where we are as a band.”

The music video for Phantom portrays Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’, with an emphasis being on the shadows and silhouettes created by the band. The video challenges their own honesty and authenticity within their music. Often, we can believe an artist is being honest, however they’re really depicting a story which appears true to the world but in reality are just casting shadows on the cave wall.

Phantom is taken from their upcoming EP Are We Really Alive? due for release later this year. Are We Really Alive? Is the premiere to NO:IR, illustrating a contemporary and dynamic revival of heavy music. Conveying themes of depression, anxiety, addiction, anger, distrust and unity, Are We Really Alive? shows the different musical aspects of their sound, through trap beats, heavy metal breakdowns and haunting melodies. 

Just the start of the video and the screaming vocals come together in a wave of transcendence. It’s an utterly beautiful wave of emotion you just don’t get enough of in the world. Moving forward, the track is very well produced and the drums with the guitar just have this coherent rhythm that is impossible to ignore. I truly can’t wait to hear more because NO:IR could be a band that changes the shape of things in this generation.


Check out the video for ‘Phantom’ below.

Rise Against Debut New Single, ‘The Numbers’

Chicago based band Rise Against have debuted a new single ‘The Numbers’, the latest release from their upcoming ninth album, ‘Nowhere Generation’.

Check out ‘The Numbers’ and its accompanying video below.

The band’s upcoming ninth studio album, ‘Nowhere Generation’, is set to be released on June 4th 2021 via Loma Vista Recordings.

You can pre-order the album online via the band’s official Webstore.

Check Out Raye Robinson’s New Track, ‘Daisies’

Raye Robinson is an indie alt/pop artist based in Los Angeles. Through honest songwriting and relatable themes, the born and bred SoCal artist creates a fresh and intoxicating sound, emitting an innocence and dreaminess that whisks you away to a fantasy land. Having previously performed in bands, her time alone during the pandemic allowed the artist to dive into herself as well as her music and uncovered her love for taking creative control over her sound. Produced by Rob Auerbach, out of his DIY garage studio, Robinson’s upcoming music emits a spunky, fun, laidback and feel good vibe that keeps pulling you back for more. 

Debut single “Daisies” is the first track off of her upcoming EP entitled Crushes & Love Songs. Unsurprisingly the song is a matter of the heart, narrating her unfortunate and confusing love situation.

The songwriter confides, “I ended things with a guy that I was seeing because I was afraid to get into something serious. After we stopped seeing each other, though, I really missed the connection we had, and I couldn’t stop wondering ‘Does he miss me too? Does he hate me now? Did I make the right decision?’” Robinson explains this sparked her thinking about the “he loves me, he loves me not,” picking petals from flowers trope. She shares “I immediately loved using the word ‘daisies’ in the hook, and from there the rest of the song came together pretty quickly!”

“Daisies” is a tune packed with dynamics and a surprise. Starting off with an intimate, minimalistic feel laced in tender piano hits, the track bursts to life with a bass-infused piano, soft vocals and glassy, light production. The song carries a diverse use of keys creating a soundscape of heavy and light with an almost old-school Lily Allen-esque bounce to the rhythm. The track is beaming in sunshine and femininity creating a warmth to the track which radiates through its simplicity. “Daisies” is currently available worldwide.

Check out ‘Daisies’ via Spotify.

Dig Two Graves Releases New Single, ‘Deathspeaker’

With their new single, “Deathspeaker,” Dig Two Graves attempted to go out of their comfort zone to write the most over the top and ambitious song they have yet. It is progressive, fast, fun, heavy, and sure to get any crowd partying and moshing. With layer upon layer of brutal riffs, soaring orchestras, and punishing beats, the band is hoping to release their most successful track to date.

The band worked with a new producer since their last critically acclaimed release and are beyond ecstatic to drop this on the scene. Deathspeaker is Dig Two Graves exaggerated to the extreme in every aspect of their already unique and crushing sound. Music will never be the same.

Check out ‘Deathspeaker’ via Spotify and Apple Music.

Check out Deathspeaker via:



Enslaved Release ‘The Crossing’ Live Single & Video

Blackened avant-gardists Enslaved have revealed the next passage in their 30th anniversary voyage. To celebrate the launch of their Cinematic Tour 2020 live album digital pre-orders, the band has premiered a live video for their single ‘The Crossing’, which captures an otherworldly performance of their classic song through a new modern lens.

Recorded on a dark day in summer 2020 at USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway, the performance is taken from their upcoming live release Below The Lights (Cinematic Tour 2020), which sees Enslaved play their acclaimed opus Below the Lights in its entirety. It is one part of their four new live album/DVD Cinematic Tour 2020 collection due to be released on June 25th.

Enslaved’s Grutle Kjellson commented,
“The online performance of Below The Lights was indeed a trip. There has been a huge demand for us to perform that album for some years now. Ironically, because there was very little buzz around it in the days of its initial release back in 2003. I guess we fell into the good ol’ pit in-between the chairs back then, and we got pretty puzzled when people started to shout out for those songs 10 years later!
Anyway, we are psyched and proud to present to you a special performance of the whole album, also including a sixth member, Inge RypdalRypdal is a long time friend of the band and has been collaborating with Enslaved on several occasions over the years, including a stunning performance on the recordings of Below The Lights, adding a beautiful contribution on ‘A Darker Place’.
Here’s a little sneak peak! Enjoy ‘The Crossing’ and have a heavy weekend”

Check out ‘The Crossing’ below.

Enslaved will be releasing four new live albums/DVDs on June 25th, with audio and visuals taken from their highly revered digital performances in 2020. 

  • The Rise of Ymir (Verftet Online Festival 2020) 
  • Chronicles of the Northbound (Cinematic Tour 2020)
  • Below The Lights (Cinematic Tour 2020)
  • Utgard – The Journey Within (Cinematic Tour 2020)

The releases will be available via the following formats:

  • Splatter Vinyl (ltd. edition 300 copies)
  • 4 x CD/DVD boxset (ltd. edition 1000 copies)
  • 4 x DVD (ltd. edition 1000 copies)
  • Digital albums

Physical pre-orders are available here.

Yonaka Releases New Single, ‘Call Me A Saint’

UK Quartet Yonaka have released a new single called ‘Call Me A Saint’, the third single to come from the band in 2021.

Vocalist Theresa Jarvis says on the track:

“I wanted to remove myself from the anxiety as if I was its keeper and it was a guest, and I was a saint to this thing to let it keep its place in my mind. You constantly feel like you are on the run from something big and scary when you’re battling with mental health. It’s a long hard journey that you can never fully free yourself from, so you learn how to live with it.

Dealing with this every day is big fucking deal, and I want to praise anyone for making it to the next day and fighting through it. We are slaves to our brains and the strength it takes to keep it together and keep moving is another level.”

You can stream and listen to ‘Call Me A Saint’ below.

Redhook Release New Single, ‘Kamikaze’

Sydney-based alternative-rock trio RedHook have recently unleashed their long-awaited debut EP ‘Bad Decisions’ – produced by Stevie Knight (Stand AtlanticYours TrulyTrophy Eyes), and mixed by James Paul Wisner (Hands Like HousesUnderoath).

‘Bad Decisions’ consists of six emotionally-charged songs of audacious alternative rock. From the defiant rage of ‘Cure 4 Psycho’ to the bittersweet oddity of ‘I Don’t Keep Up’, to the fragile moments of despair in ‘Alien’, each song pulsates with its own unique energy while delivering the unmistakable infectious hooks, passionate lyrics, bold arrangements, and genre-bending quirk that have come to define RedHook’s expansive sound.

Lead singer Emmy Mack talks about the process of making ‘Bad Decisions’:

“’Bad Decisions’ feels like my Horcrux. There’s a chunk of my soul trapped in here. I wrote most of these lyrics when my mental health was circling the drain. I was going through a challenging time where I couldn’t understand my own mind; I felt like a freak, like a fuck-up, like no matter what I did, I couldn’t stop hurting the people I cared about most. And I poured every last ounce of hatred, rage, confusion, frustration, depression and despair that I felt towards myself and the world around me into these six songs.”

EP opener ‘I Don’t Keep Up’ is a playful declaration of identity and difference, setting up crucial themes of navigating mental illness – as well as ensuing feelings of imperfection, abnormality and failure – which reverberate across the entire EP. The second track, ‘Cure 4 Psycho’ delivers trenchant arrangements, complemented by Mack’s grimacing vocals travelling through the darker lyrical elements of RedHook’s catalogue.

This steers the listener into title track and lead single ‘Bad Decisions’, where RedHook use a confessional punk slice to assert their energy and immensity, before introducing the record’s heaviest track, ‘Kamikaze’. Layered with unshakable riffs and haywire electronics, ‘Kamikaze’ is a high-tempo explosion of frantic instrumentation. Mack’s rasping vocals are complimented by feature guest Will King of Windwaker, with both singers colliding in an exhilarating bridge, leading into the song’s fiery climax.

Next up, ‘Alien’ shows us RedHook at their most vulnerable. Stripped-back verses launch into a titanic chorus, rich in texture and melody, as lush guitars, verdant vocal harmonies, and atmospheric synths add even more weight to Mack’s emotionally-wrought storytelling. Finally, ‘Your Heroes Are Bullshit’ caps off the EP impressively with a tale of existential meltdown. Mack’s brutal performance is front and centre as the track hurtles towards the EP’s colossal finale.

Guitarist Craig Wilkinson, assistant producer on the EP alongside Dave Petrovic (NorthlaneTonight Alive), talks about the development of ‘Bad Decisions’:

“It feels huge to finally release our debut EP. The one silver lining of watching our entire 2020 schedule go up in flames was finally getting the chance to double down in the studio and give our fans what they’ve been asking for. Musically, we wanted to challenge ourselves and push our song writing to fresh limits, cross breeding our love of riffs and all things heavy with fresh sounds from the worlds of EDM, pop, hip-hop and more. I even got to go back to my high school jazz band roots and bust out a sax solo!”

Singles off the ‘Bad Decisions’ EP have been widely embraced by the likes of SpotifyApple Music and Amazon Music, with ‘Cure 4 Psycho’ being added to rotation on triple j, along with further radio support from Kerrang! Radio (UK), triple j Unearthed, The Faction4ZZZ and Aussie Music Weekly. The tracks have also received praise from blogs Rock Sound (UK), Rolling Stone (AUS), Music FeedsHEAVY MagHysteria Magazine and The Soundcheck, with multiple video clips being added to rotation on ABC’s Rage.

To coincide with the release, the band will be embarking on an Australian headline tour, including shows at The Brightside in BrisbaneCrowbar in Sydney (SOLD OUT), the Crown & Anchor in AdelaideNorthcote Social Club in Melbourne, the Prince of Wales in Bunbury, along with Amplifier (+18) and HQ (AA) in Perth.

They’ll also be joining the likes of Northlane and In Hearts Wake at the inaugural Full Tilt Festival in Sydney this July, before appearing as part of the music line-up of Sydney extreme sports festival District X alongside Hands Like Houses and Hooligan Hefs in October.

This continues on from appearances at Download UKGood ThingsBIGSOUND and Halloween Hysteria, as well as supporting the likes of The Amity AfflictionSevendustHands Like Houses and Ocean Grove.

Check out ‘Kamikaze’ below.

And check out the full EP below.

Ro Bergman Shares ‘Wake’ Single & Live Video

Indie rocker Ro Bergman has released his latest single ‘Wake’ on the 29th of April. Premiered via Medium’s Pop Off, the single is accompanied by a live video at Rockhouse Salzburg and has been taken from his upcoming EP, Hi-Lo which will be released on the 18th of June via Bergman Music/Las Vegas Records. Fans have already been treated to two singles from the EP – ‘Yes Yeah’ and ‘Animal’. The musician has received significant support over the years, with features in CLASH Magazine, Rolling Stone India, Atwood Magazine, Backseat Mafia, XS Noize, Neon Music and Last Day Deaf amongst others. In total, the musician has earned nearly half a million plays across streaming platforms. Hi-Lo was produced by Niko Stössl (who previously worked with Dave Gahan, IamX, NIHILS, Motoboy) and Zebo Adam (Bilderbuch) and written and composed by Ro Bergman himself. 

The Austrian musician is originally from Salzburg but is currently based in Tirol Kitzbühel. Formally trained at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Ro Bergman is greatly influenced by travel but also calls upon the well-known likes of Beck, Bon Iver, Fink, The National and The Verve for inspiration. However, his own sound sits in closer comparison to the likes of Tame Impala, Foals, Local Natives and Chet Faker.

Opening with a playful attitude, ‘Wake’ is all things summer itself hopes to be. A tribute to youth and all of the strange humour found within it, the single is the perfect positive tone to drive you towards a new mindset  as it uses velvety dreamscapes with scenes that melt into one another. Days and nights become a blur as life becomes vibrant with memories and imagination. Ro Bergman is there to give you a push, a nudge or a wink – whatever you need to get on the road and begin that journey towards a sunset soaked beach and a breath of fresh fair. 

Ro Bergman shares his inspiration behind the single: “My goal was to write something that was more than just a corona-anthem, but right now the longing for anything more than a prolonged house-arrest is especially present in my mind. I started to dream in a new way, that was more beautiful than strange and I woke hungry for living”

Check out ‘Wake’ (Live At Rockhouse Salzburg)

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklisting for the ‘Hi – Lo’ EP below.

1. Yes Yeah

2. Hi-Lo

3. Wake

4. Animal

5. It’s alright