Fall Of Stasis Release Video For ‘Baal Arise’

Fall Of Stasis has been making its name known in the Montreal metal scene since they first stepped on a stage in 2017. A formidable blend of symphonics, black metal, prog and even a bit of folk, the band weaves an eclectic tapestry that will entice a wide variety of listeners.

The single “Baal Arise” describes a demon’s awakening and his wish to enslave humanity. This is a short, fast-paced, “in-your-face” type of song that starts off with a brutal death metal riff followed by an epic chorus. The band explains in further detail:

“This song was almost entirely written by Tristan, although it’s been fine-tuned and improved thanks to the band’s creative input. This song is short and very aggressive, and for that reason, we feel like it is very effective in grabbing the attention of our target audience. It was inspired by old-school metal songs that usually delve into satanic themes. We also felt like the storytelling was interesting and well-suited for a lyric video.”

It is apparent throughout the 50-minute album that a lot of effort was put into it, each song that was included was carefully picked to pique the listener’s interest and showcase the band‘s songwriting abilities. Overall, it is a melting pot of each band member’s musical tastes and influences, which makes for a pretty varied repertoire, ranging from smooth and melancholic ballads to aggressive and fast metal riffs. This gives them somewhat of an “apocalyptic” sound, something that is also reflected in most of the lyrics.

Metalheads looking for something brutal, eclectic, and original especially those with an interest in Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Black Dahlia Murder and Unexpect will likely enjoy Fall of Stasis.

‘Baal Arise’ can be watched and heard via its premiere over on NoCleanSinging.

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