Harry And The Chicks Releases New Track, ‘Snakes In The Streets’ below.

East London based pop artist Harry and The Chicks creates music which reflects the vibrancy and history of her city. Building her own unique world, she combines her ‘poptimistic’ music with her own internationally selling fashion merchandise store. With creativity running through her veins, Harry’s colourful sound and style leaves an unforgettable imprint in your mind. 

Her shiny new single “Snakes in The Streets” is bold and powerful. A collaboration with producer Imad Salhi, the song features hard-hitting, synth-fuelled melodies with crystal clear vocals, resulting in a danceworthy track reminiscent of Kim Petras and Griff. Always the optimist, the song is very upbeat in contrast to its lyrical content. Written during a time where Harry was struggling with anxiety and sleep paralysis, she finally felt able to write honestly and openly about her emotions, relatably singing, “I’m anxious, I feel depressed, I’m embarrassed to get this off my chest”. 

The songwriter shares, “The song is about putting trust in people too soon. I can be so open with people that I leave myself vulnerable to others, and I’ve had this trait since I was a teenager. When you’re a teenager, it can feel like you have an audience around you that are eagerly awaiting your downfall at all times. I felt eyes on me, and my friends thought I was paranoid. At the same time though, I’d been added to harassing group chats made by some of my peers, and I’d even have people following me home.”

The creepy, yet disturbingly realistic video shows the artist with her friends being followed and harassed by people on the streets. Harry reveals, “I was followed and catcalled fourteen times on my walk from the studio to my home. Strangers were wolf whistling and cornering me from their bikes, vans and even from their flats. It’s a scary experience being a young woman walking the streets of London alone, but positively, this experience gave me the narrative for the music video and a chance to highlight the major issue London has with street harassment from my lived experience.” 

Check out ‘Snakes In The Streets’ below.

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