Check Out Mojo Alice’s Latest Track, ‘Sad Face’

New Zealand’s female-fronted hellraisers, “Mojo Alice” and their potent combination of stomp rock & blues is back in fine form with the new single “Sad Face”, which is available on all streaming platforms right now!

With their first new music in almost three years, “Mojo Alice” is excited to show growth and development in fine tuning their sound since their debut album “Liquid Sin” (2019).

The band’s vocalist, Jem comments; “Sad Face is like a ‘lyrical caricature’ about what one hears when living with mental health issues, such as depression. There is an almost narcissistic expectation to simply get over it, stop wallowing and ‘be normal’ whatever that is. Written from my own experiences and from a sarcastic perspective. Sad Face is me!

“Sad Face” is the first of several singles being released off of the brand-new album “Chompin At The Bit”. (To be released spring 2022)

Listen to ‘Sad Alice’ via your preferred Streaming Service.

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