Chasing Kites Release Latest Single, ‘Shiver’

Bath-based indie-rock four-piece Chasing Kites have recently returned with their fourth single ‘Shiver’ on November 11th 2022.

With echoes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Verve and The 1975, the band intertwine dynamic hooks, 80s synth textures and vivid narratives, capturing reflections on the stories of Donnelly’s youth.

Their latest single Shiver, recorded with Sam Winfield (Amber Run, Bring Me The Horizon) at Studio 91, lyrically explores the feelings of frustration and heartbreak at play when looking in on a loved one’s dysfunctional relationship.

Speaking about the writing process, vocalist and lyricist Matt Donnelly explains, ‘’Shiver came together extremely quickly. I’d had the lyrics lying around for a very long time and felt they fit perfectly with the sonic side of the track when the melody was written. As we built on the skeleton of the song, our aim was to take us back into the realms of indie rock through powerful injections of energy in the choruses, while maintaining our commercial sound throughout.’’

Check out ‘Shiver’ below.

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