Lazy Queen Release New Single, ‘4th Contact’

Norwegian-New York punks Lazy Queen are back to their reflective selves for 2023, demonstrating their talent for introspection on new single “4th Contact”. Appearing alongside previous releases “Option To Nothing” and “243 New, Moon”, the new single is taken from their forthcoming EP “Growing Pains” (out April 14 2023 via Icons Creating Evil Art).

As Lazy Queen return to their long-time collaborator Morten Øby for the new record, there’s a dramatic shift from the impulsiveness on “Option To Nothing” as “4th Contact” softly paces through a renewed sense of self-awareness with electronic flourishes appearing as a guiding light.

Explaining “4th Contact” in more detail, Henrik García Søberg says: “If I’ve learned anything from the past year it’s that growth is extremes – it’s contrast and duality. It’s healing and pain all in one. It’s imperfect. So with this period of change and growth for us as individuals and as a group being the catalyst for the writing of Growing Pains as a whole, it makes a lot of sense to me that it materialised in both the hardest and softest song we’ve done in a while. ‘Option To Nothing’ being the former and ‘4th Contact’ being the latter.”

Check out ‘4th Contact’ via your preferred streaming service.

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