Check Out Sleepsculptor’s Chaotic Blend Of Metalcore Beams On ‘An Equivalent Exchange’

Experimental metalcore band Sleepsculptor has shared their new single “An Equivalent Exchange.” The track is a full on frenzy as vocals sway from energetic to manic, and the instrumentation follows suit with intense drumming and sporadic guitar squeals. It serves as the second single from the band’s upcoming concept album, Divine Recalibration, out April 28th on Silent Pendulum Records. The record follows a futuristic story of a man who uploads his consciousness into a cloud system, and in doing so, he is able to relive/experience memories of all the other people also connected to the cloud, hoping to achieve an understanding of humanity. “An Equivalent Exchange” focuses on one of these memories.

The band explains:

“Poverty has a man living in the dregs of society; he stumbles upon ancient texts that detail a ritual that allows him to transmute blood into money. After doing so, his body begins to warp and become deformed while simultaneously eroding his brain; moral of the story – money isn’t the solution to everything and greed is a sin for a reason.”

Check out the track, ‘An Equivalent Exchange’ below.

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