Sydney Sprague Releases New Single, ‘Smiley Face’

Arizona based singer-songwriter Sydney Sprague has dropped a new single, ‘Smiley Face’.

The track is the singer’s first new music since the release of her debut album, ‘maybe i will see you at the end of the world’, which came out in 2021.

The video was executed by the pair via the in3D app and filmed mostly on Sprague’s phone, aided by the fact Sebastien is a director and a big fan of animation. 

Speaking on the video, Sprague has said: “When we first started brainstorming concepts for the video, the idea of a CGI video came up mostly as a joke. 

“[Sebastien] hadn’t really done much animation stuff before, but he started messing around and made the first scene of the video just as an experiment.”

“When the rest of our video team got together to talk about ideas, we showed them the clip and it made us all laugh so hard that we knew that had to be the video.”

Check out the video for ‘Smiley Face’ below.

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