Single Review – Slowly Slowly – The Level

Following the whirlwind success of their third album Race Car BluesSlowly Slowly are announcing details on their follow up release Race Car Blues Extended Edition, out Friday, February 26. The double album will feature the original Race Car Blues + a brand new record titled Race Car Blues –  Chapter 2, limited to 500 copies worldwide. Race Car Blues Extended Edition will be available at

The 12 tracks that form Chapter 2 will complete the Race Car Blues story and come almost a year to the day since the original album’s release in February 2020. Where the writing sessions that spawned the first record also spawned Chapter 2, the two albums now join to form a whopping 24-track double album feature. 

Today Slowly Slowly are offering a taste of what’s come with new single/video ‘The Level’. On the release, frontman Ben Stewart shares: 

“This song is about fighting your instincts, a head vs heart battle. It’s about not wanting to be swept up in whimsical emotion, stay grounded and be pragmatic about the situation – all while butterflies swim around in your stomach. Look out for the two hidden Springsteen lyric references in here!” 

On face value, Slowly Slowly continue to keep us on the edge. While nearly not a underwhelming track, this exceeds the expectations we see of them and keep us hanging on while we wait for the release of their upcoming record. Their production mixed with their direction rivals anyone you can think of in the world at the moment and that solo in the final third of the track will make this is classic to anyone who listens and hopefully will keep them in our conscious for a long time.

Rating: 3.5/5.

Check out ‘The Level’ below.

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