Little King Release New Music Video For ‘Amuse De Q’

On the heels of the critically acclaimed release Amuse De Q (Mad Bell Records, 2021), the Melodic Dynamic Rock group Little King has swung into Spring of 2022 with momentum and a new music video.

The video for the song “Amuse De Q” has been released (click here to view the Amuse De Q Video). The song is an examination of solitude and yearning…and a tale of romance that can only be consummated by the miracle of modern technology. Mental Health and the effects of isolation, enforced or otherwise, are at the forefront of the lyrical content (available on this lyric video!) Not just a lamentation on the effects of the quarantine, “Amuse De Q” focuses a spotlight on the increasing detachment between the protagonist and the world of faux romance. What will he choose?

Musically, “Amuse De Q” has a seamless flow of force and nuance. With a catchy and complex riff melding with the rhythm section’s sparse groove, the track segues into bombastic rock replete with violin, cello, and power trio triumph.  Little King has a tradition of blending odd times into mainstream rock songs, and this track is perhaps the best example of the band’s maturity and growth as songwriters. 
Check out the Music Video for ‘Amuse De Q’ below.

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