As December Falls Release New Track

“The last year has been tough. We thought we’d treat you to a new song. It’s about being sad.”

That’s the writing attached to the post on As December Falls as they dropped the video for their latest release in the form of ‘I don’t Feel Like Feeling Great’.

Not only that, there’s a brand new record on it’s way. ‘Happier’ is set to be released June 2021.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, Music Video for the single, ‘I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great’ and Pre-Order options are available below.

1) Afterglow 
2) Over It
3) You Say When 
4) I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great 
5) Nothing On You 
6) H.N.A. 
7) Happier. 
8) Tears
9) Fake Company
10) All Of This Is Over
11) One Last So

Bonus Tracks are available on the Deluxe editions of the record, the tracklists are as follows:

12) H.N.A. (Alternative Version)
13) Tears (Alternative Version)
14) Nothing On You (Alternative Version)
15) I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great (Alternative Version)
16) Over It (Alternative Version)
17) Afterglow (Demo) 
18) Nothing On You (Demo) 
19) One Last Song (Demo) 
20) Fake Company (Demo) 

Pre-Orders for ‘Happier’ are available via the bands Webstore.

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