2000Trees Announce Postponement Of 2021 Festival

After hoping and hoping festivals would be returning in 2021, 2000trees have announced that they are postponing until 2022.

In a very honest statement as well as one that’s quite lengthy, the organisers of the festival have said that a combination of overseas bands unable to come over and a lack of insurance-based support from the UK government has meant that the best option is to come back next year. 

But there’s some good news, they have also confirmed the first batch of bands who will be returning.

You can read it in full below: 

“Over the last two weeks, it has become clear that, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, bands based outside of the UK will not be able to travel to 2000trees in 2021.

We’ve had confirmation that around 20 of the biggest bands from our line up will not be coming to Upcote Farm this summer. This list, which is growing every week, includes our headliners Jimmy Eat World & Thrice, plus Knocked LooseYoung GunsThe Get Up KidsLaura Jane GraceAnti-Flag and Stray From The Path.

As a result, we have been forced to take the absolutely heart-breaking decision to postpone 2000trees to July 6-10 2022. Up until a week ago we were still furiously working behind the scenes to try make the festival happen. We really wanted (& needed) a party just as much as you this year. But after losing these bands, it’s clear that we are unable to give you the award-winning Trees experience that you know and love this year.


Bands dropping out is one thing, but to make matters worse, the UK government have repeatedly refused to provide any COVID cancellation insurance for the I’ve events industry.

Hundred of festivals have been asking for months for a Government-backed insurance policy allowing us to confidently host the event this year. We were hopeful that this insurance would be in place by now. Although they’ve provided a similar scheme for film & TV, the Government have completely let the live music industry down by refusing to back a simple insurance policy.

This would have cost them next to nothing unless the roadmap dates are changed (or we are put into another lockdown), & it’s the single most effective thing that could have done to get festivals back up and running this summer. Many independent festivals have already postponed because of this and we know of many other events that will shortly be announcing their postponement.

The obvious concern is that there may still be delays or changes to the COVID restrictions at the last minute. Without this vital COVID cancellation insurance, going ahead with this year’s event would simply be a huge financial risk, potentially jeopardising our long-term survival. So we were left with no other choice than to pull the plus before it was too late.


The GOOD NEWS is that things are already looking amazing for 2000trees 2022. As not stands, we’ve very nearly sold out for next year and we are very excited to announce that the following bands from this year are now confirmed for 2022:

Jimmy Eat World
The Amazons
Dinosaur Pile Up

Knocked Loose
The Get Up Kids
Dream State
Laura Jane Grace
Lonely The Brave
Stick To Your Guns
Deez Nuts
No Devotion
Dragged Unde

We also have a super exciting 3rd headliner to tell you all about real soon as well as over 100 more of the best bands playing across our 6 wonderful stages.


All 2021 tickets are automatically valid for next year’s festival and if you already have your ticket, you do not have to do anything to reserve your place. Your existing ticket is now your ticket to 2022.

As a small, independent business that’s been hit extremely hard by the pandemic, we really need as many people as possible to roll their tickets to next year, just so we can keep paying our staff and secure the long-term survival of 2000trees.

You kept us alive in 2020 when over 95% of you rolled your tickets to this year. If you could do the same for us again by holding onto your tickets until 2022, not only will uni get next year’s festival at 2019, but we will love you forever & promise to make the 2022 festival one to remember.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support, it means the world to us & we look forward to partying extra hard with you all next year.

James, Bren, Si, Andy, Mark and Rob”


For more information, check out the following link.

Knoxville’s Rough Dreams Releases Covers EP “From The Graves of Better Days”

Knoxville, TN’s Rough Dreams have just released their new covers EP “From the Graves of Better Days” via 59 X Records. The first single, the band’s reimagined take on the Thrice hit, “The Artist in the Ambulance”, was followed by the group’s take on Grade’s “Termites Hollow”. Below a track-by-track breakdown from the band on the new EP by Vocalist/Guitarist, Chris Suggs:

“The past is dead. You can never go back and live there, but sometimes it is nice to visit and leave flowers. That is exactly what we wanted to do with From the Graves of Better Days. This EP is our tribute to an era that passed two decades ago but left such an impact it still feels like yesterday. The five tracks we chose each occupied a different place in the early 2000’s landscape, but all contributed one way or another to our sound.”

Track By Track

“The Artist in the Ambulance” (Thrice)

“We chose “The Artist in the Ambulance” as the leadoff single for the EP because it is such an immediately passionate, hard- hitting, yet catchy song. Capturing the energy and intricacy of the original was a challenge we pushed ourselves to the limit for. We knew that we had to step up our game to do justice to the fluttering, spastic guitar work and soaring vocals and couldn’t be happier with the end result. We filmed a video for it in a multi-level, abandoned school in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania and it was an incredible experience as well. The director, Kurt Fowles, captured the lonesome, forgotten beauty of the once-majestic school in every shot, and it fit the style and theme of the song perfectly.”

“Termites Hollow” (Grade)

“Termites Hollow is probably the least known track on here, but an absolute powerhouse of a song by a very underrated band, Grade. It gave us a chance to utilize all three vocalists in the band, and push ourselves to extremes to capture the tortured, guttural yells of the original. This one translated to our sound very naturally, although it was definitely a step outside of our comfort zone. The end result is a track that even the original band got behind and shared very encouraging words with us over. That support was a major motivation to us that reinforced that what we are doing here was purposeful and worthwhile.”

“Nights Like These” (Lucero)

“At first glance, this song seems like the wild card pick for the EP, but at its core, Nights Like These is lyrically and emotionally incredibly similar to the other songs we wanted to honor. Being a band from Tennessee, Lucero has been a massive influence on all of us, and we’ve each spent many nights drinking whiskey and listening to their records on repeat with tears in our eyes. Our song “Her Name was the Road” from our first EP is a major nod to Lucero, as well as being one of our most requested songs, so including them on here was an easy choice. While we kept the core of this song the same, we used our own instrumentation and approach, and the result is even more heavy and deep than we expected.”

“At Your Funeral” (Saves The Day)

“This song has been a staple of our live set since our very first show. Even after playing this song for so long, it has lost none of its spark or emotion to us and is one of those songs that we know will always get a good response. The combination of the upbeat music with such mournful, distressed lyrics is a formula that is close to our hearts, and the influence can be heard on many of our originals.”

The EP can be streamed on your preferred provider via the following link.

Music Video’s 14/09/18

And it’s that time of the week again, another music video roundup. If you’re new to the posts, it’s simple. I find ten of the latest music videos out there and put them into this convenient list for your viewing pleasure.

First up is Cold Night For Alligators. Three years after their debut record, the Danish metallers have announced the release of its follow-up and have accom[anied by the news by releasing ‘Canaille’.


Having put out, ‘Private Room’, a short EP of unreleased B-sides from their past record, hardcore group Counterparts have premiered a video for ‘We Forgive’.


Next up are Being As An Ocean. Alongside the release of the bulked up deluxe edition of their fourth full-length effort, ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’, the band have shared a new track, ‘Know My Name’.


With their second album due next month, Southampton’s Our Hollow, Our Home have released another teaser for the record with a brand new song, ‘In Moment’.


Now with legal disputes behind them, Florida’s I Set My Friends On Fire,   are moving forward with their plan of releasing two full-length records and they’re marking this celebration of freedom with a brand new song, called ‘Don’t Take Me For Pomegranate’.


Time for a video which features religion and macabre as that’s what death metallers Aborted are going for in their video for ‘Vespertine Decay’.


Their new record, Palms is out now. It’s all over the place. Believe me! But if you wanna listen to one great track from the record, then you have to check out “The Dark” first.


Now, this next track comes from A Few Too Many. The Cambridgeshire Pop-Punks have said, “Solid Ground is a song about finding your feet again after your life has been turned upside down, leaving the past behind and looking forward to the future.” The video is also taken from their upcoming EP of the same name.


Time to go a little Indie Punk now. St Albans group TV Coma have lifted new single ‘Trudy’, the latest track to be taken from their debut EP, ‘Body Negativity’.


And lastly, on the list, we have Crossfaith. They’re due to hit UK shores next month for a tour with Blood Youth and Ground Culture. But ahead of their arrival, they’ve released the video for ‘Make A Move’. The video is a good insight into what UK fans are in for next month.

And that’s it for this weeks music video roundup! Be sure to check back next week for another countdown of the ten of the best!

Thrice Working On Tenth Album

Time for some record news.

Thrice are currently working on their follow up to their 2016 record, ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere’ and the first release since their four year long hiatus.. Now in an Instagram post, they’ve teased a few images saying they’re “Deep in the writing/recording process”.

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First day setting up for guitars and bass 👌

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